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A Babe lies in the cradle, German Carol (Corner)
A bowl of water and a towel, Kingsfold ©
A brighter dawn is breaking, Nun Lasst Uns Gott
A charge to keep I have, Cambridge
A child is born in, Puer natus in Bethlehem
A debtor to mercy alone, Llangristiolus
A farmer sowed his precious seed, Kingsfold ©
A few more years shall roll, Leominster
A giving happiness Baby, M. Weisse
A gladsome hymn of praise we sing, The Blessed Name
A great and mighty wonder, Es ist ein `ros
A hundred thousand souls, James H. Burke
A journey like no other, Journey ©
A Lamb goes uncomplaining, An Wasserflussen Babylon
A light from heaven shone around, Cornish ©
A little child may know, Newland
A little talk with Jesus makes it right, H. Wright
A little while, the Lord shall come, Unknown
A man there lived in Galilee, Tyrolese
A message came to a maiden young, Annunciation
A mighty fortress is our, Ein Feste Burg (Rhythmic)
A mighty fortress is our God, Ein` Feste Burg
A mighty sound from heaven, Song of the Holy Spirit
A multitude comes from the, Der Mange Skal Komme
A new commandment I give unto you, unknown
A new commandment I give unto you, Unknown
A new people's mass, Dom G. Murray ©
A Parade began at Calvary, W.J. Gaither ©
A pilgrim was I, and a wandering, Goodness ©
A purple robe, a crown of thorn, A purple robe ©
A rich young man came seeking, Redhills ©
A ruler once came to Jesus by night, G.C. Stebbins
A safe stronghold our God is, Ein` Feste Burg
A shroud of darkness wraps the earth, Steve James ©
A sinner am I, O Lord, Abertawe
A song of Creation (Plainsong), Alec Wyton ©
A sovereign protector I have, Trewen
A special star, Lynda Masson ©
A spendthrift Lover is the Lord, Beach Haven ©
A stable lamp is lighted, Andujar ©
A story sweet and wondrous, J. Lincoln Hall
A time to watch a time to pray, Mylor
A virgin most pure, Sandy's Collection
A wonderful Savior is Jesus my, William Kirkpatrick
A word is spoken by the One, Steve James ©
Abba Father, Abba Father, S. Fry ©
Abba, Father, let me be Yours, Dave Bilbrough ©
Abba, Father, we approach Thee, Franz J. Haydn
Abide among us with Thy grace, Abbey
Abide in Christ-this highest, Fredrick C. Atkinson
Abide in Thee! in that deep love, Arthur S. Sullivan
Abide in Thee, in that deep love of, Birmingham
Abide with me, Eventide
Abiding, oh, so wondrous sweet, S.C. Wright
Above all powers, above, L. LeBlanc and P. Baloche ©
Above the clear blue sky, Children's voices
Above the voices of the world, P. Burt ©
According to Thy gracious Word, Abbey
According to Thy gracious Word, Bedford
According to Thy gracious Word, Dalehurst
Across the sky the shades of, Allein Gott in der Hoh
Adoramus Te (We adore You), Taize community ©
Advent tells us,, Keine Schonheit Had Die Welt
After darkness, light, Ridgeway ©
Again the day returns, Freeport
Agnus Dei - 1982 Hymnal, David Hurd (S 161) ©
Ah, dearest Lord!, Traditional American Melody
Ah, holy Jesus, How hast, Rouen (Iste Confessor)
Ah, holy Jesus, how have you, Herzliebster Jesu
Ah, Lord God, Thou hast made the heavens, K. Chance ©
Alas! and did my Saviour bleed, Hudson
Alas! and did my Saviour bleed, Martyrdom/Avon
All around me, Lord, I see Your goodness, G. Leavers ©
All as God wills, who wisely heeds, St. Austin
All creatures of our God and, Lasst Uns Erfreuen
All depends on our, Alles Ist An Gottes Segen
All earth was dark until You spoke, J. Daniels ©
All for Jesus, Constancy
All for Jesus, Wycliffe
All glory be to Thee,, Allein Gott in der Hoh'
All glory, laud and honor, St. Theodulph
All glory to God in the sky, St. Cyprian
All glory to Jesus, begotten of God, Ridgemoor ©
All hail King Jesus, Dave Moody ©
All hail the Lamb, D. Bilbrough ©
All hail the power of Jesus' Name!, Coronation
All hail the power of Jesus' Name!, Diadem
All Hail the Power of, Medley: arr. Paul Mickelson ©
All hail the power of Jesus' Name!, Miles Lane
All hail, ye little Martyr flowers, Sarratt
All heaven declares, the glory of, N. & T. Richards ©
All heaven waits with bated, Kendrick/Rolinson ©
All I once held dear, built my life, G. Kendrick ©
All in an Easter garden, Traditional
All labor gained new dignity, Labor
All mankind fell in, Wenn Wir In Hochsten Noten Sein
All my days I will sing this song, Beautiful Saviour ©
All my doubts I give to Jesus, Tremont
All my heart, Frohlich Soll Mein Herze Springen
All my heart this, Warum Sollt Ich Mich Denn Gramen
All my hope on God is founded, Meine Hoffnung
All my hope on God is founded, Michael
All my hopes, W.J. Gaither ©
All my life I had a longing, R.E. Hudson
All my life, Lord, A. & B. Silver ©
All my tomorrows, all my past, W.J. Gaither ©
All over the world the Spirit is moving, Roy Turner ©
All people that on earth do dwell, Old 100th
All praise to Him who reigns above, Arr R. Hudson
All praise to our redeeming Lord, Azmon
All praise to our redeeming Lord, Lucius
All praise to Thee, for Thou, O King, Engelberg
All praise to you, O Lord, Carlisle
All shall be well! for on our Easter, Easter Skies
All thanks to the Lamb, St. Ignatius (Beaumont)
All that I am, All that I do, Seb. Temple ©
All that I am, all that I have, I offer my life ©
All that is Good, all that is Right, Twila Paris ©
All the earth, come now, Pilgrimssonger
All the glory belongs to Jesus, William J. Gaither ©
All the nations of the earth, K. Mayhew
All the riches of His grace, J. Harrington ©
All the room was hushed and still, Graham Kendrick ©
All the way my Savior leads me, All the Way
All the world is waiting, waiting Lord,, H. Davies ©
All things bright and beautiful, Monk
All things bright and beautiful, Royal Oak
All things praise Thee, Lord most, Te Laudant Omnia
All things which live below the sky, Rodmell
All to Jesus I surrender, Surrender
All together in one place, Orientus Partibus ©
All who believe and are baptized, Es ist das Heil
All who worship God in Jesus, Vision (Davies)
All ye that pass by, Darlington
All ye that pass by, Wareham
All you works of God, bless the Lord!, Linstead
Alleluia, Jerry Sinclair ©
Alleluia, alleluia!, Halelwia
Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, Unknown
Alleluia, alleluia, give thanks to the, Alleluia ©
Alleluia, alleluia! Hearts to Heaven, Lux Eoi
Alleluia! Alleluia! Opening our hearts, Post Green ©
Alleluia! alleluia! Raise the Gospel, B. Farrell ©
Alleluia, Alleluia! The majesty and, Soli Deo Gloria ©
Alleluia, Christ is risen!, Easter Dance ©
Alleluia! Christ is risen (Easter, John Curtis ©
Alleluia! Jesus is risen!, Earth and Stars ©
Alleluia, praise your Lord, C. Roberts
Alleluia, praise your Lord, James McGranahan
Alleluia! sing to Jesus!, Alleluia
Alleluia! sing to Jesus!, Hyfrydol
Alleluia, songs of gladness, Dulce Carmen
Almighty Father Hear Our Prayer, Felex Mendelssohn
Almighty Father of all things that, Chilton Foliat
Almighty Father, who dost give, Pater Omnipotens ©
Almighty Father, who dost give, Vermont
Almighty God, our heavenly Father, Chris Rolinson ©
Almighty God, we bring You praise, A. Martin ©
Almighty God, your word is cast, Walden ©
Almighty, most holy God, Wayne Watson ©
Almost Persuaded, P.P. Bliss
Alone now going forth, O Lord, Bangor
Alone now going forth, O Lord, St. Flavian
Alone now going forth, O Lord, St. Mary
Along the banks of the deep Red Sea, Exodus ©
Along the road of life, John W. Peterson ©
Always remember never forget, Lynda Masson ©
Am I a soldier of the cross, Arlington
Am I a soldier of the cross?, Ira D. Sankey
Am I a soldier of the cross, Marlow
Amazing Grace, Amazing Grace
Amen (See the little Baby), Spiritual
Amens (Simple), Major, Minor, Minor to Major
Amens (Various Versions),
America, the beautiful, Materna
Amid the trials that I meet, Edmund Simon Lorenz
Among us and before us, Gatehouse ©
Among us our beloved stands, Angel`s Song
An army of the ordinary people, Dave Bilbrough ©
An image of that heavenly light, Nostre Dieu
Ancient of Days, who sittest throned in, Albany
Ancient of Days, who sittest throned in, Coburn
And are we yet alive, Falcon Street
And can it be that I should gain, Sagina
And did those feet in ancient time, Jerusalem
And didst Thou love the race that loved not, Artavia
And have the bright immensities, Tregaron ©
And have the bright immensities received, Halifax
And I'm forgiven because, Billy J. Foote ©
And in all things give Him, C&A Cloninger, K Barker ©
And let our bodies part, Canada
And now, beloved Lord, thy soul, Zu Meinem Herrn
And now, O Father, mindful of the, Unde Et Memores
Angel came to Mary and said, Sam Hargreaves ©
Angel voices ever singing, Angel Voices
Angel voices, ever singing, Eide
Angel voices sweetly singing, W.J. Kirkpatrick
Angels and ministers, spirits of grace, Slane
Angels bright, heavens high, Sparkle ©
Angels from the realms of glory, Regent Square
Angels from the realms of glory, Woodford Green
Angels holy, high and lowly, Llanherne
Angels holy, high and lowly, Lytham St. Annes
Angels holy, high and lowly, Seraphim
Angels holy, high and lowly, Windermere
Angels we have heard on high, Gloria (Iris)
Another year completed, Bremen
Another year is dawning, Another year
Another year is dawning, Aurelia
Another year is dawning, Cherry Tree Carol
Anywhere with Jesus I can, Daniel B. Towner, 1887
Are ye able, said the master, Beacon Hill
Are you looking for the fullness, Lelia N. Morris
Are you weary, are you heavy hearted, E.S. Lorenz
Arise, arise my soul, W. B. Bradbury
Arise, my soul, arise, Bevan
Arise, my soul, arise!, Towner
Arise, my soul, arise!, Trumpet
Arise , O Christian, Aus Meines Herzens Grunde
Arise, O God, and shine, Rhosymedre
Arise, shine, for thy, S. Urspringer & J. Robinson ©
Around the throne of God a band, Abends
Art thou sunk in depths, Albert B. Simpson
Art thou weary, heavy laden, Stephanos
As a chalice cast of gold, Inward Light ©
As if you were not there, Ilich ©
As Jacob with travel was weary one, Jacob`s Ladder
As pants the hart, Louis Spohr
As rebels, Lord, who foolishly have, Welcome ©
As servants working an estate, Merla Watson ©
As Sure As Jesus Lives, Isaac Woodbury
As surely as I live, God said, St. Luke
As the deer pants for water, M. Nystrom ©
As the disciples, when Thy Son had, Diva Servatrix
As the East is from the West, Psalm 103 ©
As the eyes of the servants, Mimi Lam
As water to the thirsty, Oasis ©
As we are gathered, Jesus is here, J. Daniels ©
As we drink this cup, we worship, We Remember You ©
As we gather at Your table, Beach Spring
As we gather, Father, seal us in, Graham Kendrick ©
As we gather in your presence now, Joel Payne ©
As when Hebrew prophet raised, Downs
As when, in far Samaria, Ellacombe
As with gladness, men of old, Dix
As with gladness men of old, Orient
Ascended Christ, who gained, Darwall's 148th ©
Ascribe greatness to our God, Peter West ©
Ask and keep on asking, D. Garratt ©
Ask in faith, Traditional English Melody
Ask ye what great thing I know, Hendon
At even, when the sun was set, Angelus
At Meribah - Psa 106:32-40, Leveque
At the close of the day, Audrey Mieir ©
At the cross, at the cross, R.E. Hudson
At the Cross her, Christi Mutter Stund Vor Schmerzen
At the cross her station keeping, Mainz
At the Cross, her station, Stabat Mater
At the Feet of Jesus, P.P. Bliss
At the festival of harvest, Judas and Mary ©
At the Lamb's high, Sonne Der Gerechtigkeit
At the Lamb's high feast we, Salzburg-Hintze
At the Name of Jesus, every knee shall, Camberwell ©
At the Name of Jesus, every knee shall bow, Evelyns
At the Name of Jesus, every knee, King`s Weston
At the Name of Jesus, every knee, Wye Valley (abr)
At this table we remember, Love Divine (Stainer)
At this time of giving, gladly now we, G. Kendrick ©
At Thy feet, O Christ, we lay, Barmouth
At Thy feet, O Christ, we lay, St. John
At Your feet, O Lord, Janis Miller ©
At Your feet, our God and Father, Laus Deo
At Your feet we fall, Dave Fellingham ©
Australians all let us, Australian National Anthem
Author of faith, eternal Word, Mainzer
Author of life Divine, Author of Life
Author of life divine, Gweedore
Author of life divine, Sacrista ©
Author of life divine, Shirland ©
Author of life Divine, Wesley (Anon)
Autumn days when the grass is, Estelle White ©
Awake and sing the song, St. Ethelwald
Awake, arise, lift up your voice, Richmond
Awake! awake, and greet the new, Rejoice, rejoice ©
Awake, awake, O Zion, David Hadden ©
Awake, awake to love and work!, Morning Song
Awake, my heart, and render, Selnecker
Awake, my heart, with gladness, Auf, Auf, Mein Herz
Awake, my soul, and with the sun, Morning Hymn
Awake, my soul, and with the sun, Morning Hymn
Awake, my soul, in joyful lays, J. Leavitt
Awake, my soul, stretch every nerve, Christmas
Awake, my soul, to joyful lays, Loving-kindness
Awake, O Lord, as in the time of, Chilton Foliat
Awake, O sleeper, rise from death, Marsh Chapel ©
Awake, thou Spirit of the watchmen, Crasselius
Away in a manger, Cradle Song
Away in a manger, Mueller
Away in a manger, no crib for a, Stephen Burtonwood ©
Away with doubt, C. Austin Miles
Away with gloom, away with fears!, Blairgowrie
Away with our fears, our troubles and tears, Ardwick
Away with our fears! The glad ..., Muff Field ©
Away with our sorrow and, Hymn of Eve (Uxbridge)
Awesome power, boundless grace, John G. Elliott ©
Bach - Choral Preludes, J.S. Bach
Bach - Fugues, J.S. Bach
Bach - Jesu, joy of man's desiring, J.S. Bach
Bach - Sheep may safely graze (Air from, J.S. Bach
Bach - Short Preludes and Fugues, J.S. Bach
Bach - Toccata, Adagio and Fugue in C, J.S. Bach
Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (BWV, J.S. Bach
Bach - Toccata in F Major (BWV 540), J.S. Bach
Baptised in water, sealed by the Spirit, Bunessan ©
Baptised in water, sealed by the Spirit, Point Loma
Baptize us anew, with power, W.A. Ogden
Baptized into Thy name most holy, Nach Einer Prufung
Be bold, be strong, M. Chapman ©
Be exalted Lord, Doxologia ©
Be glad in the Lord and rejoice, James McGranahan
Be just in judgement, fair to all, Toronto ©
Be known to us in breaking bread, Belmont
Be not dismayed whate'er betide, W.S. Martin
Be present, Holy Trinity, Adesto Sancta Trinitas
Be still and know I am with you, Carlson ©
Be still and know that I am God, Anonymous
Be still and know that I am God, J.L. Bell ©
Be still for the presence of the Lord, D. Evans ©
Be still, my soul, Finlandia
Be strong in the Lord, Strength ©
Be the centre of my life, A.J. Price ©
Be Thou my guardian and my guide, Abridge
Be Thou my Vision, Slane
Be Thou supreme, O Jesus Christ, P. Skene
Be with us, gracious Lord, today, Antwerp
Be with us, O God our Father, Treforian
Beautiful Lord, wonderful, The Potter's Hand ©
Beauty for brokenness, hope for despair, Kendrick ©
Because He died and is risen, Israeli
Because He lives (Refrain), Resurrection ©
Because I have been given much, Seminary ©
Because the Saviour, Athair Uile-Chumhachdaich ©
Because you came and sat beside us, Maujer Street ©
Because you have said: 'Do, Paderborn
Because Your love is better than life, Phil Potter ©
Before I take the body of my Lord, Laying Down ©
Before Jehovah's awful thone, Park Street
Before the ending of the day, Te Lucis Ante Terminum
Before the Lord's eternal, Winchester New
Before the throne of God above, Dunedin (Griffiths) ©
Before the throne of God above, Vikki Cook ©
Before the world began, Incarnation ©
Before thee, God, I am coming, Llydaw
Before thy throne, O God we kneel, St. Petersburg
Before Thy throne, O God we kneel, Strasburg
Begin, my tongue, some heavenly theme, Manoah
Begin, my tongue, some heavenly theme, St. Anne
Begin, my tongue, some heavenly theme, St. Magnus
Behold a host, arrayed in white, Great White Host
Behold a little child, Arthur's Seat
Behold a little Child, Shebbear College
Behold a little child, Wheeler
Behold a sower! from afar, Weymouth ©
Behold a Stranger at the door!, Arizona
Behold, behold, God is my salvation, Unknown
Behold! behold the Lamb of God, Arr D.F. Auber
Behold, I am the first and the last, Steve James ©
Behold, I stand, I stand at the door and knock, Anon
Behold! Jesus, the Lord is alive, C. Malan
Behold Me standing at the door, J.F. Knapp
Behold the amazing gift of love, Abridge
Behold the Baby, W.H. Doane
Behold the Bridegroom cometh, Second Mode Melody
Behold, the darkness shall cover the, Eric Glass ©
Behold the Lamb, Dottie Rambo ©
Behold the Lamb of God!, Ecce Agnus
Behold the Lamb of God, Glenn Kaiser ©
Behold the Lamb of God, John Bell ©
Behold the Lamb of God, Wigan
Behold the Lamb who bears, K & K Getty, S Townend ©
Behold the Lamb with glory crowned, Unknown
Behold the mountain of the Lord, Glasgow
Behold the servant of the Lord!, Mozart
Behold, there came a cloud so bright, Ascension
Behold! What manner of love, Mimi Lam
Behold what manner of love, P. Van Tine ©
Being of beings, God of love, Tottenham
Beloved and Blessed, the, Stuart Townend ©
Beneath the Cross of Jesus, Gloria
Beneath the Cross of Jesus, Ira D. Sankey
Beneath the cross of Jesus, K & K Getty ©
Beneath the cross of Jesus, St. Christopher
Beneath the cross of Jesus, Wilton Square
Beneath the paper wrappings, Andrew Markwick ©
Best of all is God is with us, Chapel Brae ©
Beyond the sunset, B.K. Brock ©
Beyond these walls of, Ian Worsfold & Paul Wood ©
Bind us together, Lord, Bob Gillman ©
Bless God for all He's, Carman & John Rosasco ©
Bless the Lord and sing His praises, Peterson ©
Bless the Lord, O my soul, A. Crouch ©
Bless the Lord, O my soul, Priscilla Au ©
Bless the Lord, O my soul, unknown
Bless the Lord who reigns in beauty, A Perfect Heart ©
Bless the Name of Jesus, Carman ©
Bless the ones who nuture children, Promise ©
Bless us, dear Lord, and our baptism, Faithfulness ©
Blessed are the poor in spirit, Beatitudes ©
Blessed are the pure in heart, Betty L. Mills ©
Blessed are the sons of God, Voller Wunder
Blessed assurance, Assurance
Blessed be Jesus, Mawlgan
Blessed be the Everlasting God, Bishopthorpe
Blessed be the Fountain of blood, H.S. Perkins
Blessed be the God of Israel, Thornbury
Blessed be the Name of the Lord, Clinton Utterbach ©
Blessed be the Name of the Lord, Don Moen ©
Blessed be your name, B & M Redman ©
Blessed city, heavenly Salem, Oriel
Blessed day of rest and cheer, Sabbatsdag
Blessed feasts of blessed, Alta Trinita Beata
Blessed feasts of blessed martyrs, Holy Manna
Blessed God, Eleccion ©
Blessed is He that is trusting, George C. Stebbins
Blessed is the man, the man who, Michael Baughen ©
Blessed Jesus, at Thy word, Unknown Composer
Blessed Jesus, at Your, Liebster Jesu (St. Mark)
Blessed Jesus, here, St. Mark (Liebster Jesu)
Blessed Saviour, we adore Thee, McKinney ©
Blessing and honor, Anonymous
Blessing and honour, Sadler/Harvill ©
Blessing and honour and glory and, American Hymn
Blessing and honour and glory and, O Quanta Qualia
Blessing, honour, glory to the, G.Bullock/D. Reidy ©
Blest are the humble souls that see, Abney
Blest are the pure in heart, Egham
Blest are the pure in heart, Franconia
Blest are they, the poor in spirit, David Haas ©
Blest be the King whose, Valet will ich dir geben
Blest be the tie that binds, Boylston
Blest be the tie that binds, Dennis
Blest be the tie that binds, Mynydd Du
Blest morning, whose young dawning, Crediton
Boellmann - Toccata from Suite, L. Boellmann
Book of Books, our people's, Liebster Jesu
Born among cattle, in poverty sore, P. White ©
Born among cattle in poverty sore, Trishagion
Born by the Holy Spirit's breath, Antwerp
Born by the Holy Spirit's breath, Whitsun Psalm ©
Born in Bethlehem, L.M. Linderman
Born in Song!, Chatsworth ©
Born in the night, Mary's child, G. Ainger ©
Born of the water, Passfield ©
Bread is blessed and broken, John Bell ©
Bread of heaven, on, Christopher (Ihr Gestirn')
Bread of heaven, on, Jesu, Jesu, du mein Hirt
Bread of heaven, on Thee we feed, W. D. Maclagan
Bread of life, hope of the world, Bernadette Farrell ©
Bread of life, our host and meal, Ray Makeever ©
Bread of Life, Truth, Jo Boyce & Mike Stanley ©
Bread of the world, in mercy, Eucharistic Hymn
Bread of the world in mercy broken, Rendez a Dieu
Bread of the world, in mercy broken, Sacrament
Break forth into joy O my soul, Anonymous
Break forth, O beauteous heavenly, Ermuntre Dich
Break now the bread of life, Gottlieb
Break Thou the bread of life, All souls
Break thou the bread of life, Bethsaida ©
Break Thou the bread of life, Sherwin
Breast the wave, Christian, Fortitude (Filby)
Breathe on me, breath of God, Carlisle
Breathe on me, breath of God, David Fellingham ©
Breathe on me, breath of God, Durham
Breathe on me, Breath of God, Nova Vita
Breathe on me, Breath of God, St. Beuno
Breathe on me, Breath of God, Swabia
Breathe on me, breath of God, Trentham
Breathe on me, Spirit Jesus, Tina Pownall ©
Brethren in Christ, and well beloved, Otterbourne
Brethren, we have met to worship, Holy Manna
Brief life is here our portion, Oslo
Brief life is here our portion, Thule
Bright mystical starlight, Infinite Light ©
Brightest and best of the sons, Epiphany Hymn
Brightest and best of the sons of the morning, Spean
Brightest and best of the sons of the, Stewart
Brightest and best of the stars, Liebster Immanuel
Brightest and best of the stars of the, Morning Star
Brightest and best of the stars of, Star of the East
Brightly beams our Father's mercy, P.P. Bliss
Brightly gleams our banner, Sion
Brightly gleams our banner, St. Theresa
Brightly, sweetly, toiling for the, W.A. Ogden
Bring many names, beautiful and good, Westchase ©
Bring to the Lord a glad song, Jerusalem
Bring ye all the tithes into the, L.S. Leech ©
Broken for me, broken for you, J. Lunt ©
Brother, sister, let me serve you, The servant song ©
Brothers, sisters we are called by, Christian Love
Build on the Rock, the Rock that ever stands,
Built on the Rock the, Kirken Den Er Et Gammelt Hus
Buried in baptism with our Lord, Ward
Buried with Christ, T. Ryder
By all your saints still striving, King's Lynn
By all your saints still striving, Nyland
By and by we'll see, from `Songs of Triumph`
By Christ redeemed, in Christ restored, In Memorium
By Christ redeemed, in Christ restored, Memoria
By grace, O Dass Ich Tausend Zungen Hatte (Dretzel)
By gracious powers so wonderfully, Highwood
By His grace I am redeemed, Steve Fry ©
By Jesus' grave on either hand, O Mensch Sieh
By the Babylonian rivers, Kas Dziedaja
By the Creator, Joseph was appointed, Bickford ©
By Thee, O God, invited, J.A. Trench
By Your blood I can enter, David Fellingham ©
By your kingly power, O risen Lord, Ruggiero ©
By your streams of living waters, Truesdell ©
Call Jehovah thy salvation, Trust
Called by Christ to be disciples, Stranmills ©
Called to serve, unreserved, Axelson ©
Called to the feast, E.S. Lorenz
Calm me, Lord, as You calmed the storm, M. Rizza ©
Campra, Andre - Rigaudon, Rigaudon
Can God be seen in other ways, English ©
Can we by searching find out God, Epworth
Can you count the stars, German Folk Tune
Caneuon Ffydd - #123, Pontmorlais
Caneuon Ffydd - #163, Downing
Caneuon Ffydd - #200, Llwyncoedwr
Caneuon Ffydd - #208, Eirinwg
Caneuon Ffydd - #209, Dan-Y-Graig
Caneuon Ffydd - #210, Alice
Caneuon Ffydd-2001 #146, Bydd yn dawel yn dy Dduw
Canticles - 1982-Hymnal-USA, Various
Captain of Israel's host, and, Farmborough
Captain of Israel's host, and Guide, Marienlyst
Captain of the saintly band, Vienna
Captains of the saintly band, Harts
Captured by Thy beauty, Mimi Lam
Carpenter, carpenter, make me a tree, M. Payton ©
Cast all your care upon Him, Unknown
Cast thy burden upon the Lord, F. Mendelssohn
Cause me to come to Thy river, E. Miller ©
Celebrate Jesus, celebrate, Gary Oliver ©
Change my heart, O God, E. Espinosa ©
Child in the manger, Bunessan
Child of joy and peace, Valarie A. Ruddle ©
Children of Jerusalem, Infant Praise
Children of the Heavenly, Tryggare Kan Ingen Vara
Children of the heavenly King, Brasted
Children of the heavenly King, Pleyel's Hymn
Children of the heavenly King, Trull
Children, remember when, Swedish melody, Zionstoner
Children, tell why Jesus, Sunday School Choralist
Chosen Seed and Zion's Children, Lammets Folk
Christ, above all glory seated!, Newton Ferns
Christ be my Leader by night, Bonnie George Campbell
Christ be my leader by night as by day, Slane
Christ for the world! we sing, Doxford
Christ for the world, we sing, Edinburgh
Christ for the world we sing, Kirby Bedon
Christ for the world we sing!, Milton Abbas ©
Christ for the world we sing, Moscow
Christ, grant me grace to let you wash, Kervan Cove ©
Christ has arisen, alleluia, Mfurahini Haleluya
Christ has for sin atonement made, E.A. Hoffman
Christ has risen while earth, Transformation ©
Christ is alive! Let Christians sing, Truro
Christ is born, glory to God, Bella Navidad ©
Christ is coming!, Bryn Calfaria
Christ is made the sure foundation, Eden Church ©
Christ is made the sure Foundation, Grafton
Christ is made the sure Foundation, Regent Square
Christ is made the sure Foundation, Urss Coelestis
Christ is made the sure, Westminster Abbey
Christ is our Cornerstone, Harewood
Christ is our light! the bright, Highland Cathedral
Christ is risen, Christ is living, Austria
Christ is risen, Christ is living, Central ©
Christ is risen, Christ is risen, All Saints
Christ is risen from the dead, Fair Oaks ©
Christ is Risen! Hallelujah, Morgenlied
Christ is risen! Shout Hosanna!, Hymn to Joy
Christ is risen! Shout Hosanna!, Jackson New ©
Christ is surely coming, Pomp and Circumstance
Christ is the answer to my every need, T. Maltby ©
Christ is the King! , Christus Rex ©
Christ is the King! O friends rejoice, Llangoedmor
Christ is the world's light, Christe Sanctorium
Christ is the world's light, Travellers` Rest ©
Christ is the world's Redeemer, Moville
Christ is the world's true light, Rinkart
Christ is the world's true Light, St. Joan
Christ is the, Was Frag Ich Nach Der Welt
Christ Jesus lay in, Christ Lag In Todesbanden
Christ leads me through no darker rooms, Sturges ©
Christ, mighty Saviour, Light of all, Innisfree Farm ©
Christ, mighty Saviour, Light of all, Iste Confessor
Christ, mighty Saviour, Light of all, Mighty Savior
Christ of the upward way, Adsum
Christ of the upward way, Sursum Corda
Christ our Passover 1982 Hymnal, Gerald R. Near ©
Christ our Passover - 1982 The Hymnal, D. Hurd-S154 ©
Christ our Redeemer died on the cross, J.G. Foote
Christ sits as God's right hand, Yigdal (Leoni)
Christ, the fair glory of the, Coelites Plaudant
Christ, the life of all, Jesu, Meines Lebens Leben
Christ the Lord is risen, Christ ist erstanden
Christ the Lord is risen, Wurtemburg (1 Alleluia)
Christ, the Lord, is risen today, Easter Hymn
Christ the Lord is risen today, Nassau
Christ, the Lord, is, St. George's Windsor
Christ, the Lord of hosts, unshaken, Fortunatus New ©
Christ the Saviour came from, Hawaiin Folk Song
Christ the Victorious, Russia
Christ the Way of life, Phil Burt ©
Christ triumphant, ever reigning, Christ Triumphant ©
Christ triumphant, ever reigning, Guiting Power ©
Christ upon the mountain peak, Feniton ©
Christ upon the mountain peak, Mowsley ©
Christ was born in Bethlehem, Michael
Christ, we do all adore Thee, T. Dubois
Christ, when for us you were baptised, Caithness
Christ who welcomed little children, Sharon (Boyce)
Christ, whose glory fills the skies, Fred Til Bod
Christ, whose glory fills the skies, Heathlands
Christ, whose glory fills the skies, Lux Prima
Christ, whose glory fills the skies, M. Williamson ©
Christ, whose glory, Ministres De L'Eternel
Christ, whose glory fills the skies, Ratisbon
Christ, whose glory fills the skies, Spanish Hymn
Christ, you are the fullness of God, Arirang
Christian, dost thou see them, Sohren
Christian, dost Thou see them, St. Andrew of Crete
Christian, Seek Not Yet Repose, Vigilate
Christians, awake, salute the happy morn, Yorkshire
Christians, lift your hearts and voices, Chen Chih ©
Christmas has its cradle, Pethel ©
Christmas is coming, the Church is glad, Advent Ring ©
Christus Vincit,
Church of China, Wu Han
Churches of Christ, unite to face thy, Philip Y. Lee
City of God how broad and far, Richmond
Clap your hands, you people all, Ephraim
Clarke, Jeremiah, Organ & Trumpet Marches
Cleanse me from my sin, R. Hudson Pope ©
Climbing the mountains, William J. Gaither ©
Closer to Thee, my Father, draw me, J.H. Tenney
Cloth for the, Wae's for me Prince Charlie
Coldly the night winds winging, Workers`s Carol ©
Colourful Creator, God of mystery, Houghton (Young) ©
Colours of day dawn into mind, Light up the fire ©
Come all you people (Uyai mose), Alexander Gondo ©
Come along with me to my, Deuwch Gyda Mi
Come and celebrate, my friends, S. Watts ©
Come and fill our homes with Your presence, Chapman ©
Come and join the celebration, V. Collinson ©
Come and Join with Us in Raising, G.A. Guenter
Come and let us bow, R. Whately
Come and let us sweetly join, Hart's
Come, and let us sweetly join, Leach (Morrison) ©
Come and listen into a radio, Albert E. Brumley ©
Come and praise Him, royal priesthood, A. Carter ©
Come and praise the living God, Mike Kerry ©
Come and rejoice with me, Huddersfield
Come and see, G. Kendrick ©
Come and see the shining, Marching through Georgia
Come and sing the Christmas story, Ar Hyd Y Nos ©
Come as a wisdom to children, W.J. Gaither ©
Come away to the skies, my beloved, Middlebury
Come, beloved of the Maker, Jill ©
Come, bless the Lord, Unknown
Come, celebrate the presence of the Lord, Over Texas ©
Come, Christians, join to sing, Madrid
Come, dearest Lord, descend and dwell, Cross Deep
Come, dearest Lord, descend and dwell, Tallis` Canon
Come down, O Love divine, Down Ampney ©
Come down, O Love divine, North Petherton ©
Come, empty me of self, Joseph Barnby
Come, every soul by sin oppressed, Minerva/Trust
Come, faithful people, come away, C. Bicknell
Come, follow Me, the, Mach's mit mir, Gott
Come for the Feast is Spread, P.P. Bliss
Come, God's people, sing, Good King Wenceslas
Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly, Dwell Within (Bera)
Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove, Galilee
Come, gracious Spirit,, Good Shepherd, Rosemont ©
Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove, Hawkhurst
Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove, Mendon
Come, gracious, Spirit, heav'nly Dove, Baca
Come, Holy Ghost, Creator blest, Komm Gott Schopfer
Come, Holy Ghost, Creator blest, Lambillotte
Come, Holy Ghost,, Komm, Heiliger Geist, Herre Gott
Come Holy Ghost, in love, Italian Hymn
Come, Holy Ghost, in love, Pentecost (Lomas)
Come, Holy Ghost, in love, Philippi
Come, Holy Ghost, life-giving fire, Hornsea
Come, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire, Richmond
Come, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire, St. Stephen
Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire, J. H. Hopkins
Come, Holy Ghost, our souls, Veni Creator (Tallis)
Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire, Veni Creator
Come, Holy Ghost, Thine influence shed, Hampstead
Come, Holy Ghost, with God the Son, Vetter
Come, Holy Ghost, your influence shed, Erin
Come, Holy Spirit, come!, Diademata
Come, Holy Spirit, Come!, Diademata
Come, Holy Spirit, come!, Donnybrook ©
Come, Holy Spirit, descend on us, Bell/Maule ©
Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, Graefenberg
Come Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove, St. Agnes (Dykes)
Come Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove, St. Martin`s
Come, Holy Spirit, like a dove, Rhys
Come Holy Spirit, live Your life, Arr Tony Westwood ©
Come, Holy Spirit, Lord of grace, Tallis` Ordinal
Come home! come home!, W.H. Doane
Come into His presence, singing Alleluia, Unknown
Come into His presence with thanksgiving, Baird ©
Come into my heart, O Lord Jesus, Harry D. Clarke ©
Come into the Holy of Holies, Sellers ©
Come just as you are, Sabolick ©
Come, labour on, who dares stand idle, Ora Labora
Come, let us all unite and sing, Better World
Come, let us anew, Derbe
Come, let us anew, James Lucas
Come Let Us Ascend Mount Calvary , Russian Composer
Come, let us bow down and worship, Andy Silver ©
Come, let us eat, for now the feast, A Va De
Come, let us, Nun danket all und bringet Ehr
Come, let us join our cheerful songs, Cheerful
Come, let us join our cheerful songs, Joseph Grigg
Come let us join our cheerful songs, Nativity
Come, let us join our friends above, Stockton
Come, let us praise the Lord, Chilean Venite
Come let us praise the Lord, Yi-Jun Cai ©
Come, let us reason together, Ken Medema ©
Come let us sing of a wonderful love, Wonderful love
Come let us sing to the One, K & K Getty ©
Come let us to the Lord our God, Byzantium
Come, let us to the Lord our God, Kilmarnock
Come, let us to the Lord our God, Soho
Come let us unite from a ready heart, Glanceri
Come, let us with our Lord arise, Gloucester
Come, let us with our Lord arise, Meadville ©
Come, let us with our Lord arise, Plymouth Dock
Come, let us with our Lord arise, Reading
Come, let us with our Lord arise, St. Petersburg
Come, let us worship and bow down, Dave Doherty ©
Come let us worship Jesus, King of the Nations ©
Come, let us worship our Redeemer, Paul Herrington ©
Come, Light of our hearts, Margaret Rizza ©
Come, Lord, be our guest, Dietwein ©
Come, Lord, in Thy, Salvation Army Musical Board
Come, Lord Jesus, come, Francesca Leftley ©
Come, Lord Jesus, with healing hands, D.D. Andrew ©
Come, Lord Jesus; come, Carey Landry ©
Come, Lord, to our souls come down, Melling
Come, Lord, to our souls come down, Quedgeley ©
Come, my soul, thou must be waking, Carman
Come, my soul, thou must be waking, Meine Armuth
Come, my soul, thou must be waking, Richter
Come, My Soul, Thy Suit Prepare, Lung Mun ©
Come, my table is a meeting place, Clare Stainsby ©
Come, my way, my truth, my life, The Call
Come now, and praise the, Tallis' Ordinal
Come now, everlasting Spirit, Cross of Jesus
Come now, everlasting Spirit, Sharon (Boyce)
Come, now is the time to worship, B. Doerksen ©
Come now, the table's spread, Marty Haugen ©
Come, O come, in pious lays, Te Deum Laudamus
Come, O Come, our voices, Sonne der Gerechtigkeit
Come, O come, Thou quickening Spirit, Lux Prima
Come, O everlasting Spirit, Sicilian Mariners
Come, O Jesus, Come O Lord, New Town
Come, O Spirit, with Your sound, Boundless Mercy
Come, O Thou traveller unknown, Colchester
Come, O thou Traveller unknown, Poole ©
Come, O Thou traveller unknown, Wrestling Jacob
Come on and celebrate, P. Morgan ©
Come on home, R. Carmichael ©
Come on, let's get up and go, Graham Kendrick ©
Come on, my partners in distress, Praise
Come, praise the name of Jesus, Stand Up
Come, pure, Alles ist an Gottes Segen (Konig)
Come, pure hearts, in sweetest measure, Cobb
Come, Reign in My Heart, B.B. McKinney
Come, rejoice before your Maker, Come, Rejoice ©
Come, rejoice before your Maker, St. Andrew (Thorne)
Come, risen Lord, and deign to be, Blackbird Leys ©
Come, risen Lord, and deign to be our guest, Edsall ©
Come, risen Lord, and deign to be our, Knickerbocker ©
Come, risen Lord, and deign to be, Rosedale ©
Come, risen Lord, and deign to be our guest, Song 24
Come, risen Lord, and deign to, Sursum Corda ©
Come, see the beauty of the Lord, Graham Kendrick ©
Come, sing of the springtime, Song of Resurrection
Come, sing of the springtime, Stowey
Come sing with me this song of love, Creation
Come sing, ye choirs, Ach Gott, vom Himmelreiche
Come sing, ye choirs exultant, Praetorius
Come, sinners, to the gospel feast, Fulda (Walton)
Come, sound His praise abroad, Silver Street
Come, Sovereign Lord, down, Llandaf
Come, Spirit blest, Creator, come, Tallis` Ordinal
Come, Spirit, come make Yourself known, Invocation ©
Come, Thou Almighty King, Italian Hymn
Come, Thou Almighty King, Moscow
Come, Thou Fount of every blessing, Corinth
Come Thou fount of every blessing, Ebenezer
Come, Thou fount of every blessing, Love Divine
Come, Thou Fount of every blessing, Nettleton
Come, thou fount of every blessing, Normandy (Bost)
Come, Thou Holy Spirit, come, Veni Sancte Spiritus
Come, Thou long expected Jesus, Hyfrydol
Come, Thou long expected Jesus, Stuttgart
Come, Thou precious Ransom, come, Meinen Jesum
Come to Calvary's, Naar Mit Oie (Consolation)
Come to Jesus, Unknown Composer
Come to our poor nature's night, Irene
Come to the Savior, make no delay, G.F. Root
Come to the Saviour now, Invitation
Come to the table of mercy, M. Nystrom ©
Come to the waters, Jodi Page Clark ©
Come unto Me, ye weary, Come unto me (Dykes)
Come unto me, ye weary, Rusper
Come unto Me, ye weary, and I will give you, Anthes
Come unto me, ye weary, and I will give you, Bentley
Come, watch with us, Phil Burt ©
Come, we that love the Lord, Marching to Zion
Come, we that love the Lord, St. Thomas
Come with me, come wander, John Bell ©
Come with thy sins, Geo. C. Stebbins
Come with us, O blessed Jesus, Jesu Joy
Come with us, O blessed Jesus, Werde Munter
Come, worship God who is worthy of, Epiphany Hymn
Come, worship God who is worthy of honour, Spean
Come, wounded Healer, Hollygirt ©
Come, wounded Healer, Nuffield ©
Come, ye disconsolate, where'er ye, Consolator
Come, ye faithful, raise the, St. John Damascene
Come, Ye Faithful Raise the Strain, St. Kevin
Come, ye faithful, raise the, Ave Virgo Virginum
Come, ye sinners, poor and needy, Arise
Come, ye sinners, poor and needy, Beach Springs
Come, ye sinners, poor and needy, Restoration
Come, ye souls by sin afflicted, Libera Nos
Come, ye thankful people,, St. George's Windsor
Come, ye that love the Lord, E.W. Dunbar
Come, you people, come adore Him, Omni Die
Come, you people, raise, Neander (Unser Herrscher)
Comes Mary to the grave, Paschal Dawn ©
Comfort, comfort all my people, Dorothy ©
Comfort, comfort ye My, Psalm 42 (Freu Dich Sehr)
Coming now to Thee, O Christ my Lord, Travis Avenue
Commit whatever, Befiehl Du Deine Wege (Haydn)
Communion Service (1940/1982 Hymnal-USA), Merbecke
Communion Service (1940/1982 Hymnal-USA), Various
Communion Service (Lutheran-1941, Lutheran-1941
Communion Service (TIS 756), M. Dudman
Communion Service , Willan ©
Completed, Lord, the Holy Mysteries, Song 4
Conquering kings, Orientus Partibus (St. Martin)
Consider Him, Harold Green
Consider how the birds above, Northcroft ©
Constant fight is our life , Unknown
Courage, brother! do not stumble, Courage, Brother
Covenant child, water comes as a, Mary R. Jenson ©
Cradle, O Lord, in your arms everlasting, Melissa
Cradled in a manger, Pleading Saviour
Cradled in a manger, St. Winifred
Cradled in a manger, meanly, Oran Na Prasaich
Crashing waters at creation, Crashing Waters ©
Create in me a clean heart, David Fellingham ©
Create in me a clean heart, O God, Jim Strathdee ©
Create in me a clean heart, O, Schaffe In Mir, Gott
Creating God, Your fingers trace, Wilderness
Creation Mass, M. Haugen ©
Creation's Lord, we give Thee thanks, Seabury ©
Creator of the earth and, Agincourt (Deo Gracias)
Creator of the earth and skies, Uffingham
Creator of the stars at night, Brockham
Creator of the stars of night, Conditor
Creator Spirit, by whose aid, All Ehr Und Lob
Creator Spirit, by whose aid, Attwood
Creator Spirit, by whose aid, St. Catherine
Creator Spirit, by whose aid, Surrey
Creator Spirit, come, Keith Duke ©
Cross of Christ! Lead onward, R. Kelso Carter
Cross of Jesus, cross of sorrow, Cross of Jesus
Crown Him King of kings, S Damazio ©
Crown Him with many crowns, Diademata
Crown him with many crowns, Milites
Crown our meeting at this present time, Dyfrdwy
Crucified with Christ my, Margaret M. Simpson
Crying and tears may cease, W.B. Bradbury
Dance and sing, all the earth, Pulling Bracken
Daniel in slavery is kneeling , P.P. Bliss
Darkness like a shroud covers the, Graham Kendrick ©
Day after day, night after night, Unknown
Day and night do I think, J.A. Butterfield
Day by day, and with each passing, Blott En Dag
Day by day, dear Lord, Chichester ©
Day by day, dear Lord, Lindors ©
Day by day, Dear Lord, Sumner
Day by day we magnify Thee, Slingsby
Day is dying in the west, Evening Praise
Day of wrath! O day of mourning, Dies Irae (Brown)
Days and moments quickly, Goldschmidt (O Der Alles)
Days are filled with sorrow and care, John M Moore ©
Dear Christians, one and all rejoice, Nun Freut Euch
Dear Lord and Father of mankind, Georgia
Dear Lord and Father of mankind, Hermann
Dear Lord and Father of mankind, Repton
Dear Lord and Father of mankind, Rest
Dear Lord, for all in pain, Raphael ©
Dear Lord, how precious is Thy blood, Lloyd
Dear Lord Jesus, precious Jesus, Unknown Composer
Dear Lord, we thank Thee for, William V. Wallace
Dear Lord, we thank you, Bryn Wgan
Dear Shepherd of your people, hear, Mendip
Dear to the heart of the, William J. Kirkpatrick
Dearest of all is He, Anonymous
Deck thyself, my soul, with gladness, Schmuecke Dich
Deep down into the depths, St. Agnes (Langran)
Deep in my heart there's a, A.A. Ketchum ©
Deep in my heart, S. Iverson & M. Herron ©
Deep in the darkness a starlight is, High Point ©
Deeper, deeper, in the love of, Charles P. Jones
Deeper than the Deepest, Russian Composer
Delay not, delay not, O sinner, draw near, Maldwyn
Delight yourself in the Lord, Andy Silver ©
Delight yourselves in the Lord, David Bolton ©
Depth of Mercy! can there be, Seymour
Descend, O Holy Spirit, Erhalt uns Herr
Descend, O Holy Spirit, Ewing
Did you ever see a kookaburra laugh, Good Things ©
Ding dong, merrily on high!, French Melody
Direct my steps, Unknown
Dismiss me not thy service, Lord, Brunswick
Disposer supreme, and Judge of the earth, Old 104th
Disposer Supreme, and Judge of the earth, St. Merryn
Do not be afraid, for I have redeemed, G. Markland ©
Do not be worried and upset, G. Taylor ©
Do not wait until some deed, Charles H. Gabriel
Do not yield Thy way to mine, Unknown
Do you hear them coming, brother?, R.E. Hudson
Do you know Jesus, Our Lord, G.T. Haywood
Do you know who made this summer?, Savez-Vous?
Does Jesus care, Peace and Comfort
Domine Deus, Domine Deus
Don't forget the Sabbath, W.B. Bradbury
Don't stop praying, Edna R. Worrell
Dost Thou in a manger lie, Dies est Laetitiae
Dost Thou in a manger lie, Mauburn
Dost thou truly seek renown, Das Ist Meine Freude
Down at the cross where my Savior, J.H. Stockton
Down from His glory, O Sole Mio ©
Down from His splendor in glory He, Elton M Roth
Down in the valley with my Savior, Cushing
Down life's dark vale, P.P. Biss
Down the mines for buried treasure, Ecclesia
Down the mountain the river flows, Andy Park ©
Draw near and take the Body of the Lord, Song 46
Draw near, A. Woodroffe, C. Webb, C. White, S. Webb ©
Draw nigh and take the Body, Lammas
Draw nigh and take the body of the, Adoro Te Devote
Draw nigh, and take the Body of the Lord, Draw Nigh
Draw nigh and take the Body of the Lord, Garden
Draw nigh and take the Body of the, Palmer Church ©
Draw nigh to Thy Jerusalem, Cliff Town
Draw the circle wide, Browning ©
Draw us in the Spirit's tether, Union Seminary ©
Draw us to Thee, for then shall, Ach Gott Und Herr
Drawn to the cross Thou hast blessed, Caergybi
Drop, drop, slow tears, Song 46
Dust and Ashes touch our face, H.H. Hopson ©
Dying with Jesus, Whittle-Moody
Each day I'll do a golden deed, W.M. Golden
Each man and women raise your voice, Welcome ©
Each one can reach one, Babbie Mason ©
Each step I take, W. Elmo Mercer ©
Earth and all stars! Loud rushing, D. N. Johnston ©
Earth has many a noble city, Stuttgart
Earth was waiting, spent and restless, Picardy
Earth, with all thy thousand voices, Austria
Earth, with all thy thousand voices, Exultation
Earthly friends may prove untrue, A.A. Luther ©
Earthly pleasures vainly call me, Spring Hill
Earth's creator, Everyday, Bernadette Farrell ©
Easter jubilation fills the, Mark & Helen Johnson ©
Eat this bread and never hunger, Modesto ©
Eat this bread, drink this cup, J. Berthier ©
El-Shaddai, Thompson/Card ©
Elgar - Pomp and Circumstance March No.1, E.W. Elgar
Emmanuel, G. Leavers & P. Burt ©
Emmanuel, His name is called Emmanuel, Buchan/McGee ©
Emptied of His glory, He is Lord ©
Empty, broken, here I stand, N. & A. Haigh ©
Encamped along the hills of light, I.D. Sankey
Entrust your days and burdens, Sufficientia ©
Ere I sleep, for every favour, Evensong
Ere you left your room this morning, W.O. Perkins
Eternal depth of love divine, Ossett
Eternal Father, strong to save, Melita
Eternal Father, Thou hast said, Galilee
Eternal Glory of the sky, Richard
Eternal God, we come to you, David Fellingham ©
Eternal Light! eternal Light, Eternal Light ©
Eternal Light! How pure that soul must be, Newcastle
Eternal light, shine in my heart, Jacob ©
Eternal Lord of love, behold Your Church, Old 124th
Eternal Power! whose high, Saul (Fertile Plains)
Eternal Son, eternal love, St. Pancras
Eternal Spirit of the living Christ, Flentge ©
Even as the world began, Matt Redman & Martin Smith ©
Even the grave is now defeated, H. Duvernoy
Even though I walk through the, Matt & Beth Redman ©
Evensong is hushed in silence, Evening Hymn
Everlasting God, the years go by, Vicky Beeching ©
Every day with Jesus, Wendell P. Loveless
Every minute of every day, S. Garrard ©
Every morning I will, Noel Richards & Wayne Drain ©
Every morning the red sun, Langdale
Every prayer will find its answer, John H. Wilcox
Every star shall sing a carol, S. Carter ©
Every time I feel the, African American Spiritual
Every time I think about, African-American Spiritual
Everyone extol our Lord God!, Trallwm
Everything I give to Jesus, Unknown
Everything is thrilled with beauty, J. H. McNaughton
Everything was made by God, Candice Christopher ©
Everything's alright in the, B. B. McKinney
Ev'ry promise we can make, Grace Alone ©
Ev'ryone needs, Reuben Morgan & Ben Fielding ©
Exalt the Lord our God, Rick Ridings ©
Exalted by Thy Father's hand, Mimi Lam
Exaudi nos, Domine, Margaret Rizza ©
Face to face with Christ my Savior, G.C. Tullar
Fade, Fade, each earthly joy - Jesus is mine, Lundie
Fainting in the desert, Albert B. Simpson
Fair and Holy Jesus Name!, Jasmine
Fair waved the golden corn, Holyrood
Fair waved the golden corn, Selma
Fairest Lord Jesus, Munster Gesangbuch
Fairest Lord Jesus, Schonster Herr Jesu (Ascalon)
Faith of our fathers, St. Catherine
Faith, while trees are still in blossom, Kingdom ©
Faithful God, faithful God, C.A. Bowater ©
Faithful God, you are good to all, N. Prince ©
Faithful One, so unchanging, B. Doerksen ©
Faithful vigil ended, Faithful Vigil ©
Falling, falling, gently falling, Rain Song ©
Far and near, hear the call, Graham Kendrick ©
Far and near the fields are teaming, Harvest
Far away in the depths of my, W.G. Cooper
Far away the noise of strife, C.A Miles
Far beyond our mind's grasp, Caturog Na Nonoy
Far dearer than all that the, Calvary Covers it
Far, far away, in heathen darkness, J. McGranahan
Far from all care, Pevensey
Far round the world Thy children sing, Parting
Farewell I gladly bid thee, Valet Will Ich Dir Geben
Father, again in Jesus' name we meet, Pax Dei
Father all loving, thou rulest, Was Lebet
Father, although I cannot see, Norman Warren ©
Father Divine, I come to Thee, Motherland
Father eternal, Ruler of creation, Langham
Father, Father of all things, N. Riley ©
Father, give a tranquil spirit, Earnest
Father, Give Thy Benediction, Alla Trinita Beata
Father God, I give all thanks and, J.W. Hayford ©
Father God, I love you, Joan Robinson ©
Father God, I wonder how, I. Smale ©
Father God in heaven, Kum Ba Yah
Father God, the Lord, Creator, Waltham (Albert)
Father God, we worship You, G. Kendrick ©
Father, hear the prayer we offer, Marching ©
Father, hear the prayer we offer, Sussex
Father, I adore You, Maranatha ©
Father, I know that all my life, John B. Dykes
Father, I know that all my life, Lebanon
Father, I know that all my life, St. Silas
Father, I place into your hands, J. Hewer ©
Father, I stretch my hands to Thee, I do believe
Father, I thank You for all that, Steve Stewart ©
Father in Heaven, grant to Your, Philippines (Halad)
Father in heaven, grant to your, Restoration ©
Father in heaven, guide Thou our Church, Striving
Father in heaven, how we love You, B. Fitts ©
Father in heaven, our voices we, Dave Bilbrough ©
Father in heav'n, who lovest all, Lledrod
Father, in high heaven dwelling, Evening Hymn
Father, in whom we live, Fairfield
Father in whom we live, Sandys
Father, in whom we live, St. Mary (Wright) ©
Father is certainly love, C.E.F. Weyse
Father, Lead me day, Orientus Partibus (St. Martin)
Father, lead me day by day, Posen
Father, lead me day by day, Supplication
Father, let me dedicate, Dedication
Father, let me dedicate, Glorification
Father, let Thy kingdom, Da Christus Geboren War
Father, let Thy kingdom come, Ephraim
Father, Lord of all creation, Hermon
Father, make us one, Rick Ridings ©
Father most holy, merciful and, Charters (Angers)
Father most holy, merciful and, Christe du Beistand
Father, never was love so near, Graham Kendrick ©
Father of all, whose laws have stood, St. Matthias
Father of all! whose powerful voice, Eisenach
Father of everlasting grace, Ascendit Deus
Father of everlasting grace, Stamford
Father of Glory, whose heavenly plan, Chedworth ©
Father of heaven, whose love profound, Angelus
Father of heaven, whose love, Das Leiden Des Herrn
Father of heaven, whose love profound, Rivaulx
Father of Jesus Christ, my Lord, Solomon
Father of men, in whom are one, Exeter
Father of mercies, in Thy Word, Beatitudo
Father of mercies, in Your Word, Abergele
Father of mercies, in Your Word, Arden
Father of mercy, God of, Christe Sanctorium
Father of peace, and God of love, Caithness
Father of peace, and God of Love, Kildean ©
Father of peace, and God of Love, St. Paul
Father, see thy children bending, Adore Te (No. 2)
Father, sending Your anointed Son to, St. Andrew
Father, Son and Holy Spirit, C. McLennan
Father, to thee we look in all, L'omnipotent
Father, 'twas Thy love that, Philip Paul Bliss
Father, we adore You, lay our lives, T. Coelho ©
Father we adore You, You've drawn, Carl Tuttle ©
Father, we come, with youth and vigour, St. Osyth
Father, we have sinned in, S. Townend & K. Getty ©
Father we love You, we praise You, D. Adkins ©
Father, we praise Thee (Plainsong), Nocte surgentes
Father, we praise You, Christe Sanctorium
Father, we thank Thee who, Les Commandemens de Dieu
Father, we thank Thee who hast, Rendez a Dieu
Father, we thank Thee who hast planted, Weisse
Father welcomes all His children, Kristen ©
Father, whate'er of earthly bliss, Lystra
Father, who on man dost shower, Charing
Father, whose everlasting love, Melcombe
Father, whose everlasting love, Rimington
Father, whose will is life and good, Storel
Father, your love is precious, Everett Perry ©
Fathers and mothers, look after your, S.J. Vail
Fear not, for I have redeemed you, J.P. Clark ©
Fear not, I am with thee!, William J. Kirkpatrick
Fear not, little flock, Paul Rader
Fear not, rejoice and be glad, P.W. Porter ©
Feed Thy children, God most holy, Schmucke Dich
Feed us now, Bread of life, Kraehe ©
Fierce and wild the storm is raging, J. McGranahan
Fierce raged the tempest o'er the, St. Aelred
Fierce raged the tempest o'er the, White Gates
Fierce was the wild billow, St. Issey
Fight the good fight with all thy might, Pentecost
Fight the good fight with all thy might, Rushford
Fight the good fight with all thy, Shepton-Beauchamp
Fill all my vision, Saviour, I pray, H. Hammontree ©
Fill me, O Holy Spirit, Carson ©
Fill my cup, Lord (Chorus), Richard Blanchard ©
Fill my eyes, O my God, K. Chant ©
Fill the place, Lord, with your glory, Chris Bowater ©
Fill Thou my life, O Lord my God, Lloyd
Fill Thou my life, O Lord my God, Richmond
Fill Thou my life, O Lord my God, St. Fulbert
Fill your hearts with joy and, Laus Et Honor ©
Filled with the Spirit's power, Woodlands
Finished the strife of battle now, Surrexit ©
Firmly I believe and truly, Alton ©
Firmly I believe and truly, Sharon (Boyce)
First the blood, then anointing, Albert B. Simpson
Fishes of the oceans and birds of the air, Sayers ©
Flee As a Bird, Mary S. Shindler
Fling out the banner!, Cathcart
Fling out the banner!, Palmarum
Follow Me, follow Me, Cuddy ©
Following Jesus, ever day by day, M.E. Upham
Food to pilgrims given, Geon-yong Lee
For ages women hoped and prayed, Vox Dilecti
For all the faithful women, Kuortane
For all the Love, Sine Nomine
For all the saints, Sarum
For all the saints, Sine Nomine
For all the saints, O Lord, who, Mount Ephraim
For all the Saints who from their labours, Luccombe
For all your saints, O Lord, Lee Burswold ©
For beauty of meadows, the grandeur of, St. Denio
For clear sunshine and gentle, I ti, O dad, diolchwn
For ever with the Lord, Llanllyfni
For everyone born, a place at the table, L. True ©
For God so loved the world, A.B. Smith
For God so loved the world, Graham Kendrick ©
For God so loved the world, Supreme Love
For His name is exalted, D. Garratt ©
For I'm building a people of, Dave Richards ©
For me the Lord was crucified,
For me to live is Christ, J. White ©
For me to live is, Christus, Der Ist Mein Leben
For the beauty of the earth, Dix
For the beauty of the earth, England`s Lane
For the beauty of the earth, Lucerna Laudoniae ©
For the beauty of the earth, Noricum
For the bread that we have eaten, Robin ©
For the bread which you have broken, Beng-Li ©
For the bread which you have broken, Omni Die
For the fruits of all creation, Ar Hyd Y Nos
For the fruits of all creation, East Acklam ©
For the joys and for the sorrows, G. Kendrick ©
For the might of Thine arm we, Mountain Christians
For thee, O dear, dear country, Ely Cathedral
For thee, O dear, dear country, Magdalena
For this purpose Christ was revealed, G. Kendrick ©
For those we love within the veil, Gaza
For Thou, O Lord are high above all the, P. Sanchez ©
For Thy blest saints, Dunlap's Creek
For thy dear saints, O Lord, St. George
For unto us a child is born, David Hadden ©
For unto us a Child is born, Unknown
For You are my God, J.B. Foley ©
For your Compassion, Alstyne
Forever trusting in the Lord, Meditation
Forever with the Lord!, Nearer Home
Forgive our sins as we forgive, Detroit
Forgive our sins as we forgive, Dundee
Forgive them, O my Father, St. Mary Magdalene
Forgive us, Lord, for shallow, Sursum Cordia (Smith) ©
Forgive us, O Lord Jesus, Unknown (English Hymn)
Forth in the peace of Christ we go, Angelus
Forth in Thy name, O Lord, Antwerp
Forth in Thy name, O Lord, I go, Lakewood ©
Forth in Thy Name, O Lord, I go, Pixham
Forth in Thy Name, O Lord, I go, Song 34
Forty days and forty nights, Aus der Tiefe rufe ich
Forty days and forty nights, Buckland
Forty days and forty nights, G. Beaumont ©
Forty days and forty nights, Heinlein
Forward! be our watchword, H. Alford
Forward! be our watchword, Rachie
Forward! be our watchword, St. Boniface
Forward! be our watchword, Upwick
Forward Through the Ages, Blencathra
Forward Through the Ages, St. Gertrude
Free from the law, oh, happy condition, P.P. Bliss
Freed from self and Adam's nature, Emmaler
Freedom and life are ours, Strength to strength
Freely, for the love he bears us, Phil Burt ©
Friend of the home, as when in Galille, Ffigysbren
From all that dwell below the, Illsley (Bishop)
From all that dwell below the, Lasst Uns Erfreuen
From all that dwell below the skies, Old 100th
From all the, Es Flog Ein Kleins Walvogelein
From death I've been saved , Unknown
From depths of woe I cry to Thee, Aus Tiefer Not
From east to west, from shore to shore, Rouen
From east to west, from shore to shore, Summercourt
From east to west,, Vom Himmel Kam Der Engel Schar
From every stormy wind that blows, Retreat
From glory to glory advancing, Sheen
From glory to glory advancing, St. Keverne
From glory to glory He's changing me, Unknown
From God Christ's deity came, Salem Harbor ©
From heaven above to earth I come, Vom Himmel Hoch
From heaven high I come to you, From Heaven High
From heaven You came, helpless Babe, G Kendrick ©
From mountain heights and, For all these things ©
From north and south and east and west, Wellingham
From the breaking of the dawn, K. Getty & S. Townend ©
From the eastern mountains, Kirkbraddan
From the eastern mountains, Sutton Valence
From the eastern mountains, Valour (Mann)
From the eastern moutains, Princethorpe
From the falter of breath, Iona Boat Song
From the highest of heights, L. Story & J. Reeves ©
From the rising of the sun, P.S. Deming ©
From the squalor of a borrowed, Stuart Townend ©
From the sun's rising, G. Kendrick ©
From the very depths of darkness, Battle Hymn
From Thee all skill and science flow, Albano
From Thee all skill and science flow, Belgrave
From thee all skill and science flow, Farnham
From Thee all skill and science flow, Land of Rest
Fruitful trees, the Spirit's sowing, Dorothy ©
Full Salvation!, CWM Rhondda
Fully surrendered, George C. Stebbins
Funny kind of night, Lesser Things ©
Gabriel's message does away, Angelus Emittitur
Gather around, for the table is, Skye Boat song
Gathered in God's presence, Olympic Hymn ©
Gathered 'round Your table, Greenridge ©
Gazing on the Lord in Glory, J. C. Bitthauer
Gentle Jesus, meek and mild, Innocents
Gentle Mary laid her, Tempus Adest Floridum
Gentle Mary laid her child, Weimar (Vulpius)
Gentle Shepherd, W.J. Gaither ©
Gifts of bread and wine, McCann ©
Give God Immortal Praise, Puebla
Give heed, my heart,, Vom Himmel Hoch (arr Bach)
Give me a heart, Gillian Hutchinson ©
Give me a passion for souls, dear Lord, F.L. Fellers
Give me a sight, O Saviour, Katherine A.M. Kelly
Give me oil in my lamp, keep me, Sing Hosanna
Give me peace, O Lord, E. White ©
Give me the faith which can remove, Giessen
Give me the faith which can, Mount Sion (Pleyel)
Give Me the Wings of Faith, Anon
Give me the wings of faith to rise, Beatitudo
Give me the wings of faith to rise, Byzantium
Give me thy heart, says the Father, W.J. Kirkpatrick
Give, O Lord, unto thy servant, Tillflykt
Give of your best to the Master, C.A. Barnard
Give peace, O God, the nations cry, Vermont ©
Give praise, Du Lebensbrot Herr Jesu Christ
Give praise and glory unto God, Elbing
Give Praise to God, Loor
Give thanks for the sunshine , Roger Peach ©
Give thanks, Lischer (Das Lieben Bringt Groß Freud)
Give thanks to the Lord, Sam Hargreaves ©
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good , Mark Hayes ©
Give thanks to the Lord our God and King, C. Tomlin ©
Give thanks with a grateful heart, H. Smith ©
Give to me, Lord, a thankful heart, Gatescarth ©
Give to our God immortal praise, Lasst Uns Erfreuen
Give to our God immortal praise, Rimington
Give up the world, Christ to obtain, Anon
Give us a new blessing, Caersalem
Give us, O God, the grace to see, Solothurn (Swiss)
Give us the wings of faith to rise, San Rocco ©
Give us the wings of faith to rise, Song 67
Give us thy guidance, Dolfor
Give your blessing, Holy Spirit, Brynawel
Giver of the perfect gift, Song 13
Giving it all to You, Geraldine Latty ©
Gladness, gladness, never-ending, E. Gebhardt
Gloria, gloria, in excelsis Deo, Mike Anderson ©
Gloria in Excelsis, Old Scottish Chant
Gloria in Excelsis - 1940 The Hymnal , Oldroyd-718
Gloria in Excelsis - 1982 The Hymnal, Hurd-S277 ©
Gloria in Excelsis - 1982 The Hymnal, Powell-S280 ©
Glorious Father, we exalt You, Danny Reed ©
Glorious the day when Christ, Frohlockt mit Freud
Glorious things of Thee are spoken, Abbot`s Leigh ©
Glorious things of Thee are spoken, Austria
Glory be to God, Creator, Renewed ©
Glory be to God on high, Hatfield
Glory be to God the Father, Corfe Mullen
Glory be to God the Father, Gloria Patri (Greatorex)
Glory be to God the Father, Regent Square
Glory be to God the Father, Worcester (Whinfield)
Glory be to Jesus, Boundary
Glory be to Jesus, Caswall
Glory be to the Father, Greatorex
Glory be to the Father, Mieneke
Glory Day, O Holy Night
Glory, everlasting glory, Unknown
Glory, glory, glory to the Lamb, Dempsey ©
Glory, glory in the highest, Danny Daniels ©
Glory, honour, praise and power, Martin Madan
Glory, love, and praise and honour for our, Benifold ©
Glory to God above!, Wellington Hall ©
Glory to God, glory to God, Jim Strathdee ©
Glory to God in the highest, Greg Leavers ©
Glory to God in the highest, William Bradbury
Glory to God on High, Moscow
Glory to God, whose Spirit draws, Samson
Glory to God, within the Church, Pont Street
Glory to our boundless God, Lucerna Laudoniae
Glory to the Father, Bethel Park ©
Glory to the King of kings, G. Bullock ©
Glory to the Lamb, Binion ©
Glory to thee, my God, this night, Tallis` Canon
Glory to You, Lord God of our Fathers, John Rutter ©
Go Bury Thy Sorrow, Russian Composer
Go forth and tell! O Church of God, awake!, Yanworth ©
Go forth and tell! O Church of of God, Go Forth ©
Go forth for God, Litton ©
Go forward, Christian soldier, Lancashire
Go free in the name of Jesus, D. Ingles ©
Go, labour on!, Angel's Song (Song 34)
Go, my children, with my blessing, Ar Hyd Y Nos
Go out, my heart, and seek, Geh' Aus, Mein Herz
Go, tell it on the mountain, Go Tell it
Go to dark Gethsemane, Ajalon/Redhead/Petra
Go to dark Gethsemane, Dix
Go to Dark Gethsemane, James Montgomery
Go to dark Gethsemane, Llyfnant
Go to the world! Go into all the world, Hurley Green ©
Go wand'ring in the sun, S. Sayers ©
God almighty, in Thy temple, Pilgrimage
God Almighty, we adore You, England
God be in my head, H.W. Davis
God be in my head, Lytlington
God, be merciful to me, Ajalon/Redhead/Petra
God be with you till we meet again, Kemper
God be with you till we meet again, Randolph
God Be with You Till We Meet Again, Shatin ©
God be with you till we meet again, W.G. Tomer
God bless Africa, T. Huddleston
God bless our native land, National Anthem
God calling yet: shall I not hear?, Die Helle Sonn
God came among us, Marilyn Baker ©
God can do anything, Ira F. Stanphill ©
God, don't let me, J. P. Holbrook
God forgave my sin in Jesus' name, C. Owens ©
God from on high has heard, St. Cecilia
God give us Christians homes!, Christian Home
God give us life, Campbell ©
God gives unto me graces so rich, Loving Father ©
God grant us words to speak, Garelochside ©
God has blotted them out, Unknown
God has given us a Book full of, The story of Jesus
God has His best things, Mimi Lam
God has made everything, La Creacion ©
God has not given us a spirit of, Lewis E. Jones
God has spoken by His prophets, Arfon
God has spoken by His prophets, Beecher
God has spoken by His prophets, Deerhurst
God has spoken by His prophets, Mead House ©
God has spoken to His people, Willard Jabusch ©
God hath not promised skies always blue, David Yeung ©
God hath not promised skies, William M. Runyan
God Himself is present, Arnsberg/ Groningen
God Himself is present, Wunderbarer Konig
God Himself is with us, Tysk
God, hold us, enfold us, Normandy (Basque)
God holds the key to all unknown, Stebbins
God in heaven hath a treasure, Annie F. Harrison
God in His love for us, Douglas J. Coombes ©
God in His love for us, Stewardship ©
God in my living, there in my breathing, Tim Hughes ©
God, in the Gospel of His Son, Germany
God incarnate, Jesus came, Douglas ©
God is a Name my, Deus Tuorum Militum (Grenoble)
God is born among us, Gdy Sie Chrystus Rodzi
God is building a house, Anon
God is calling the Prodigal, C.H. Gabriel
God is gone up on high, Darwall
God is good all the time!, D Moen & P Overstreet ©
God is good, God is great, A.J. Price ©
God is good, we sing and shout it, Graham Kendrick ©
God is good; we come before Him, Wraysbury
God is here, and that to bless us, John R. Sweney
God is here; as we His people meet, Sze Ling ©
God is hope and God is now!, Retirement
God is in His, Arnsberg/ Groningen/ Wunderbarer
God is love, and where true, Ubi Caritas (Murray)
God is love, His mercy brightens, Sussex
God is love: His mercy brightens, Unser Herrscher
God is love: His the, Theodoric (Personent Hodie)
God is love, let heaven adore Him, Abbot`s Leigh ©
God is love: let heaven adore Him, C. McLennan
God is moving by His Spirit, L.C. Hall ©
God is my refuge , God is my refuge ©
God is my Rock, Fuerza ©
God is not man that He should lie, Anonymous
God is our strength and refuge, Dambusters`s March ©
God is so good, Anon
God is still on the throne, Mrs. F.W. Suffield
God Is the Fountain Whence, Gerar
God is the fullness of every place,, Maelor
God is the giver of love, Mountfitchet ©
God is the refuge of His saints, Lasus
God is the refuge of His saints, Winchester New
God is working His purpose out, Benson
God is working His purpose out, Purpose
God it was who said to Abraham, Gaelic Melody
God loved the world of sinners lost, Wondrous Love
God loves me dearly, Gott Ist Die Liebe
God loves you, and I love you, Anonymous
God make my life a little light, Sawley
God moves in a mysterious way, Beethoven
God moves in a mysterious way, Irish
God moves in a mysterious way, London New
God, my God, in heav'n above, Guds Godhet
God, my King, Thy might confessing, Stuttgart
God of all ages and Lord for, God of all Greatness ©
God of all grace, Thy mercy send, St. Gabriel
God of all living, Compassion ©
God of all power, and truth, and grace, Ombersley
God of Eternity, Russia
God of everlasting glory, Breton Road ©
God of forgiveness your people you freed, Blakeney ©
God of freedom, God of justice, Tredegar ©
God of glory, we exalt Your Name, David Fellingham ©
God of gods, we sound His praises, C. Strover ©
God of grace and God of glory, Bryn Calfaria
God of grace and God of glory, Regent Square
God of grace and God of glory, Rhuddlan
God of justice, Saviour to all, Tim Hughes ©
God of life, God of love, G. Nobes ©
God of love and God of, Neander (Unser Herrscher)
God of love and truth and beauty, Chun Seng ©
God of love, you freely give us, Schumann
God of mercy and compassion, Au Sang Qu
God of mercy, God of grace, Heathlands
God of mercy, God of grace, Lucerna Laudoniae ©
God of my faith, I offer you, Anima Christi (Maher)
God of our fathers, National Hymn
God of our fathers, known of old, Folkingham
God of our fathers, known of old, Lest we forget
God of our fathers, known of old, Old 112th
God of our fathers, the strength of, Lobe Den Herren
God of our fathers, unto thee, Etona
God of our fathers, unto Thee, Sannox
God of our youth, to whom we yield, Burning Tree ©
God of pity, God of grace, Branksome
God of pity, God of grace, Huddersfield
God of pity, God of grace, Vesper (Stainer)
God of saints, to whom the number, Halton Holgate
God of the living, in whose eyes, E. Hulton
God of the Passover, Lobe Den Herren
God of the prophets, Toulon
God of the sparrow, Roeder ©
God of unexampled grace, Pelham
God, open the door, F.R. Staatham
God, our Creator, hear us sing, Highland Cathedral
God, our Father, we adore Thee, Beecher
God rest you merry people all, English Traditional
God reveals His presence, Compton
God said, God said world, H. Evans & N. Hemming ©
God said it, and I believe it, Unknown
God save America! New world of glory, Russian Hymn
God save our gracious Queen, British National Anthem
God sees the little sparrow fall, Providence
God sent His might pow'r, William J. Kirpatrick
God sent His Son - they called Him, Resurrection ©
God so loved His world, Shen-ben Lin
God so loved the world, Stainer
God the Father, be our stay, Gott der Vater wohn
God the Father, be Thou near, Palestine
God the Father, God of glory, Tom Fettke ©
God the Father, God the Son, Farnaby
God the Father, God the Son, Lebbaeus
God the Father, God the Son, Westerly
God the Father throned in splendour, Quem Pastores
God the Omnipotent!, Russia
God to enfold you, Enfolding ©
God, we praise You, God, we bless You, Rustington
God who brings the spring, Preseli
God, who caused to be written, Causa Divina
God who created me, Rugby
God who made the earth, Ar Hyd Y Nos
God, who made the earth , Beechwood
God who made the earth, Cura Dei
God, who made the earth, Nutfield
God who made the earth, Sommerlied
God, who made the stars of heaven, Thian Beng ©
God who made the world, Can Yr Haf
God, who stretched the spangled heavens, Hymn to Joy
God, who stretched the spangled heavens, Le Thoronet ©
God, Who touchest earth with beauty, Geneva (Lowden)
God, who touchest earth with beauty, Pass Me Not
God, who touchest earth with beauty, Quinquagesima
God, whose city's sure foundation, Obiit
God Whose farm is all, Gott Will's Machen
God whose farm is all creation, Shipston
God whose Name is Love, happy children we, Haslemere
God whose Son was once a man, Greg Leavers ©
God will make a way, Don Moen ©
God will take care of you, God Cares
God, you are clothed with light, Harewood
God, You are my Teacher, Paul Rowland
God, You are now rearranging my way, Unknown
God, you have given us power, Culross
God, your glory we, Dieu Nous Avons Vu Ta Gloire ©
God, You've inspired faith in me, James Langran
God's love is deeper than the, Ian D. Craig ©
God's love made visible!, Posada ©
God's own child, I gladly say it, Bachofen
God's Spirit is in my heart, H. Richards ©
God's way is the best way, Lida S. Leech
Going home, going home, Dvorak (New World) ©
Going home, moving on, Dvorak (New World)
Golden harps are sounding, Hermas
Goliath was big and Goliath was strong, C. Tambling ©
Good-bye, Wendell P. Loveless ©
Good Christians all, rejoice, In Dulci Jubilo
Good Christians all, rejoice and, Gelobt sei Gott
Good evening, Father, we delight to do, M. Davis ©
Good news, good news to you we, Graham Kendrick ©
Good shepherd, take this little child, Amy ©
Good Teacher, at the beginning of the day, Orinda ©
Good Thou art, and good Thou dost, Elevation
Grace 'tis a charming sound, Cambridge
Grace! 'tis a charming sound, Cranbrook
Grace! 'tis a charming sound, I.D. Sankey
Gracious heav'nly Father, A.B. Simpson
Gracious Lord, our Shepherd and Salvation, Covenant
Gracious Saviour, gentle Shepherd, Rousseau
Gracious Spirit, dwell with me, Ajalon/Redhead/Petra
Gracious Spirit, dwell with me, Cassel
Gracious Spirit, dwell with me, Dix
Gracious Spirit, dwell with me!, Palgrave
Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost, Beaumont ©
Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost, Capetown
Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost, Charity
Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost, Dian
Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost, Troen ©
Grant peace, we pray, Da Pacem
Grant peace, we pray, Verleih Uns Frieden
Grant us to see anew, Arnsberg
Granted is the Saviour's prayer, Buckland
Great and marvelous are Your works, Anon
Great and mighty is the Lord our God, Marlene Bigley ©
Great are Thy mercies,, Song of the hoe
Great day! Great day, African-American melody
Great God of the vast heavens, Bryan Hywel
Great God of Wonders!, Carey
Great God of wonders, Rhyd-y-Groes
Great God of Wonders, Sovereignty
Great God, we sing that mighty hand, Germany
Great God, we sing that mighty hand, Wareham
Great God, what do I see and, Luther's Hymn
Great God, Your love has called us here, Abingdon ©
Great God, Your love has, Das Neugeborne Kindelein
Great God, Your Spirit, like the wind, Jerusalem
Great hills may tremble, Bergen Ma Vika
Great is our redeeming Lord, Josiah
Great is the darkness, Coates/Richards ©
Great is the Gospel of our glorious God, Pantyfedwen ©
Great is the Lord and worthy of praise, S. McEwan ©
Great is the Lord, He is, Michael & Deborah Smith ©
Great is Thy faithfulness, Faithfulness ©
Great Lord of heaven and earth, Diolch a chan
Great providence of heaven, Builth
Great providence of heaven, Builth
Great Redeemer, we adore Thee, Redentore ©
Great Shepherd of Thy people, Oswald's Tree ©
Great Was Christ In Eternity, Bryn Myrddin
Greater is He that is in me, Lanny Wolfe ©
Greatness, O Lord, power and glory, C. McLennan
Guide me O Thou Great Jehovah, Bryn Calfaria
Guide me O Thou Great Jehovah, CWM Rhondda
Guide my feet, African-American Spiritual
Guilmant - Grand Choeur (Op 18), A. Guilmant
Hail, hargbinger of morn, Hail, hargbinger of morn
Hail! holy, holy, holy Lord!, Dunfermline
Hail, Jesus, You're my King, Victory Chant ©
Hail, O source of every blessing, O Durchbrecher
Hail, O Star that pointest, Ave Maris Stella
Hail Redeemer, King Divine, Rex
Hail! sacred day of earthly rest, Dona
Hail! sacred day of earthly rest, Wreford
Hail the day that sees Him rise, Ascension
Hail the day that sees him rise, Chislehurst ©
Hail the day that sees Him rise, Llanfair
Hail the day that sees Him rise, Wurtemberg
Hail the sign, the Sign of Jesus, Groombridge
Hail thee, festival day!, Salve Festa Dies
Hail Thee! Spirit, Lord eternal, Cowley
Hail this joyful day's, Sonne der Gerechtigkeit
Hail, Thou once despised Jesus!, Autumn
Hail, Thou once despised Jesus!, Fauxbourdon ©
Hail Thou once despised Jesus, Hyfrydol
Hail Thou once despised Jesus, In Babilone
Hail to the brightness of, Wesley (Mason)
Hail to the Lord who comes, Old 120th
Hail to the Lord's, British Grenadiers
Hail to the Lord's annointed, Cruger
Hail to the Lord's Annointed, Nyland
Hail to the Lord's annointed, Woodbird
Hail to the Lord's Annointed, Zoan
Hail to the Lord's, Freut Euch, Ihr Lieben
Hail, true body, born of Mary, Standish ©
Hallelu, hallelu, hallelu, Unknown (alt. melody)
Hallelu, hallelu, hallelu, Unknown
Halleluja! Hallelujah!, Harford
Hallelujah! For the Lord, our God, D. Garratt ©
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, I've been, Anonymous
Hallelujah, He is risen!, Philip P. Bliss
Hallelujah! I have found Him, Ralph E. Hudson
Hallelujah, my Father, Tim Cullen ©
Hallelujah! Praise the, Thum, Thomas & McSpadden ©
Hallelujah! sing to Jesus, Hallelujah
Hallelujah! sing to Jesus, Hyfrydol
Hallelujah! sing to the Lord, S. & G. Southworth ©
Hallelujah, we honour You, J. Ramala
Handel - Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, G.F. Handel
Handel - Hornpipe from 'Water, G.F. Handel
Handel - Largo (from Xerxes - BWV 40), G.F. Handel
Handel - Messiah, G.F. Handel
Handel - Organ Concertos, G.F. Handel
Hands of love, Manos Cariñosas ©
Hands that have been handling holy, Glenfinlas
Happiness is to know the Savior, Ira F. Stanphill ©
Happy are they, they that love God, Binchester
Happy the man that finds the grace, Blockley
Hark! a thrilling voice is sounding., Merton
Hark! hark, my soul!, La Suissesse
Hark, Hark! my soul! Angelic songs are, Pilgrims
Hark, my soul, how everything, Lyne
Hark, my soul! it is the Lord, Campian
Hark, my soul! it is the Lord, St. Bees
Hark, my soul! it is the Lord, White Ladies Aston
Hark! ten thousand harps and voices, Harwell
Hark! Ten thousand, Geistliche Lieder, Germany
Hark, the glad sound! The Saviour comes, Bristol
Hark, the glad sound! The Saviour, Chesterfield
Hark, the glad sound! the Saviour comes, Richmond
Hark, the glad sound! the Saviour comes, St. Saviour
Hark! The herald angels sing, Mendelssohn
Hark the sound of holy voices, Moultrie
Hark the sound of holy voices, Vision
Hark! the voice eternal, Prince Rupert
Hark! the voice of Jesus calling, Fillmore (Beldon)
Hark, the voice of Jesus calling, Galilean
Hark, the voice of Jesus crying, Galilean
Hark! there comes a whisper, W.H. Doane
Hark! 'tis the Shepherd's, W.A. Ogden
Hast thou no scar?, Unknown
Hasten the time appointed, Lancashire
Have Compassion on Me, Misericordia ©
Have faith in God, my heart, Redemptor ©
Have faith in God when your pathway is, Muskogee
Have fear and doubt come against your mind?, Rise ©
Have I Grieved Thy Holy Spirit, Bentley D. Ackley ©
Have no fear, little flock, Little Flock ©
Have Thine own way, Lord!, Adelaide
Have you a heart that's, V. Ellis & W. Lakey ©
Have you any room for Jesus?, C.C. Williams
Have you been to Jesus, Washed in the Blood
Have you been to the Cross, McKinney ©
Have you counted the cost?, H. Davies ©
Have you ever known?, Lu-ming Hong
Have you failed in life's battle, Ruby Kitchen ©
Have you failed in your plan, Lubbock
Have you grown weary of the cross?, Mimi Lam
Have you heard God's voice, Jacqueline G. Jones ©
Have you heard the good news?, Stuart Garrard ©
Have you heard the raindrops, Christian Strover ©
Have you on the Lord believed?, Philip P. Bliss
Have you read the story?, T. Dennis
Have Your Sins Been Washed, Russian Composer
Having seen the world's fair beauty, Unknown
He became poor that we might be rich, J. Bell ©
He brought me to His banqueting table, K. Prosch ©
He came to earth in poverty, East Dulwich ©
He came to earth, not to be served, John Pantry ©
He died for me that I might, Margaret M. Simpson
He dies! He dies! the lowly Man of, J.H. Burke
He faileth not, for He is God, Lowell Mason
He gave his life in selfless love, Andrew Maries ©
He gave me beauty for ashes, B. Manzano ©
He gave me eyes so I could see, He made me ©
He giveth more grace when burdens grow, H. Mitchell ©
He has risen, He has risen, Coates/Richards ©
He has showed you, O man, Graham Kendrick ©
He hideth my Soul, Kirkpatrick
He is alive, He is alive, Unknown
He is Alpha and Omega, Warner/Saunders ©
He is born, our Lord and Saviour, Jimmy Owens ©
He is born, the divine Christ-Child, Il Est Ne
He is exalted, the King is exalted, T. Paris ©
He is here, Hallelujah, L.K. Talley ©
He is here, He is here, Jimmy Owens ©
He is Jehovah, B.J. Robinson ©
He is Lord, He is Lord, Unknown
He Is Mine, Vincent Bennett
He is most dear to me, Carl M. Von Weber, 1821
He is my everything, Unknown
He is my peace, K. Groves ©
He is risen! He is risen!, Bob Burroughs ©
He is risen, He is risen, Gott Des Himmels
He is risen, He is risen!, Neander (Unser Herrscher)
He is the fullness of the heavens, Foelallt
He is the King of kings, He is Lord, Virgil Meares ©
He leadeth me, He leadeth me
He left the splendor of heaven, Dottie Rambo ©
He looked for a city, Home, sweet home
He offers us his healing, Yr Hyfryd Wlad
He reigns! the Lord, the Saviour,, Wainwright
He Rose Triumphantly, B.D. Ackley ©
He rose triumphantly, Bentley D. Ackley ©
He sat to watch o'er customs paid, Breslau
He touched me, W.J. Gaither ©
He walked on earth, Behold the Lamb ©
He walked where I walk, Graham Kendrick ©
He wants not friends that, Cameronian Midnight Hymn
He wants not friends that, O Jesus Mi Dulcissime
He was pierced for our transgressions, Maggi Dawn ©
He was wounded for our, Merrill Dunlop ©
He who began a good work in you, A Good Work ©
He who by a mother's love, Floyd ©
He who dwells, Chris Bowater ©
He who would valiant be, St. Dunstan's
Head of the Church and Lord of all, Ombersley
Head of the Church and Lord of all, St. Polycarp
Head of the Church, whose Spirit fills, Doversdale
Heal Me, hand of Jesus, Sutton Common ©
Heal our Land, T & R. Brooks ©
Healer of our every ill, Marty Haugen ©
Hear my cry, O God, Andy Silver ©
Hear our prayer, O Lord, Whelpton
Hear the bells ringing, Easter Song ©
Hear the blessed Savior, Come unto Me (Jones)
Hear the call of the, K. & K. Getty & S. Townend ©
Hear the cries of the shackled, W.J. Gaither ©
Hear the footsteps of Jesus, William J. Kirkpatrick
Hear the prayer and breath of my, Russian Composer
Hear the story from God's Word, Lamb of Glory ©
Hear the voice of Your servant, W.J. Gaither ©
Hear the words of Scripture, H.L. Gilmour
Hear us, Father, when we, Morgenglanz Der Ewigkeit
Hear what God the Lord hath spoken, Hymn to Joy
Hear what the voice from heaven proclaims, Wigton
Hear ye the Master's call, Grant C. Tullar
Hearken to the anthem glorious, Laus Deo
Heaven is here, where hymns of gladness, Austria
Heaven is our Father's home, J. R. Randalf
Heaven shall not wait, J.L. Bell ©
Heavenly Father, hallowed is Your Name, Prayer Song ©
Heavenly Father, hear our prayer, Dwyfor
Heavenly Father, I appreciate you, Unknown
Heavenly Father, it is dark again, Emyn Hwyrol
Heavenly Father, Lord God Almighty, Unknown
Heavenly Father, send Thy blessing, Tyrolese Air
Heavenly Father, Thou hast, Salvator (Jewson)
Heavenly Father, we Thy children, Arthur B. Hunt
Heavenly Lord of mercy and power, Meng Jiang Nu
Heavenly sunshine, heavenly sunshine, Anon.
Heaven's Shore, Heimatland
Heav'nly Spirit, gentle Spirit, Heavenly Dove ©
Heir of the kingdom, Rodman
Help us accept each other, Runnymede ©
Help us to help each other, Lord, Lunenburg
Herald, sound the note of judgement, Herald, Sound ©
Herald, sound the note of judgement, New Malden ©
Here am I, Lord, I've come to do, Keith Duke ©
Here are my thoughts, Lord, Keith Duke ©
Here as we kneel, here as we pray, Clare Stainsby ©
Here betwixt ass and oxen mild, Gevaert
Here from the world we turn, Tryst
Here I am, C. Bowater ©
Here I am waiting, abide in me I, Eagles' wings ©
Here in this place new light is streaming, M Haugen ©
Here is bread, here is wine, G. Kendrick ©
Here is love vast as the ocean, E. Lowry
Here is love, vast as the ocean, Pennant
Here is preached the gladsome tidings, Woon Hyung La
Here, O my Lord, I see thee face to face, Congleton
Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to, Farley Castle
Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to, Nyack ©
Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to, Peel Castle
Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to face, Penitentia
Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to face, Toulon
Here on the threshold of a new beginning, Advenit ©
Here we suffer grief and pain, Samuel Ashmead
He's all I need, unknown
He's got the whole world in His, Spiritual
He's risen, He's risen, Walther
He's the one I love in, arr. Merrill E. Dunlop
He's the Saviour of my soul, Spanish Melody
Hide God's Word in your heart, R. Harkness
Hide not your face, O my Saviour, Lost in the night
Hide your grief deeply, P. P. Bliss
High in the heavens, eternal God, Affection
High in the heavens, Eternal God, Alsace
High in the heavens, eternal God, Berkshire
High o'er the lonely hills, Dawn
Hills of the North, rejoice, Little Cornard
Himnario Bautista #106, Espinas De Mi Cristo ©
Himself He could not save, James McGranahan
His are the thousand sparkling rills, Isleworth
His banner over me is love, Unknown
His glorious Name shall be called, Finlandia
His grace aboundeth more, William J. Kirkpatrick
His hands were pierced, D. Wood
His love is more than tongue can tell!, Jane E. Hall
His name is as ointment poured forth, A. Cadman ©
His Name is higher than any other, Unknown
His Name is Jesus, Unknown
His name is Master, Saviour, Carman, G & W. Gaither ©
His Name is Wonderful, A. Mieir ©
His Name Shall Be Praised, Alfred B. Smith
His praise fills the temple, J. Hayford ©
His promises indelible, Lewi Pethrus
His strength is, Steven C. Chapman & J.Salley ©
Ho, every one who is thirsty in spirit, Rider
Ho, my comrades! see the signal, P.P. Bliss
Hold me, Lord, Danny Daniels ©
Hold Thou my hand! so weak I am , H.P. Main
Hold thou my hands!, Miserere Mei
Holiness unto the Lord, Danny Daniels ©
Holy and blessed Baby, Weigh Home Tune Book
Holy and divine land, Tierra de la Palestina
Holy Bible, book divine, Aletta
Holy breath of God, find me in this, Johnny Markin ©
Holy Child, W Zlobie Lezy ©
Holy Child, how still You lie!, M. Baughen ©
Holy Father, God of might, Catherine
Holy Father, great Creator, Regent Square
Holy Father, in thy mercy, Eastergate
Holy Father, in Thy mercy, St. Helen's
Holy Father, in Thy mercy, Westridge
Holy Ghost, come down upon thy children, Bossiney
Holy God, Holy and Mighty, Russian Trisagion
Holy God, we praise Thy Name, Grosser Gott
Holy God, we praise Thy Name, Te Deum
Holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, J. Owens ©
Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord, Nathan Fellingham ©
Holy, holy, holy is the Lord, Schubert
Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord, Unknown
Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts, Prince ©
Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty!, Nicea
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, Tersanctus ©
Holy, holy, holy Lord God of, Chautauqua (Refrain)
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of, Sanctus (Willan) ©
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts, St. Athanasius
Holy, Holy, Holy Lord, God of power and, Proulx ©
Holy, Holy, Holy, With joy my, Argentinian Chant ©
Holy is He and great, David T. Clydesdale ©
Holy is the Lord, Kelly Green ©
Holy Jesus! God of love!, Freuen Wir Uns
Holy Lamb, who Thee confess, Syria
Holy Lord, exalted, Moriah
Holy Lord, most holy Lord, Great are you, Lord ©
Holy Manna, W. Moore
Holy night, Blessed night, Sheng Ye Jing
Holy offerings, rich and rare, Holy Offerings
Holy Sabbath day of rest, John F. Anderson
Holy Spirit, be my guide, Mildred Cope ©
Holy Spirit, breath of heaven, Geraldine Latty ©
Holy Spirit, breathe on me, Truett
Holy Spirit, come confirm us, All for Jesus
Holy Spirit, come confirm us, Hartley Wintney
Holy Spirit, ever dwelling, Exile
Holy Spirit, ever dwelling, Holy Manna
Holy Spirit, ever dwelling, In Babilone
Holy Spirit, ever dwelling, Wangford ©
Holy Spirit, ever living, Abbot's Leigh ©
Holy Spirit, faithful Guide, Faithful Guide
Holy Spirit, font of Light, Webbe
Holy Spirit, gift bestower, Yr Hun Gan
Holy Spirit, go before us, Maria's Tune ©
Holy Spirit, gracious guest, Anderson ©
Holy Spirit! hear us, Ernstein
Holy Spirit, hear us, Pastor Pastorum
Holy Spirit is like the wind, Feng Xiu Zhu
Holy Spirit, Light divine, Mercy
Holy Spirit, Lord of love, Aberystwyth
Holy Spirit, now outpoured, Glen Echo ©
Holy Spirit, rain down, Russell Fragar ©
Holy Spirit strengthens us, G.J. Geer
Holy Spirit, the Dove sent from, Santo Espiritu ©
Holy Spirit, Thou art welcome in, David Huntsinger ©
Holy Spirit, Truth divine, Canterbury
Holy Spirit, Truth divine, Lew Trenchard
Holy Spirit, Truth divine, Lubeck
Holy Spirit, we welcome You, Chris Bowater ©
Holy Spirit, while we bend, Celestial Dove
Holy Words, long preserved for our, Ancient Words ©
Honour and glory, Union Harmonist
Honour Your Father and Mother, Filial Piety
Hope of the world, Thou Christ, Donne Secours
Hope of the world, Thou Christ, Eirene
Hope, peace and joy, given with, He that is in us ©
Hosanna, Hosanna, C. Tuttle ©
Hosanna, Loud Hosanna, Ellacombe
Hosanna to the Living Lord, Hosanna (Dykes)
Hosanna to the living Lord!, Hosanna (Gray)
Hover o'er me, Holy Spirit, Fill me now
How beauteous are their feet, Day of praise
How beauteous are their feet, Venice
How bright appears, Frankfort (Wie Schon Leuchtet)
How bright these glorious spirits, Sennen Cove ©
How can I be free from sin, G. Kendrick ©
How can I ever stay away?, Unknown
How can I say thanks for the things, My Tribute ©
How can I thank You, Lord, O Gott, Du Frommer Gott
How can I truly say how grateful I am, Loving Father
How can we sing the Lord's song, Essex Place ©
How can we sing with joy to God, Fingal
How cheering is the Christian's hope, S. Hibbard
How dearly God must love us, Missionary
How dearly God must love us, Salvatori
How deep the Father's love for us, S. Townend ©
How deep the riches of our God, Belair ©
How do I know there's a God, Tim Spencer ©
How do Thy mercies close me round!, Saxby (Storrs)
How enchanting and sweet the thought, Mimi Lam
How Excellent is Thy Name, Anon.
How excellent is Thy Name, O Lord, Dick Tunney ©
How far from home?, Tis Midnight Hour
How firm a foundation, C.L. Parker
How firm a Foundation, Foundation
How firm a foundation, Lyons
How firm a, Portuguese Hymn (Adeste Fideles))
How firm a Foundation, Simpkin ©
How glad I am each Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve
How glorious Sion's courts appear, Irish
How good it is to know the Lord, Foster Avenue ©
How good, Lord, to be here!, Carlisle
How good, Lord, to be here!, Potsdam
How great is our God, Anon
How great the darkness, how deep the need!, Joy Webb ©
How great the joy the Lord, Day of Redemption
How happy every child of grace, Spes Celestis
How I love you, K. & M. Green ©
How I praise the great Creator, Landgraf ©
How I praise Thee, precious Saviour, A.R. Gibbs
How long has it been, Moise Lister ©
How long, O Lord, will you, Christopher Norton ©
How lovely is thy dwelling-place, Anon
How lovely is Thy, Brother James' Air
How lovely is thy, Scottish Traditional Melody
How lovely on the mountains are the, Our God Reigns ©
How oft have sin and Satan Strove, Rockingham
How pleasant, how divinely fair, Nicomachus
How, Ascalon (Crusader's Hymn, St. Elizabeth)
How precious are Your Laws, Unknown
How precious, O Lord, Phil Rogers ©
How shall a sinner find, Shaftesbury
How shall I follow Him I serve, St. Gregory
How shall I sing that Majesty, Old 137th
How shall I sing that majesty which angels, Coe Fen ©
How shall I sing that majesty, Soll's Sein
How shall I sing to God, Weaver Mill ©
How small a spark has lit a living, Strawberry Hill ©
How strong and sweet my Father's care, Eudora
How sweet are the tidings that greet, Bonnie Eloise
How sweet the name of Jesus sounds, Bridgewater ©
How sweet the name of Jesus sounds, Rachel ©
How sweet the Name of Jesus sounds, St. Peter
How Swiftly All Our Days Go By, Russian Composer
How Tedious and Tasteless the, Unknown Composer
How wonderful it is, Gemenskap
How wondrous and great Thy works, Lyons
How wondrous and great Thy works, Old 104th
How wondrous great, how glorious bright, Shorney ©
How you will love Him, B.D. Ackley
Humbly I adore Thee, Adoro Devote
Hush now my child, Skye boat song
Hushed was the evening hymn, Samuel
Hymnary-1983 #101 (Chinese), Unknown
Hymnary-1983 #141 (Chinese), Mimi Lam
Hymnary-1983 #149 (Chinese),
Hymnary-1983 #154 (Chinese), Arr. by H.G. Tovey
Hymnary-1983 #159 (Chinese),
Hymnary-1983 #190, Theodore E. Perkins
Hymnary-1983 #230, John E. Su
Hymnary-1983 #244, Lelia N. Morris
Hymnary-1983 #292 (Chinese), Mimi Lam
Hymnary-1983 #346, John E. Su
Hymnary-1983 #351, Unknown
Hymnary-1983 #368, George F. Root
Hymnary-1983 #370, Mimi Lam
Hymnary-1983 #444, Mimi Lam
Hymnary-1983 #473, Mimi Lam
Hymnary-1983 #499,
Hymnary-1983 #510, Mimi Lam
Hymnary-1983 #524,
Hymnary-1983 #525,
Hymnary-1983 #526, Mimi Lam
Hymnary-1983 #533, Sweet and Low
Hymnary-1983 #534, Unknown
Hymnary-1983 #543, Unknown
Hymnary-1983 #610, Unknown
Hymnary-1983 #643, Peter Chou
Hymnary-1983 #665, Unknown Composer
Hymnary-1983 #710, Unknown Composer
I am a new creation, D. Bilbrough ©
I am a stranger here, F.H. Cassel
I am a wounded soldier, Danny Daniels ©
I am alone, yet not alone, My Lord and Friend ©
I am amazed that God could ever, Bentley D. Ackley ©
I am coming to the cross, William Gustavus Fischer
I am content! My Jesus ever lives, Es Ist Genug
I am crucified with Christ, John G. Elliott ©
I am crucified with Jesus, Albert B. Simpson
I am going on a journey, H. Davies ©
I am happy today, J. Edwin McConnell
I am Jesus' little, Weil Ich Jesu Schaflein Bin
I am not mine own, Chris Bowater ©
I am not skilled to understand, Ewhurst
I am not skilled to understand, Greenwell
I am not skilled to understand, W.J. Kirkpatrick
I am not worthy, holy Lord, Leicester
I am resolved no longer to linger, J.H. Fillmore
I am satisfied with Jesus, Routh
I am saved from my sin, L.E. Jones
I am so glad that Jesus loves me, P. Bliss
I am so happy in Christ today, Sewell
I am standing, waiting, Joy F. Paterson ©
I am the Bread of Life, Suzanne Toolan ©
I am the bread, the bread life, Picket Wood ©
I am the Church, you are the Church, Port Jervis ©
I am the God that healeth thee, Don Moen ©
I am Thine, O Lord, W. H. Doane
I am thinking today, J.R. Sweney
I am trusting in You, A. & B. Silver ©
I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus, Bullinger
I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus, Cuttle Mills
I am walking everyday with Jesus, B.D. Ackley
I am weak but Thou art strong, Closer walk
I asked the Lord to comfort me, J. Lange & J. Duncan ©
I believe in Jesus, Marc Nelson ©
I believe in miracles, J. Peterson ©
I believe there is a God in heaven, Dave Bilbrough ©
I belong to Jesus, Mimi Lam
I belong to the King, J. L. Hall
I bind unto myself today, St. Patrick
I bless the Christ of God, Shere
I bow in silence at Thy feet, Erskine
I bow my knee before Your throne, B. Deuschie ©
I bring my sins to Thee, Carinthia
I bring my sins to Thee, Philip P. Bliss
I came to Jesus, weary, worn and, Margaret J. Harris
I can hear my Saviour calling, Norris
I can only imagine, Bart Millard ©
I can sing now the song, R. Kelson Carter
I cannot breathe enough of Thee, Mrs Lewis S. Chafer
I cannot count your blessings, Lord, Phil Rogers ©
I cannot tell why He Whom angels, Londonderry Air
I cast all my cares upon You, Cares Chorus ©
I choose Thee, blessed will of, Kenneth Mackenzie
I come, O Saviour, to Thy Table, Ich Strebe Taglich
I come, the Great Redeemer cries, This Endris Nyght
I come to the cross, B. Somma & B. Batstone ©
I come to the garden alone, Garden
I come with joy, a child of God, Dove of Peace
I come with joy, a child of God, St. Botolph ©
I come with joy to meet my Lord, Barchester Fair ©
I come with joy to meet my Lord, Bramwell ©
I come with joy to meet my Lord, Land of Rest
I confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, Chris Bowater ©
I could not do without Thee, Mim Lam
I danced in the morning when the, Lord of the dance ©
I dared not hope thatThou wouldst deign, Nachtlied
I delight greatly in the Lord, Chris Bowater ©
I desire to be holy, Lowell Mason
I do not know what lies ahead, A. Smith & E. Clarke ©
I don't know about tomorrow, Ira F. Stanphill ©
I feel the coming of the morning, M.B. Gyllenhaal
I gave my life for thee, Kenosis
I get so excited, Lord, Mick Ray ©
I give all my service to You, Larnelle Harris ©
I give my hands to do Your work, E. White ©
I give You all the honour, C. Tuttle ©
I grieved the Lord, B.D. Ackley
I had a dream that I, A. Piercy & C.S. de Whalley ©
I have a destiny I know I shall, Mark Altrogge ©
I have a dream, a man once said, He comes to us ©
I have a Friend so precious, H.P. Main
I have a friend so precious, May A. Stephens
I have a Friend who is deeper than the, S. Sayers ©
I have a Friend who loveth me, Frykman
I have a Friend whose faithful love, Anon
I have a future all sublime, Min Framtidsdag
I have a longing in my heart, Richard D. Baker ©
I have a maker, T. Walker ©
I have a Saviour, He died for me, R. Harkness
I have a Saviour - He's pleading, I.D. Sankey
I have a song I love to sing, Othello
I have a song that Jesus gave me, E.M. Roth
I have decided to follow Jesus, Assam
I have found a deep peace, Wonderful Lord
I have found a friend in Jesus, W.S. Hays
I have found His grace is all complete, Anderson
I have one deep, supreme desire, Ives ©
I have reached the fountain, Ira D. Sankey
I hear a sound coming from, H. Gustafson ©
I hear my risen Savior say, Anonymous
I hear the Saviour say, All to Christ
I hear the sound of rustling, Ronnie Wilson ©
I hear the sound of the army of the Lord, Dave Moody ©
I hear Thy welcome voice, L. Hartsough
I heard a sound of voices, Patmos (Storer)
I heard an old, old story, Hartford
I heard the angels sing, Ray Overholt ©
I heard the bells on Christmas day, Waltham
I heard the sound of voices, Gresham
I heard the voice of Jesus say, Kingsfold
I heard the voice of Jesus say, Sarah-Elizabeth ©
I heard the voice of Jesus say, Third Mode Melody
I heard the voice of Jesus say, Vox Dilecti
I hunger and I thirst, Dolomite Chant
I hunger and I thirst, Ibstone
I just want to praise You, A. Tannous ©
I know a fount where sins are washed away, O. Clarke
I know a rose-tree springing, Rosa Mystica
I Know God Loves Me, Russian Composer
I know He rescued my soul, R. Morgan ©
I Know Not How That Bethlehem's, Earl E. Harper
I know not how that Bethl'hem's, Bouwerie ©
I know not what awaits me, Philip P. Bliss
I know not where the road will lead, Laramie ©
I know not why God's wondrous, J. McGranahan
I know of a Name, a beautiful Name, M.J. Camp
I know that my Redeemer, Cruger
I know that my Redeemer lives, Bradford
I know that my Redeemer lives, Church Triumphant
I know that my Redeemer lives!, Duke Street
I know that my Redeemer lives, Philippine
I know that my Redeemer lives, Seddon ©
I know that my Redeemer lives, Torquay
I know that my Redeemer lives, Truro
I Know That My Redeemer Liveth, George Stebbins
I know that my Redeemer liveth, J.H. Fillmore
I know the Lord will make a way for, Haldor Lillenas
I know who holds the future, Albert B. Smith
I lay down my life for your, brother, R. Ridings ©
I lay in Zion, for a foundation, Cornerstone ©
I lay my sins on Jesus, Aurelia
I lay my sins on Jesus, Bradley ©
I lay my sins on Jesus, Crucifix
I lay my sins on Jesus, Munich
I lay my sins on Jesus, Prysgol
I lie, O Lord,, Ich Liege, Herr, In Deiner Hut ©
I lift my eyes to the quiet hills, Baughen/Crocker ©
I lift my eyes up to the mountains, Brian Doerksen ©
I lift my hands, I raise my hands, Eddie Espinosa ©
I lift my hands to the coming King, Andre Kempen ©
I lift my heart to Thee, Saviour, Sursum Corda
I live, I live because He is risen, R. Cook ©
I look at the cross upon Calvary, Lance Latham ©
I look not back, O Salla Land
I look to the hills, Greg Leavers ©
I look to thee in every need, O Jesu
I looked up and I saw my Lord a-coming, M. Butler ©
I love Christ's Church, En Ming
I love Him, because He first loved me, Unknown
I love my Lord, David G. Wilson ©
I love the bright sun, Caraf Yr haul
I love the Lord, who, African-American Spiritual
I love the Name of Jesus, Kathleen Thomerson ©
I love Thee, Jeremiah Ingall
I love Thee, Lord, James Mountain
I love Thy kindom, Lord, St. Thomas
I Love Thy Kingdom Lord, Russian Composer
I love to hear the story, Angels` Story
I love to praise Him, Jennifer Randolph ©
I love to sing endlessly, Me Agrada Cantar
I love to tell the story, Eaton Square (Hankey)
I love to think of the heavenly, William B. Bradbury
I love to think, though I am young, Newbury
I love you Lord, and I lift my voice, L. Klein ©
I love You, my Jesus, Emmanuel Naidenov
I love you, O Lord, you alone, Jane ©
I love you with the love of the Lord, J. M. Gilbert ©
I met the good Shepherd, St. Wilfrid
I must have the Saviour with me, J. R. Sweney
I must needs go home by the way, Jessie B. Pounds
I must tell Jesus, Orwigsburg
I need Jesus, my need I now confess, C.H. Gabriel
I need the prayers of those I love, J. D. Vaughan
I need Thee every hour, Need
I once was lost in sin's dark, Burl Sparks ©
I pilgrim of the night, P. Chou & M. Lam
I pledge allegiance to the Lamb, Ray Boltz ©
I praised the earth, in beauty seen, Carey
I receive You, O Spirit, John Lai ©
I receive your love, P. Armstrong ©
I rejoiced when I heard them say, B. Farrell ©
I remember when my burden rolled, Minnie A. Steele
I rest in God alone, John Daniels ©
I saw the Cross of Jesus, Whitfield
I see perfection, Chris Eaton ©
I serve a risen Saviour, Ackley ©
I shall see the King where the angels, B.D. Ackley
I should like to speak to You, Joy Webb ©
I sing a new song, C. Tuttle & J. Wimber ©
I sing a song of the saints of God, Grand Isle
I sing of Thee, O blessed Christ, Gladys B. Muller ©
I sing praises to Your Name, T. MacAlmon ©
I sing the almighty power of God, Forest Green
I sing the almighty power of God, London New
I sing the mighty power of God, Ellacombe
I sing the mighty power of God, Varina
I sing with joy and gladness, Joyful Pilgrim
I sought the Lord, and afterward I knew, Artavia
I sought the Lord, and afterward I knew, Faith ©
I stand amazed in the presence, C.H. Gabriel
I stand before the presence, Mavis Ford ©
I take my portion from Thy hand, Anon
I the Lord of sea and sky, Here I am Lord ©
I think of that star of long ago, Betlehems StJarna
I think when I read that sweet story, Athens
I think when I read that sweet story of, East Hordon
I think when I read that sweet story of old, Luke
I thirsted in the barren land, John W. Peterson ©
I to the hills will lift my eyes, Dundee
I traveled down a lonely road, Ira F. Stanphill ©
I travelled alone upon this, Ira F. Stanphill ©
I trust in thee, O Lord, M. Warrington ©
I vow to thee, my country, Thaxted
I wandered in the shades of night, W.S. Weeden
I wandered so aimless, life filled, Hank Williams Sr
I want a principle within, Gerald
I want Jesus to walk with, African American spirtual
I want the Spirit of power within, Lusatia
I want to learn to appreciate you, John Kennett ©
I want to live with Jesus, Unknown Composer
I want to live with Jesus, Unknown Composer
I want to see your face, Ruth Hooke ©
I want to serve you, O Lord, Chris Rolinson ©
I want to tell what God has done, S.E. Cox ©
I want to thank you, Colin Waller ©
I want to walk as a Child of the, Houston ©
I want to walk with Jesus Christ all, Swiss Melody
I want to worship the Lord, R. Cameron ©
I Was a Wand'ring Sheep, Lebanon
I was lost in sin, but Jesus rescued me, Brock
I was on your mind, Mick Dalton ©
I was once a sinner, but I came, C.A. Miles
I was sinking deep in sin, H.E. Smith
I was there to hear your borning cry, J. Ylvisaker ©
I was weak and weary, Johnny Lange ©
I watch expectant of the distant mountains, Degannwy
I watch the sunrise lighting the sky, C. Murphy ©
I watch the sunrise lighting the sky, John Glynn ©
I will bless the Lord, Hernandez ©
I will bless Thee, O Lord, Esther Watanabe ©
I will build my Church, Graham Kendrick ©
I will call upon the Lord, O'Shields ©
I will come and bow down, Nystrom ©
I will enter His gates with, L. Von Brethorst ©
I will follow Thee, my Saviour, Lawson
I will give thanks to thee, Be Exalted ©
I will give you praise, Tommy Walker ©
I will lift my eyes, Psalm121 ©
I will magnify thy Name, Scott Palazzo ©
I will make you fishers of men, H.D. Clarke ©
I will meet you in the morning, Albert E. Brumley ©
I will meet you in the morning, I.G. Martin
I will offer up my life, M. Redman ©
I will pray the Father, Jesus said, He Has Come
I will rejoice, I will rejoice, David Fellingham ©
I will rejoice in you, Anonymous
I will see You, my Savior, Carl Matz
I will serve Thee because I love Thee, W.J. Gaither ©
I will sing about your love, Phil Potter ©
I will sing, I will sing a song unto the, M Dyer ©
I will sing in the morning, Llys Aeron
I will sing of Jesus' love, F.E. Belden
I will sing of my Redeemer, J. McGranahan
I will sing of the mercies of the Lord, Fillmore ©
I will sing of the mercies of the Lord, Unknown
I will sing the wondrous story, Bilhorn
I will sing the wondrous story, Calon Lan
I will sing the wondrous story, Hyfrydol
I will sing unto the Lord as long as, Donya Brockway ©
I will speak out, Bankhead, Goudie, Rinaldi & Basset ©
I will throw my burden down altogether, Tyddewi
I will wait upon the Lord, Andy Silver ©
I will worship, D. Ruis ©
I wish you knew my Jesus, Mildred L. Dillon
I with Thee would begin, W.T. Soderberg
I wonder as I wander, out, Appalachian Folk tune
I wonder, have I done my best for Jesus, H.E. Storrs ©
I worship You, Almighty God, S. Corbett ©
I would be, dear Savior, wholly Thine, F.E. Belden
I would be true, for there are those who trust, Peek
I would like to tell you what I think of, Weigle ©
I'd rather have Jesus, George Beverly Shea ©
If asked whereon I rest my claim, Salighetsgrund
If Christ has not been raised from death, Union City ©
If crosses come, if it should cost, J. Larsson ©
If from the right course I, Francois H. Barthelemon
If I gained the world, Swedish Melody
If I have wounded any soul today, Evening Prayer
If I have wounded any soul today, Peace ©
If I walk in the pathway of duty, Wm. E. Marks
If I were a butterfly, Brian Howard ©
If my people, which are called by My Name, Owens ©
If my people who bear my Name, Graham Kendrick ©
If the path I travel, Traditional German Melody
If the skies above you are grey, E. S. Peck ©
If we only seek peace, Susan Sayers ©
If with all your hearts ye truly, Felix Mendelssohn
If you are tired of the load of your, McConnelsville
If you believe and I believe, Zimbabwe
If you but trust, Wer Nur Den Lieben Gott (Neumark)
If you from sin are longing to be free, J.M. Black
If you see your brother, B. Austin & C. Sapaugh ©
I'll Be So Glad, Anonymous
I'll go in the strength of the, Ivor Bosanko ©
I'll praise my Maker while I've, Dresden
I'll praise my Maker while I've, Monmouth
I'll praise my maker while I've, Old 113th
I'll say yes, Lord, Lynn Keesecker ©
I'll sing of the wonderful, Albert B. Simpson
I'll tell the world that I'm a, Tucker ©
I'll wait in the shadow of my God, Edom
I'm a pilgrim and a stranger, My Father Knows
I'm a Pilgrim and I'm a, Italian Tune
I'm accepted, I'm forgiven, Rob Hayward ©
I'm black, I'm white, Chris Tambling ©
I'm but a stranger here, St. Edmund (Sullivan)
I'm but a stranger here, Heaven is my home, Oak
I'm confident of this very thing, Anonymous
I'm gonna live so God, African-American melody
I'm kind of homesick for a country, Parsons ©
I'm not ashamed to own my Lord, Jackson
I'm not ashamed to own my Lord, R.E. Hudson
I'm not ashamed to own my Lord, Tiverton
I'm pressing on the upward way, C.H. Gabriel
I'm redeemed, yes I am, Tony Humphries ©
I'm satisfied with just a, Ira F. Stanphill ©
I'm so glad I'm a part of, Family of God ©
I'm so glad, Jesus lifted me, Camp Kirkland
I'm so happy and, Stanton W. Gavitt ©
I'm so secure, You're here with, R. Morgan ©
I'm special because God has loved, G. Kendrick ©
I'm trading my sorrows, Darrell Evans ©
Immanuel, O Immanuel, G. Kendrick ©
Immeasurable God of providence, Hosanna
Immortal, invisible, God only wise, St. Denio
Immortal Love, for ever full, Bishopthorpe
Immortal Love, for ever full, Serenity
Immortal Love, for ever full, Stracathro
In a byre near Bethlehem, Wild Mountain Thyme
In a cave, a lowly stable, H.B. Franklin ©
In a Mock Purple Arrayed, Russian Composer
In a time of trouble, Hiding Place ©
In a World Full of Sorrow, Russian Composer
In a world of fear and turmoil, W.J. Gaither ©
In Adam we have all been, The Saint's Delight
In all my ways, in every task, Traveller
In an age of twisted values, Kilve ©
In Bethlehem a new-born boy, In Bethlehem
In bread we bring You, Lord our, K. Nichols ©
In celebration, clap your hands and, Sine Nomine
In Christ alone my hope is found, K. Getty ©
In Christ there is no East or West, Bourne
In Christ there is no east or west, McKee
In Christ there is no East or West, St. Bernard
In Christ there is no East or West, St. Peter
In early morn the glist'ning dew, Salmon Brook ©
In faith and hope and love , Araluen ©
In fancy I stood by the shore, Lelia N. Morris
In full and glad surrender, St. Alphege
In God, my faithful God, Auf Meinen Lieben Gott
In great thanksgiving, O Love Divine, Malate ©
In heaven above, Hauge
In heavenly armour we'll, J. Owens-Collins ©
In heavenly love abiding, Penlan
In heavenly love abiding, Seasons (Mendelssohn)
In Him we live and move, Randy Speir ©
In His presence there is comfort, D & M Tunney ©
In His time, Diane Ball ©
In holy conversation we speak, Bred Dina Vida Vingar
In Jordan's stream , John W. Peterson ©
In loving kindness Jesus came, C.C. Gabriel
In memory of the Saviour's love, Salzburg
In moments like these, Graham ©
In my heart there rings - Jesus, Jesus, Roth/Unknown
In my life, Lord be glorified, B. Kilpatrick ©
In my need Jesus found me, G. Brattle ©
In our darkness light has shone, Miller ©
In our day of, St. Catherine's Court
In our dear Lord's garden, Castle Eden
In our work and in our play, Ashburton
In Paradise reposing, Hambridge
In praise of God meet duty and delight, Cliff Town ©
In remembrance of Me, Red ©
In Revelation two and three, Robert A. Schumann
In shady green pastures, so rich and, God leads us
In silent pain the eternal Son, Reality ©
In some way or other, Philip Phillips
In suffering love the thread of life, Walsall
In tenderness He sought me, A.J. Gordon
In the beginning God played with the, David Lee ©
In the bleak mid-winter, Cranham
In the blood from the cross, Deeper Yet
In the breaking of bread, Emmaus ©
In the circle of each home, Bel Air ©
In the Cross of Christ I, Love Divine (Stainer)
In the Cross of Christ I Glory, Rathbun
In the Cross of Christ I Glory, St. Oswald
In the Cross of Christ I glory, Wychbold
In the dark of the midnight, Lister ©
In the darkness of the still night, Margaret Rizza ©
In the evening there were shepherds, Pastores Velan
In the fields near Bethlehem, Yenching
In the harvest field now ripened, Mrs F.W. Suffield
In the hour of my distress, Holy Comfort
In the hour of trial, Jesus, Penitence
In the land of fadeless day, No night There
In the land of strangers, Ira D. Sankey
In the little village of Bethlehem, Neidlinger
In the Lord I'll be ever thankful, J. Berthier ©
In the Lord is my joy, M. Rizza ©
In the mist of early morn, Lu-fu Yang
In the morning when I rise, Give me Jesus
In the Name of Jesus, Unknown
In the presence of Jehovah, Davis ©
In the presence of Your people, B. Chambers ©
In the resurrection morning, J.E. Thomas
In the rifted Rock I'm resting, W.W. Bentley
In the secret of His presence, George C. Stebbins ©
In the Shameful Cross, Vergonzosa Cruz
In the Silent Midnight Watches, George F. Root
In the springtime fair, Springtime
In the stars His handiwork I see, Woodland Hills ©
In the tomb so cold, Graham Kendrick ©
In the Word of God I found it, Anon
In Thee is gladness, In Dir Ist Freude
In Thee, Lord, we rejoice, Pant-Gwyn
In these, the closing days of time, Liliuokalani
In this place, with God's word, Pollitt ©
In this very room, R. & C. Harris ©
In this wonderful moment, Let Praise Arise ©
In Thy Holy Temple, Holy Temple
In Thy presence, Mike Kerry ©
In times like these you need a Saviour, R.C. Jones ©
In You, Lord, I have, In Dich Hab' Ich Gehoffet
In Your mercy, Lord, Halton Holgate
In your temple courts, O Father, Lammets Folk
Infant Holy, Infant lowly, Infant Holy
Inspired by love and anger, Salley Gardens
Into a world of dark, Higham Lane ©
Into my heart, Harry D. Clarke ©
Into the darkness of the world, Maggi Dawn ©
Into the hands that blessed, Adieu ©
Into the heart of Jesus, O.J. Smith
Into Thy presence we come, Unknown
Is someone looking for Christ, Unknown
Is there a heart o'erbound by sorrow, Anxiety
Is there any one can help us, J.B. Mackay
Is this a day of new beginnings, Dronfield ©
Is this the Church of our, A. Horrobin & S. Poxon ©
Is your burden heavy, Ralph Carmichael ©
Is your life a channel of blessings, H.G. Smith
Isaiah the prophet has written, Samanthra
Isaiah the prophet has written of, Peaceable Kingdom ©
Isn't He beautiful?, Wimber ©
Isn't He Wonderful, Anonymous
It came upon a midnight clear, Carol
It came upon a midnight clear, Noel
It fell upon a summer day, Childhood
It is a good thing to give, Judy H. Montemayor ©
It is a thing most wonderful, Brookfield
It is a thing most wonderful, Herongate
It is finished! Christ, Jesu Meines Glaubens Zier
It is finished! Christ hath known, Sebastian
It is glory just to walk with Him, Haldor Lillenas ©
It is God who trains my hands for, Dale Garratt ©
It is good to sing Thy praises, Ellesdie
It is Jesus I need, J. Webb ©
It is the cry of my heart, Terry Butler ©
It may be at morn, when the day is, J. McGranahan
It may not be on the, C.E. Rounsefell
It only takes a spark, K. Kaiser ©
It passeth knowledge, Ephesian
It rained on the earth forty days, Janna ©
It was alone the Savior prayed, Alone
It was for me the Savior died, Myrtle Bates
It was on a starry night, Joy Web ©
It was through God's eternal Spirit, Mimi Lam
It will be worth it all, Esther K. Rusthoi ©
It won't be very long, E.M. Bartlett ©
It's a happy day, and I praise God, G. Pfeiffer ©
It's a lovely, lovely Name, Unknown
It's a new and living way, Unknown
It's me, it's me, it's me,, Spiritual
It's no longer I that liveth, Sally Ellis ©
It's not an easy road, John W. Peterson ©
It's rounded like an orange, Traditional
It's your blood, Michael Christ ©
I've a message from the Lord, W.A. Ogden
I've believed the true report, Charles P. Jones
I've come to wash my soul, Graham Kendrick ©
I've found a Friend, O such a Friend, Constance
I've found a Friend, Oh, such a Friend!, Friend
I've found a friend who is all, J.P. Scholfield
I've found a refuge from, Lance B. Latham
I've got peace like a river, Spiritual
I've had many tears and sorrows, A. Crouch ©
I've had questions without answers, Tim Hughes ©
I've reached the land of corn and, J.R. Sweney
I've seen the lightning flashing, Unknown
I've turned my back upon, Florence M. Hoffman
I've wandered far away from God, W. Kirkpatrick
Jehovah Jireh, my Provider, M. Watson ©
Jehovah, let me now adore Thee, Dir, Dir, Jehovah
Jehovah never forgets His servant, G. Ruud
Jehovah never forgets his servant, Rakotonjanahary
Jerusalem! high tower thy glorious walls, Melchior
Jerusalem, my happy home, Bocking
Jerusalem, my happy home, Diana
Jerusalem, my happy home, Land of Rest
Jerusalem, O city, Jerusalem, Du Hochgebaute Stadt
Jerusalem, the Golden, Chung Chi ©
Jerusalem the golden, Ewing
Jesu, Friend of the children, J.R. Sweney
Jesu, grant me this, I pray, Song 18
Jesu has visited His people, O. Mailing
Jesu Holy Baby, Norwegian Melody
Jesu, Jesu, fill us with Your love, Heriponi
Jesu, Lord of life and glory, Llanilar
Jesu, Lord of Life and glory, St. Raphael
Jesu, meek and gentle, Belsize
Jesu, meek and lowly, St. Martin
Jesu, my Lord, my God, my All, Gesius
Jesu, my Truth, my Way, Potsdam
Jesu our friend, J. Ramala
Jesu, our hope, our, Metzler's Redhead
Jesu, Source of the, Valborg Anderssen, 1851-1935
Jesu, the Glory King but a friend, J. Rajaonah
Jesu, the good Friend, G.F. Root
Jesu! The very thought is sweet, Pavia
Jesu, to Thee our hearts we lift, Cheshunt College
Jesus, all for Jesus, J. Atkinson/R. Mark ©
Jesus, all my gladness, J. Crueger (arr Bach)
Jesus! and shall it ever be, Federal Street
Jesus! and shall it ever be, Whitburn
Jesus, at your name, Chris Bowater ©
Jesus, be the centre, Michael Frye ©
Jesus bids us shine, E.O.Excell
Jesus calls me - I must follow, H. I. Brown ©
Jesus calls the children dear, Tramp, Tramp
Jesus calls us here to meet Him, Gaelic
Jesus calls us: o'er the tumult, Galilee (Jude)
Jesus calls us! o'er the tumult, Herald
Jesus calls us o'er the tumult, Restoration
Jesus calls us! o'er the tumult, St. Andrew
Jesus calls us!, St. Catherine (Flood James)
Jesus calls us; o'er the tumult, Chester
Jesus calls us; o'er the, St. Andrew (Hurd)
Jesus came, adored by angels, Lowry
Jesus came, the Heavens adoring, Sieh, Hier Bin Ich
Jesus Christ, I think upon your sacrifice, Redman ©
Jesus Christ is alive today, Anon
Jesus Christ is passing by, Sarajevo
Jesus Christ is risen today, Easter Hymn
Jesus Christ is risen today, Llanfair
Jesus Christ is the, Gerrit Gustafson & Steve Israel ©
Jesus Christ is waiting, Noel Nouvelet
Jesus Christ, my heart's true Captain, Ivinghoe
Jesus Christ, my heart's true, Manor House
Jesus Christ, our, Jesus Christus, Unser Heiland
Jesus Christ, our great Redeemer, P. & D. Fung ©
Jesus Christ Perfect, Geraldine Latty & Mike Busbee ©
Jesus Christ was born today, McCray
Jesus Christ Was Slain, Inmolado ©
Jesus comes, He comes in glory, The Hope of the ages
Jesus comes with all His grace, Orientis Partibus
Jesus comes with all His grace, Savannah
Jesus comes with power to gladden, W.J. Kirkpatrick
Jesus died for all the children, G.F. Root
Jesus found me when afar, John M. Harris
Jesus, Friend of little children, Derwent
Jesus full of grace, Hubbard
Jesus, gentlest Saviour, God of might and, Eudoxia
Jesus, God's righteousness revealed, G. Bullock ©
Jesus, good above all other, Quem Pastores
Jesus, grant that balm and healing, Der Am Keruz
Jesus' hands were kind, Au Clair de la Lune
Jesus has a table spread, C.B. Widmeyer
Jesus has come, and brings joy as, Jesus Ist Kommen
Jesus has loved me - wonderful, Antoine E. Batiste
Jesus has sat down, Jonathan Wallis ©
Jesus hath died and hath risen, Jesus saves me now
Jesus high in Glory, North Coates
Jesus, how lovely you are, D. Bolton ©
Jesus! how much Thy name unfolds, Unknown
Jesus I am resting, resting, Resting
Jesus, I love Thy charming Name, Pisgah
Jesus, I love you, Trish Morgan ©
Jesus, I my cross have taken, W.A. Mozart
Jesus, I will ponder, Jesu Kreuz, Leiden und Pein
Jesus I will praise, Gloria A Jesus
Jesus, I will trust Thee, I.D. Sankey
Jesus, I worship you, Chris Bowater ©
Jesus, I Would Faithful Be, J.O. Hillyer
Jesus, if still the same Thou art, Surrey
Jesus, if we aright confess, Old 44th
Jesus in the olive grove, Heiliger Geist
Jesus, in Thy dying woes, Swedish Litany
Jesus, in Thy dying woes, Ton-Man
Jesus, in Your dying woes, Septem Verba ©
Jesus invites His saints, Bod Alwyn
Jesus invites His saints, St. Ethelwald
Jesus is alive, L.M. Lindeman
Jesus is all the world to me, Elizabeth
Jesus is coming to earth again, L.N. Morris
Jesus is coming; Jesus is coming, Mosie Lister ©
Jesus is greater than the greatest, Gill Hutchinson ©
Jesus is King and I will extol Him, W. Churchill ©
Jesus is Lord! Creation's, D.J. Mansell ©
Jesus is Lord of all, Marilyn Baker ©
Jesus is Lord, the cry that echoes, Townsend/Getty ©
Jesus is our Shepherd, Marchel Davis
Jesus is risen, alleluia!, Mfurahini Haleluya
Jesus is risen from the grave, Childer ©
Jesus is Saviour and Lord of my life, McClard ©
Jesus is standing in Pilate's hall, M.L. Stocks
Jesus is tenderly calling thee home, G.C. Stebbins
Jesus is the friend of sinners, J.W. Peterson ©
Jesus is the Lord, Dennis Merry ©
Jesus is the name we honour, P.L. Johnston ©
Jesus is the sweetest Name I know, Lela Long ©
Jesus is walking beside me, John W. Peterson ©
Jesus, Jesus, holy and anointed one, John Barnett ©
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Chris Bowater ©
Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!, Llanthony
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Unknown
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, W.J. Gaither ©
Jesus, Jesus, Lord to me, G. Nelson & G. McSpadden ©
Jesus, Jesus, name most precious, Jesu Namn
Jesus, Jesus, thou art sufficient, Llwynbedw
Jesus, Jesus, you are my Lord, Ruth Hooke ©
Jesus, keep me near the cross, W. H. Doane
Jesus, Lamb of God, Betty Pulkingham ©
Jesus, lead the way, Rochelle
Jesus, lead Thou on, Jesus Geh Voran
Jesus lead us to the Father, Sam Hargreaves ©
Jesus led me all the way, John W. Peterson ©
Jesus, life of all the world, Life
Jesus lives, and so shall I, Jesu, Meine Zuversicht
Jesus lives! The, Jesus, Meine Zuversicht
Jesus lives! You terrors now, Mowsley ©
Jesus lives! your terror now, St. Albinus
Jesus, Lord, and precious Saviour, Hela Varlden
Jesus, Lord of life and glory, Jordan
Jesus, Lord, we look to Thee, Theodora (Handel)
Jesus' love is very wonderful, Unknown
Jesus loved each little child, Cecilia
Jesus, lover of my soul, Aberystwyth
Jesus, lover of my soul, Hollingside
Jesus, lover of my soul, Martyn
Jesus, lover of my soul, Paul Oakley ©
Jesus loves me!, China
Jesus loves the Children, C.M. Bellman
Jesus loves the little children, George F. Root
Jesus may come today, C.H. Marsh
Jesus, meek and gentle, St. Constantine
Jesus, my Jesus, Carol Cymbala ©
Jesus my Lord, for me died, I Believe
Jesus my Lord, I will praise Thee, Sheng-ben Lin
Jesus, my Lord, to Thee I cry, Ira D. Sankey
Jesus, my Lord, will love me forever, Ellsworth ©
Jesus, my Saviour, is all, William J. Kirkpatrick
Jesus, my Saviour, look on me, Hanford
Jesus, my Saviour, to Bethlehem came, E. E. Hasty
Jesus, my strength, my hope, Chalvey
Jesus, Name above all names, N. Hearn ©
Jesus, Name all names above, St. Theoctistus
Jesus! Name of wondrous love, Gott Sei Dank
Jesus! Name of wondrous love, Louez Dieu
Jesus' name! Oh, let me sing it, Zulu Melody
Jesus of Nazareth passes by, Nordqvist
Jesus on the mountain peak, Mountain Peak ©
Jesus on the mountain peak, Seward ©
Jesus on the mountain peak, Tansy ©
Jesus, once with sinners numbered, Mississippi ©
Jesus only is our message, Alliance ©
Jesus only is our message, James H. Burke
Jesus, our Lord, with what joy, Ira D. Sankey
Jesus, priceless treasure, Jesu, Meine Freude
Jesus put this song into our hearts, Kendrick ©
Jesus, Redeemer of the world, Wilderness
Jesus, refuge of the weary, O Du Liebe Meiner Liebe
Jesus, refuge of the weary, Wetterling
Jesus, remember me, J. Berthier ©
Jesus, Savior, pilot me, J.E. Gould
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun, Duke Street
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun, Rimington
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun, Truro
Jesus shall take the highest honour, Chris Bowater ©
Jesus, Son of God most high, Peacefield
Jesus, Son of Mary, fount of life alone, Dul Aluinn
Jesus, Son of Mary, fount of life alone, Swahili
Jesus spreads His banner, Francois H. Barthelemon
Jesus stand among us, Caswall (Bemerton)
Jesus, stand among us, G. Kendrick ©
Jesus, stand among us, Gott Ein Vater
Jesus stand among us, Linton ©
Jesus, stand among us, North Coates
Jesus stands outside the door, Roslein
Jesus, still lead on, Seelenbrautigam (Spire)
Jesus, Sun and Shield art Thou, Coldrey
Jesus, take me as I am, Dave Bryant ©
Jesus, tender Shepherd,, Brocklesbury (Brocklesby)
Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear me, Evening Prayer
Jesus the carpenter, hanging on, King's Cross ©
Jesus, the First and Last, Hail to the Lord ©
Jesus, the First and Last, St. Olave
Jesus, the gift divine I know, Colchester
Jesus the Lord said,, Yisu Ne Kaha (Urdu Tune)
Jesus, the loving Shepherd, W.A. Ogden
Jesus, the very thought of Thee, St. Agnes (Dykes)
Jesus the Very Thought of Thee, Thomas Hughes
Jesus, these eyes have never seen, Beatitudo
Jesus, Thou alone art worthy,
Jesus, Thou joy of loving hearts, Hereford
Jesus, Thou Joy of loving hearts, Hesperus (Quebec)
Jesus, Thou Joy of loving hearts, Holly (Holley)
Jesus, Thou Joy of loving hearts, St. Luke
Jesus, Thou joy of loving hearts, St. Sepulchre
Jesus, Thou soul of all our joys, Grosvenor
Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness, Fulda (Germany)
Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness, Lledrod
Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness, St. Crispen
Jesus, Thy boundless love to me, Ryburn ©
Jesus, Thy love shall I forget, Anon
Jesus Thy Name I Love, Joseph P. Holbroock
Jesus, Thy wandering sheep, Elim (Hesperus)
Jesus, to Thy table led, St. Phillip
Jesus, to Thy table led, Tyholland
Jesus took me out of the mud, Unknown
Jesus took my empty life, F. Hernandez/S Saunders ©
Jesus, transfigured, we scarcely can look, Sandyvale
Jesus, united by Thy grace, St. David
Jesus walked this lonesome, American Spiritual
Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, E.O. Excell
Jesus, we are here, Jesu Tawa Pano ©
Jesus, we celebrate your victory, John Gibson ©
Jesus, we enthrone You, P. Kyle ©
Jesus, we just want to thank You, W.J. Gaither ©
Jesus, we look to Thee, Reuben
Jesus, we love to meet Thee, Wolvercote
Jesus, we on the word depend, Newhaven (Luton)
Jesus, we thus obey, St. Augustine (Gildas)
Jesus, what a beautiful Name, T. Riches ©
Jesus, what a Friend of sinners, Hyfrydol
Jesus, what a wonder You are, Bolton ©
Jesus, where'er Thy, Redhead No. 4 (Paddington)
Jesus, who lived above the sky, Armadale
Jesus, who transcends the ages, Franklin Square ©
Jesus will walk with me, H. Lillenas ©
Jesus, with Thy Church abide, Agape
Jesus, with thy Church abide, Hervey's Litany
Jesus, with thy Church abide, Litany of the passion
Jesus, with Thy Church abide, St. Katrine
Jesus, with Thy Church abide, Tres Magi De Gentibus
Jesus, you are changing me, Marilyn Baker ©
Jesus, you are the power, David Fellingham ©
Jesus, you are the radiance, David Fellingham ©
Jesus, You have come to the, Pescador de Hombres ©
Jesus, Your Name is power, C. Cloniger & M. Chapman ©
Jesus, You're the sweetest name, Tommy Coomes ©
Join all the glorious names, Darwall
Join all the glorious names, Eastview
Join all the glorious, St. Peter's Manchester
Join all the glorious names, Warsaw
Join the song of praise and protest, Daily Daily
Joined to the Christ victorious, John F. Burrowes
Joseph dearest, Joseph mine, Resonet In Laudibus
Joseph, your love of life, Healing
Joy and triumph everlasting, Bourgeois
Joy bells are ringing, Julen Ar Inne
Joy had dawned upon the world, Getty/ Townend ©
Joy is the flag flown from the castle of my, Unknown
Joy! Joy! Joy! with joy my heart is ringing, unknown
Joy of my desire, Jennifer Randolph ©
Joy to the world, the Lord is come!, Antioch
Joyful hearts forever, Riveros ©
Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee, Hymn to Joy
Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee, God of, Alleluia
Joyful the morning when Jesus Christ, Dikonomaytin
Joyful tidings bring,, Chinese Traditional Melody
Joys are flowing like a river, W.S. Marshall
Jubilate everybody, serve the Lord, Jubiliate Deo ©
Judge eternal, throned in splendour, Rhuddlan
Judge eternal, throned in, St. Leonard (Bach)
Just a little talk with Jesus, C. Derricks ©
Just as I am, Dunstan
Just as I am, Saffron Walden
Just as I am, Woodworth
Just as I am, myself I give to Thee, Mimi Lam
Just as I am, without one plea, Misericordia
Just lean upon the arms of Jesus, L.E. Jones
Just let me say how much I love You, Geoff Bullock ©
Just one touch as he moves, J. Howard Entwistle
Just over the mountains, J.R. Sweney
Just when I need Him, Jesus is near, Gabriel
Keep on believing, L.M. Booth
Keep up the song of faith, Anonymous
Keep watch with me, pray with me, M. Rizza ©
Kind and merciful God, Elfaker
Kind Maker of the world, Jesu Dulcis Memoria
Kindle a flame, John L. Bell ©
King Creator, the most Holy, A. Stone
King of glory, King of peace, General Seminary ©
King of glory, King of peace, Gwalchmai
King of kings and Lord of lords, Batya/Conty ©
King of kings, majesty, J. Cooper ©
King of my life, I crown Thee now, Duncannon
Kyrie Eleison, Kyrie Eleison ©
Lamb of God, Holy One, C. Bowater ©
Lamb of God, I look to Thee, Gentle Jesus (Shaw)
Lamb of God, pure and, O Lamm Gottes, unschuldig
Lamb of God, whose dying love, Atonement
Lamp of our feet, whereby we trace, Nox Praecessit
Lamp of our feet, whereby we trace our path, Epworth
Lamp of our feet, whereby we trace our, Graefenberg
Laudate Dominum, Sing Praise ©
Laudate omnes gentes, Laudate omnes gentes ©
Lead, kindly light, Alberta ©
Lead, kindly Light, Lux Benigna
Lead, kindly Light, Sandon
Lead, lead me to Calvary, Mimi Lam
Lead me from death to life, Steeple Ashton ©
Lead me gently home, Father, Will L. Thompson
Lead me, guide me, along the way, D.M. Akers ©
Lead me, Lord, Goodine ©
Lead me, Lord, Samuel S. Wesley
Lead on, O King eternal, Lancashire
Lead us, Heavenly Father, Josiah Booth
Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us, Dulce Carmen
Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us, Mannheim
Lead us, O Father, Ellers
Lead us, O Father, in the paths of peace, Song 22
Leader of faithful souls, and Guide, Mount Beacon
Led like a lamb to the slaughter, Graham Kendrick ©
Let all mortal flesh keep silence, Picardy
Let all that is within me, Anon.
Let all the earth hear his voice, Graham Kendrick ©
Let all the world in every corner sing, Dallas
Let all the world in every corner sing, High Road
Let all the world in every corner, R.G. McCutchan ©
Let all the world in ev'ry corner, Luckington ©
Let all the world in ev'ry, Undique Gloria
Let all the world in ev'ry, Universal Praise
Let all things now living, Ash Grove
Let earth and heaven agree, Millennium
Let every Christian pray, Cherrywood ©
Let every lamp be burning bright, Diligence
Let everything that has breath, Matt Redman ©
Let God arise, Graham Kendrick ©
Let God be God, Carla ©
Let Him to Whom we now belong, Jackson
Let him who is thirsty, W.J. Gaither ©
Let it be to me , Graham Kendrick ©
Let me be Thine forever, Lob Gott Getrost Mit Singen
Let Me have My way among you, G. Kendrick ©
Let me love and not be respected, Mimi Lam
Let our gladness have no end, Narodil Se Kristus Pan
Let our praise to you be as incense, Brent Chambers ©
Let saints on earth in concert sing, Dundee
Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me, Tom Jones ©
Let the earth now praise the Lord, Nun Komm
Let the mountains dance and sing, Susan Sayers ©
Let the peace of Christ rule in, Peace of Christ ©
Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, Ward L. Ellis ©
Let the song go round the earth, Heaven (Selby)
Let the song go round the earth, Moel Llys
Let the words of the Lord, James R. Black ©
Let there be glory and honour and praises, Greenelsh ©
Let there be light, Concord
Let there be love shared among us, D. Bilbrough ©
Let there be peace on earth, Miller/Jackson ©
Let there be praise, Dick & Melodie Tunney ©
Let thine example, holy John,, Herr, Deinen Zorn
Let Thy Blood in mercy poured, Luise
Let us acknowledge the Lord, Hosea ©
Let us all with gladsome voice, Lasst Uns Alle
Let us bow down together, Bryn-Teg
Let us break bread together, Spiritual
Let us build a house where love can dwell, Two Oaks ©
Let us celebrate the glories of our Lord, Bellamy ©
Let us ever walk with, Lasset Uns Mit Jesu Ziehen
Let us join - 'tis God command, Love Feast
Let us now our voices raise, Gaudeamus Pariter
Let us now our voices raise, Good King Wenceslas
Let us praise the Lord! , W.J. Gaither ©
Let us sing a song that will cheer us, E.F. Hewitt
Let us sing songs of praise, Methfessel
Let us sing to the God of our, Sing Hosanna
Let us talents and tongues, Jamaican folk tune
Let us thank the creator, Old 19th century
Let us thank the creator, Union Harmonist
Let us thank the Lord Creator, J. Kugelmann
Let us thank the Lord Creator, L.M. Lindeman
Let us with a gladsome mind, Ever Faithful
Let us with a gladsome mind, Monkland
Let Us with Rejoicing, Russian Composer
Let your heart be broken, Bjorklund Major ©
Let Your living water flow over my soul, John Watson ©
Let's just praise the Lord!, G. & W. Gaither ©
Let's praise, The Road and the Miles to Dundee
Life at the best is very, William J. Kirkpatrick
Life for the body, Unknown Composer
Life for the poor was hard and tough, Chris Tambling ©
Life is a journey, long is the road, Woods & Kahn ©
Life is like a mountain railroad, Charles D. Tillman
Life of ages, richly poured, Brandenburg
Life of ages, richly poured, Culbach
Life was shattered and hope was, William J. Gaither ©
Lift every voice and sing, J. Johnston
Lift high the cross, Crucifer ©
Lift high the cross - Processional, Crucifer ©
Lift high the Lord, our Banner, Macon Delavan ©
Lift Him up, 'tis He that bids you, D.S. Hakes
Lift Jesus higher, Anon.
Lift up, lift up your voices now, Waltham
Lift up the trumpet, George E. Lee
Lift up your heads, pilgrims aweary, M.J. Camp
Lift up your heads to the coming King, S. Fry ©
Lift up your heads, ye gates, Praetorius (Fur Dein)
Lift up your heads, ye mighty, Macht Hoch Die Tur
Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates!, Milwaukee
Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates, Truro
Lift up your heads, you everlasting doors, Conrad ©
Lift up your hearts to things above, Chimes
Lift up your hearts! We lift them, Lord,, Birmingham
Lift up your hearts, we lift them Lord, to, Magda
Lift up your voice, give thanks, Simon Lesley ©
Lift your voice rejoicing, Fisk of Gloucester ©
Light a candle in a darkened place, Advent Candle ©
Light has dawned, Graham Kendrick ©
Light of light, enlighten me, Luneburg
Light of the world, faint were our weary, Barton
Light of the world, for ever, ever shining, Berwyn
Light of the world, you stepped down, T. Hughes ©
Light one candle for hope, Natalie Sleeth ©
Light one candle to watch for, Yiddish folk tune
Light shone in darkness, M Sedio ©
Light up this house with glory, Lord, Emmanuel
Lighten the darkness of our life's, Erfyniad
Light's abode, celestial Salem, Ad Perennis
Light's glittering morn, Lasst Uns Erfreuen
Like a candle flame, Graham Kendrick ©
Like a mighty river flowing, Old Yeavering ©
Like a moment the years go by, Hembygden ©
Like a river glorious, is God's, Wye Valley
Like pilgrims we're bound, J.M. Bletmann
Like the murmur of the dove's song, Bridegroom ©
Like the sun which appears, O. Ahnfelt
Like the woman at the well, R. Blanchard ©
Like wand'ring sheep o'er, J. McGranahan
Listen, let your heart keep, Aniceto Nazareth ©
Listen, listen, God is calling, Tanzanian tune
Listen to my prayer, Lord, Exaudi Deus
Listen to the shouts of praises, Lux Eoi
Little donkey, Eric Boswell ©
Little Is Much If God Is In It, K. Suffield
Little Jesus, sweetly sleep, Rocking
Liturgy 1975, Franklin ©
Live in charity, Ubi Caritas ©
Live in me, Unknown
Living below, in this old sinful world, J.B. Coats ©
Living for Jesus a life that is true, Lowden
Living for Jesus Dying with Him, Russian Composer
Living for Jesus, O what peace, Charles F. Weigle
Living under the, David Hadden & Bob Silvester ©
Lo! God is here! let us adore, Old 117th
Lo! He comes, with clouds descending, Helmsley
Lo! He comes, with clouds descending, Regent Square
Lo! He comes, with clouds descending, St. Thomas
Lo, how a Rose e'er blooming, Es ist ein `ros
Lo, I am with you to the end of the world, Presence ©
Lo, round the throne, a glorious, Erschienen Ist
Lo! what a cloud of witnesses, St. Fulbert
Lo, what a glorious sight appears, New Jerusalem
Lonely days and lonely nights, Audrey Mieir ©
Long, before the universe was, Heavenly Lights
Long did I toil, and knew no earthly rest, Battle
Long years ago on a deep winter night, Star Carol ©
Longing for light (Christ, be our light), B. Farrell ©
Look around you, can you see?, Jodi P. Clark ©
Look at the birds, J.W. Van deVenter
Look for the waymarks as you journey on, F.E. Belden
Look kindly Lord on this your child, Londonderry Air
Look there! the Christ, Grand Prairie ©
Look to the lamb of God, James M. Black
Look to the skies, Graham Kendrick ©
Look upon Jesus, sinless is He, F.E. Belden
Look, ye saints, the sight is glorious, Braden ©
Look, ye saints, the sight is glorious, Coronae
Look, ye saints, the sight is glorious, Triumph
Looking upward every day, Excelsior
Lord, as a pilgrim through life, Pilgrim Song
Lord, as of old at Pentecost, Old-Time Power
Lord Be with Us We Need Thee, E. Gebhardt
Lord, behold us with Thy blessing, Tonbridge School
Lord, bid your servant go in peace, Land of Rest
Lord, bless and pity us, St. George Gauntlett
Lord Christ, true peace of all, Westminster New
Lord Christ, when first Thou cam'st, Elberfeld
Lord Christ, when first thou, Mit Freuden Zart
Lord Christ whose love has brought us here, Oldown ©
Lord, come and heal your Church, Chris Rolinson ©
Lord Creator doesn't want to, L.M. Lindeman
Lord Creator doesn't want to, M.B. Landstad
Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessing, Dismissal
Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessing, Eton College
Lord, dismiss us with Thy, Sicilian Mariners
Lord, enthroned in heavenly, Bryn Calfaria
Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendour, St. Helen
Lord, for the years Your love has, Lord of the years ©
Lord, from Whom all blessings flow, Maidstone
Lord, from Whom all blessings flow, Tichfield
Lord, give me quiet rest, Arwelfa
Lord God almighty, in Thy hand, Es Ist Kein Tag
Lord God of hosts, whose mighty hand, Racine ©
Lord God of Hosts, within whose hand, Falkland
Lord God, our thanks to Thee we raise, Brewster ©
Lord God, the Holy Ghost, Tytherton
Lord God, the Spirit blest, Venice
Lord God, to you our hearts we raise, Agincourt
Lord God, you now have set Your servant free, Song 1
Lord, grant us, like the watching five, Lothian
Lord, hast Thou not one word for me?, Mimi Lam
Lord, have mercy, Gerald Markland ©
Lord, have mercy on us, Graham Kendrick ©
Lord, hear me, Arthur
Lord, her watch Thy Church is keeping, Everton
Lord, here I take my cross, Antonin Dvorak
Lord, I am praying, Lord, will you, G & R Redhead ©
Lord, I care not for riches, F.M. Davis
Lord, I come before your throne of, R. Critchley ©
Lord, I come to You, G. Bullock ©
Lord, I hear of showers of blessing, W.B. Bradbury
Lord, I lift my hands to you in prayer, Pathetique ©
Lord, I lift your Name on high, R. Founds ©
Lord, I love you, Eddie Espinosa ©
Lord I offer my life to You, C. Cloniger & D. Moen ©
Lord, I want to be a Christian, American Folk Melody
Lord, I was blind, I could not see, Saxby
Lord, I would own thy tender care, Eardisley
Lord, in our lonely hours, Allein ©
Lord, in the fulness of my, St. Leonard (Smart)
Lord, in the strength of, St. Michael (Old 134th)
Lord, in this Thy mercy's day, Holy Ghost
Lord, in Thy name Thy servants plead, Lincoln
Lord, in thy presence dread and, Advent (Plymouth)
Lord, it belongs not to my care, Cheshire
Lord, it belongs not to my care, Dibdin
Lord, it belongs not to my care, St. Hugh
Lord, it is eventide, Christ's own peace
Lord! it is good for us to be, Stanley
Lord Jesu, allow the little Ones, J. Raminosoa
Lord Jesu Christ, our, In Einen Kripplein Lag Ein
Lord Jesu, who at Lazarus' tomb, Song 18
Lord Jesus Christ, Living Lord ©
Lord Jesus, Herr Jesu Christ, Dich Zu Uns Wend
Lord Jesus Christ, life-giving, Herr, Wie Du Willst
Lord Jesus Christ, our hearts feels sweet, Unknown
Lord Jesus Christ, the cause is, Die Sach Ist Dein
Lord Jesus, Herr Jesu Christ, Dich Zu Uns Wend
Lord Jesus Christ, with us abide, Ach Bleib Bei Uns
Lord Jesus Christ,, Du Lebensbrot, Herr Jesu Christ
Lord Jesus Christ, Your light, Jacques Berthier ©
Lord Jesus, fill my days, Chic 91 ©
Lord Jesus, from Thy throne above, Worship
Lord Jesus, I long in Thy, Jonathan E. Spilman
Lord Jesus, I long to be perfectly whole, Fischer
Lord Jesus, I long to be perfectly whole, Rutstrom
Lord Jesus I love You, Unknown
Lord Jesus, in the days of old, Companion
Lord Jesus, once a child, P.L. Wright ©
Lord Jesus, Sun of Righteousness, Cornhill ©
Lord Jesus, think on me, Southwell (Damon)
Lord Jesus, think on me, St. Bride
Lord Jesus, think on me, St. Paul's
Lord Jesus, Thou the Church's Head, Reuter
Lord Jesus, we give thanks to, Das Walt Gott Vater
Lord, keep us safe this night, Combe Martin
Lord, keep us steadfast in thy, Erhalt Uns, Herr
Lord, lay some soul upon my heart, Ira
Lord, listen to Your children pray, Ken Medema ©
Lord, make me a mountain, Paul Field ©
Lord, make me an instrument, Eternal Life
Lord, make me an instrument, R. Bicknell ©
Lord, make me like You, J & C Owens ©
Lord, make me willing, Mimi Lam
Lord, make us instruments, K & D Dearman ©
Lord, make us more holy, African-American Spiritual
Lord, make us servants of your, Dickinson College ©
Lord, may Thy blood now cleanse me,
Lord, may we see, Jerusalem
Lord of all being, throned afar, Louvan
Lord of all being, throned afar, Maryton
Lord of all being, throned afar, Mendon
Lord of all good, our gifts we bring, Morestead ©
Lord of all hopefulness, Slane
Lord of all life and power, Court Barton ©
Lord of all majesty and might, David`s Harp
Lord of all nations, grant me grace, Melrose
Lord of beauty, thine the splendour, St. Audrey ©
Lord of Creation, bow thine ear, Annue Christe
Lord of creation, to Thee be all praise, Slane
Lord of every secret, Llanddwyn
Lord of heaven and earth, Blodwen
Lord of life, and King of glory, Calvary
Lord of light, Your name outshining, Rustington
Lord of our life, and God of our, Cloisters
Lord of the Cross of shame, Baughen ©
Lord of the future, Ian D. Craig ©
Lord of the home, your only Son, Philippine
Lord of the living harvest, Lymington
Lord, our Lord, Thy glorious Name, Thanksgiving
Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuary, Sanctuary ©
Lord, Send Thy Blessing, Windsor
Lord, show me what it means, M. Pendergrass ©
Lord, speak to me, Mimi Lam
Lord, speak to me that I may speak, Canonbury
Lord, speak to me, that I may speak, Llef
Lord take my hand and lead, So Nimm Denn Meine Hande
Lord, teach us how to pray aright, First Mode Melody
Lord, the light of Your Love, Shine Jesus Shine ©
Lord, Thee I love with all my heart, Herzlich Lieb
Lord, there are times, Lavenham ©
Lord, Thou has won, at length I yield, Unknown
Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling-place, Dettington
Lord, thou hast searched me, Tender Thought
Lord, Thy blessing send us, Segne Und Behute
Lord, Thy kindom bring triumphant, Stuttgart
Lord, Thy love has sought and found us, Anonymous
Lord, Thy ransomed Church is waking, Contemplation
Lord Thy Word abideth, Chesterton
Lord Thy Word abideth, Ravenshaw
Lord, to You I make, Herr, Ich Habe Missgehandelt
Lord, to You my soul is lifted, Genevan 25
Lord we are blind, Godmanstone ©
Lord, we believe to us and ours, Winchester New
Lord we come in Your name, Join our Hearts ©
Lord, we come to ask your healing, Keith Duke ©
Lord, we have come at You own, O Quanta Qualia
Lord, we have come at your own, Confirmation ©
Lord, we long for you, Various composers ©
Lord, we praise You, O. Skillings ©
Lord we want to know You, Isaac ©
Lord, we worship You, Adoration ©
Lord, when I turn my back on you, Leigh ©
Lord, when we bend before Thy throne, Burford
Lord, when we bend before thy throne, Hunnys
Lord, when we praise You, Hubbard ©
Lord, who at Cana's wedding feast, Charlotte ©
Lord, who didst send, by two and two, Lombard Street
Lord, who throughout these forty days, St. Flavian
Lord, Who will enter?, Adoracion ©
Lord, whose love in humble service, Beach Spring
Lord, with glowing heart I'd praise, Ripley
Lord, with glowing heart I'd praise, St. Chad
Lord, You are more precious than, Lyn De Shazo ©
Lord, you are the light of life to me, Fairmead ©
Lord, you call us to a journey, Bishop ©
Lord, You call us to your service, Magdalene ©
Lord, you created a world, Cavendish ©
Lord, You have been, Lobt Gott In Seinem Heiligtum
Lord, you have been our dwelling-place, Luther
Lord, You have come to the, Pescador de Hombres ©
Lord, you have given yourself for our, Crudwell
Lord, you have given yourself for our, Springfield
Lord, you have my heart, Martin J. Smith ©
Lord, you need no house, Tenhead ©
Lord, you sometimes speak in wonders, Cleveland
Lord Your word abiding, Ravenshaw
Lord's Prayer, C. McLennan
Love came down at Christmas, Gartan
Love came down at Christmas, Hermitage ©
Love came down at Christmas, Love came down ©
Love came down at Christmas, St. Hilda Street ©
Love came down at Christmas, Yuletide
Love divine, all loves excelling, Beecher
Love divine, all loves excelling, Bethany (Smart)
Love divine, all loves excelling, Blaenwern
Love divine, all loves excelling, Hyfrydol
Love divine, all loves, Love Divine (LeJeune)
Love divine, all loves, Love Divine (Stainer)
Love Divine, all loves excelling, Moriah
Love divine, so great and wondrous, E. Ahlwen
Love for all - and can it be?, Horton
Love has come - a light in the, Bring a Torch
Love in Christ is strong and living, Dorothy ©
Love inspired, Temple Court ©
Love is His word, love is His way, Cresswell ©
Love is Your name, dear God, Eisenach
Love sent my Saviour to die in my stead, R. Harkness ©
Love was when, Dalsem ©
Love will be our Lenten calling, Picardy
Loved with everlasting love, Everlasting Love
Loved with everlasting love, Mueller
Lovely in your littleness, Birdsong ©
Love's redeeming work is done, Savannah
Loving Spirit, loving Spirit, Beth ©
Loving Spirit, loving Spirit, Felicity ©
Low in the grave He lay, Jesus my, Christ Arose
Lully, lullay, thou little tiny, Coventry Carol
Made in God's image, Compton Abdale ©
Magnificat, magnificat, Margaret Rizza ©
Majestic sweetness sits enthroned, Ortonville
Majesty, worship his majesty, Jack W. Hayford ©
Make me a captive, Lord, Leominster
Make me a channel of Your peace, Temple ©
Make me a servant, humble and meek, Servant ©
Make me, Lord, a dreamer, Chris Bowater ©
Make songs of joy to, Zpivejmez Vsickni Vesele
Make us one, Lord, Carol Cymbala ©
Make us Your prophets, Lord, North Petherton ©
Make way, make way for Christ the King, G. Kendrick ©
Man more than man, Drummoyne ©
Man of Sorrows! what a name, Man of Sorrows
Many and great, O God, Lacquiparle
Many years ago , Ira F. Stanphill ©
March on forward, press on for the, Chinese Melody
Marching Forward, Cerddwyn Ymlaen
Martyr of God, whose strength was steeled, Leighton
Marvel not that Christ in glory, J.G. Sankey
Marvelous grace of our loving Lord, Daniel B. Towner
Marvelous message we bring, Coming Again ©
Mary and Joseph came to the Temple, Bensunas ©
Mary, blessed grieving mother, Black Madonna ©
Mary had a baby, yes, Lord, West Indian Spiritual
Masithi - The Great Amen, South African
Master speak! Thy servant heareth, Magister/Ottawa
Master, the tempest is raging, H.R. Palmer
May blessings be upon you,, The Blessing Song ©
May choirs of, Christus, der ist mein Leben
May God's blessing surround you, C. Barrows ©
May I stand O Lord, in this holy place, J.W. Hayford ©
May our homes be filled with dancing, R. Morgan ©
May our worship be acceptable, Graham Kendrick ©
May the feet of God walk with you, Aubrey ©
May the fire of the Holy Spirit come, Revive Me
May the fragrance of Jesus fill, Graham Kendrick ©
May the glory of the Lord, Jonathan Nowell ©
May the God of hope go with us, Argentina
May the grace of Christ, our Savior, Sardis
May the grace of Christ, our Saviour, Cane Peak ©
May the Grace of Christ Our, Gott Des Himmels
May the grace of Christ our, Halton Holgate
May the grace of Christ our Saviour, Petersen
May the grace of Christ our Saviour, Ringe Recht
May the grace of Christ our Saviour, Sharon
May the Holy Spirit's sword, Ru Meng Ling
May the Lord bless you, Susie Hare ©
May the mind of Christ my Savior, St. Leonards
May the Sending One sing in you, Valerie A. Ruddle ©
May the Sending One sing in you, Warwick Lane ©
May this Lenten discipline, Lindfield ©
May we be a shining light, Chris Christensen ©
May we Thy precepts, Lord, fulfill, Meribah
Meekness and majesty, manhood and deity, G. Kendrick ©
Meet and right it is to praise, Syria
Meet and right it is to sing, Amsterdam
Men of faith, rise up and sing, M Smith ©
Merciful and loving, Unknown
Merciful God of omnipotent power, Russian Composer
Mercy, O, Son of David, Daniel Reed
Mid the storms of doubt and unbelief, G.H. Carr
Midnight sleeping Bethlehem, Chinese Melody
Mighty God, while angels bless Thee, Dusseldorf
Mighty God, while angels bless Thee, Lowe (Alleluia)
Mighty God, while angels bless Thee, Sefton
Mighty in victory, Mavis Ford ©
Mighty is our God, E. Greco, G. Gustafson, D. Moen ©
Mighty Warrior dressed for battle, Debbye Graafsma ©
Mine eyes have seen the glory, Battle Hymn
Missa de Angelis (Latin), Gregorian Chant
More about Jesus would I know, Sweney
More holiness give me, My Prayer
More like the Master, C.H. Gabriel
More like you, Jesus, more like you, Scott W. Brown ©
More love to Thee, O Christ!, Propior Deo
More love to Thee, O Christ, W. Howard Doane
More, O Christ, Lowell Mason
Morning glory, starlit sky, Bingham ©
Morning glory, starlit sky, Emma ©
Morning glory, starlit sky, Kenosis ©
Morning has broken, Bunessan
Morning Service , Lutheran - 1941
Moses, I know you're the man, The People of God ©
Most High, omnipotent, good Lord, Assisi
Most high powerful and allgood God, Subasio
Most Holy God, the Lord of, Dunedin (Griffiths) ©
Mountain brook with rushing waters, Mountain Brook ©
Must I go, and empty handed, G. Stebbins
Must Jesus bear the cross alone, Maitland
My Beloved is mine and I am His, Unknown
My country, 'tis of thee (America), America
My daughters and my sons hear, O Filii et Filiae
My dearest Lord didst die for me, Unknown
My eyes be opened to Your, Traditional Melody
My eyes have been enlightened, D. Garratt ©
My faith has found a resting place, Landas
My faith, it is an oaken staff, Staff of faith
My faith looks up to thee, Denbigh
My faith looks up to Thee, Olivet
My faith still holds, Strong Faith ©
My Father is omnipotent, Montrose ©
My Father is rich in houses and lands, Binghampton
My flesh is food indeed, Ray W. Urwin ©
My glory and the lifter of my head, Mae McAlister ©
My goal is God Himself, Henry J. E. Holmes
My God, accept my heart this day, St. Peter
My God and Father, while I, Layriz (Ins Feld Geh)
My God and I go , I.B. Sergei
My God, how wonderful Thou art, Lancaster
My God, how wonderful Thou art, Pye ©
My God, how wonderful Thou art, Westminster
My God, how wonderful thou art, Windsor
My God! I know, I feel Thee mine, Buckley
My God! I know, I feel Thee mine, Warwick
My God, I love Thee; not because, St. Francis Xavier
My God, I thank Thee, Wentworth
My God, is any hour so sweet, Almsgiving
My God is so big, Mae'n Duw ni mor fawr
My God, My Father, while I stray, Wimbledon
My God! my God! and can it be, Der Tag Bricht An
My God, Thy table now is spread, Rockingham
My grateful soul, Lowell Mason
My heart and voice I raise, Ascalon
My heart, believe in God, Sarah
My heart can sing, S. Hamblen ©
My heart is filled with, S. Townend & K. Getty ©
My heart is full of admiration, All the glory ©
My heart is full of Christ, Worsley
My heart is resting, Haydn
My heart is resting, O my God, Swiss Melody
My heart is resting, O my God!, Unknown
My heart looks in faith, Song of the Yang-Ze Boatman
My heart overflows, Carolyn Govier ©
My heart will sing to you, Robin Mark ©
My heav'nly home is bright, Arr. Frank Anderson ©
My hope is built on nothing less, Magdalen
My hope is built on nothing less, Solid Rock
My hope is in the Lord, Wakefield ©
My House and I Desire to Serve , Russian Composer
My Jesus, as Thou wilt!, Carl M. von Weber
My Jesus, I love Thee, Gordon
My Jesus, I love Thee, J. Ellis
My Jesus is the living Bread, Anonymous
My Jesus, my Saviour, D. Zschech ©
My life flows on in endless song, Endless Song
My life is in You, Lord, my strength, Daniel Gardner ©
My life is yours, Ruth Hooke ©
My life, my love I give to Thee, Dunbar
My lips shall praise You, N & T Richards ©
My Lord has garments so wondrous fine, Ivory Palaces
My Lord, he is the fairest of the fair, Joan Parsons ©
My Lord, my Life, my Love, Song 20
My Lord of Light who made the worlds, Barbara Allen
My Lord! what a morning, African American
My Lord what love is this, Graham Kendrick ©
My Maker and my King, El Kader
My new life I owe to Thee, San Gabriel
My peace I give unto you, Keith Routledge ©
My Saviour, Thou Thy love to me, Sidmouth
My Shepherd will supply my need, Resignation
My song is love unknown, Love Unknown ©
My song is love unknown, St. John
My song shall be of Jesus, Mimi Lam
My soul, be on thy guard, Heath
My soul, be on thy guard, Laban
My soul doth magnify the Lord, Anonymous
My soul finds rest in God, A. Keyes and S. Townend ©
My soul gives glory to my God, Morning Song
My soul gives glory to the Lord, Magnificat ©
My soul in sad exile was out on, G.D. Moore
My soul now magnifies the Lord, Maria's Lovsang
My soul, now praise thy Maker, Nun Lob, Mein Seel
My soul proclaims with wonder, Walnut ©
My soul rejoices in God, Owen Alstott ©
My soul rejoices, My spirit, In Dir Ist Freude
My soul, to thy God, Rehoboth
My spirit longs for Thee, Eccles
My Spirit longs for Thee, Hugo Nyberg
My stubborn will at last, Lelia N. Morris
My times are in Thy hand, Ferguson
My times are in your hands, St. Garmon
My troubled soul, why so weighed, Robert Critchley ©
My Wonderful Lord,
Name of all Majesty, Majestas ©
Nature glows with colours rare, Ji Le Yin
Nature with open volume stands, Cannock ©
Nature with open volume stands, Edgecliffe
Nature with open volume stands, Eltham
Nature with open volume stands, Rivaulx
Naught have I gotten but what I, D.B. Towner
Near to Thy heart, O Christ divine, Susquehanna ©
Nearer, my God, to Thee, American
Nearer My God to Thee, Bethany
Nearer, my God, to thee, Horbury
Nearer, still nearer, C.H. Morris
Neath the cross of my Savior, Anonymous
Neath the stars of the night, B.B. McKinney
Neither death, nor life nor angels, Marty Haugen ©
Never be sad or desponding, Affan Sankey
Never further than Thy Cross, Cross
Never in all human story, Bethlehem
Never Will I Forget nor Forsake, Russian Composer
New English Mass (Appleford), 1-Kyrie ©
New English Mass (Appleford), 2-Gloria ©
New English Mass (Appleford), 3-Gospel ©
New English Mass (Appleford), 4-Thanksgiving ©
New English Mass, 5-Sanctus/Benedictus ©
New English Mass (Appleford), 6-Acclamations ©
New English Mass (Appleford), 7-Agnus Dei ©
New English Mass (Appleford), Lamb of God (Alt.) ©
New every morning is the love, Daniel Batchellor
New every morning is the love, Kedron
New every morning is the love, Melcombe
New Life in Jesus, McNeely ©
New songs of celebration render, Rendez a Dieu
Night of peace: hail the holy Child, Daniel C. Damon ©
No blood, no altar now, Horatius Bonar
No calendar will give the date, Antioch
No, not despairingly, Kedron (Spratt)
No one understands like Jesus, J.W. Peterson ©
No other name, but the name of Jesus, Robert Gay ©
No tears in heaven, no sorrows given, R.S. Arnold ©
No temple now, no gift of price, Kirkwood ©
No weapon formed, Tom Dowell ©
No wind at the window, Columcille
Noel is coming again, Wm. Stevenson
Non nobis, Domine!, Non Nobis Domine ©
None is like Jeshurun's God, Jeshurun
None other Lamb, none other Name, All Hallows
None other Lamb, none other Name, Ellasgarth
Nor silver nor gold hath obtained, D.B. Towner
Not alone for mighty empire, Austria
Not alone for mighty empire, Geneva (Day) ©
Not always on the mount may we, Mont Richard
Not always on the mount may we, Oneonta
Not far beyond the sea, nor high above, Cornwall
Not far beyond the sea, nor high, Manna (Schicht)
Not for our sins alone, Frilford
Not for tongues of heaven's angels, Bridegroom ©
Not here for high and holy things, Morning Song
Not I, but Christ, Albert B. Simpson
Not I, but Christ, be honored, loved,, Bolton
Not now, but in the coming years, J. McGranahan
Not the powerful, not the privileged, Pedigree ©
Not unto us, R. Eggert ©
Not what I am, O Lord, St. Agnes (Langran)
Not what these hands have done, Energy
Not worthy, Lord! to gather up the crumbs, Communion
Nothing Between, C.A. Tindley
Nothing between, Lord, James Mountain
Nothing can trouble, Jacques Berthier ©
Nothing is impossible, Eugene L. Clarke ©
Now all the vault of heav'n, Lasst Uns Erfreuen
Now, anxious heart, awake from your, Anxious Heart
Now before you, Lord, we gather, Montclair
Now dawns the Sun of righteousness, Graham Kendrick ©
Now from the altar of my heart, Naomi
Now from the altar of our hearts, Morning Sacrifice ©
Now Greet the swiftly changing year, Sixth Night ©
Now Holy Spirit, ever One with God, Wareham
Now I belong to Jesus, Arr by Paul Mickelson ©
Now I desire, my Saviour, Unknown
Now I have found the ground wherein, Anchor
Now I have found the ground, Madrid (Matthews)
Now in the days of youth, Corona
Now is the healing time decreed, Jena
Now it is evening: time to, Diva Servatrix (Bayeux)
Now join we, to praise the creator, Harvest ©
Now let us all with one accord, Bourbon
Now let us see Thy beauty, Lord, Edgware
Now let us see Your beauty, Lord, Goring ©
Now let us see Your beauty, Lord, Kilmarnock
Now let us sing our praise, Solemnis Haec Festivitas
Now lives the Lamb of, Adoration (St. John's)
Now may He, who from the dead, Vienna
Now, my heart is so delighted, L.M. Lindeman
Now my tongue the mystery telling, Grafton
Now my tongue the mystery, Pange Lingua
Now once again for help that never faileth, Welwyn
Now praise we great and famous men, Brynhyfryd
Now quit your care and anxious, Quittez, Pasteurs
Now shine a thousand candles, Christmas Candles
Now thank we all our God, Gracias
Now thank we all our God, Nun Danket
Now that daylight fills the sky, Laurel ©
Now that evening falls, Taking Leave (Lincoln(Bell)) ©
Now that the daylight fills the, Herr Jesu Christ
Now that the daylight, Verbum Supernum Prodiens
Now the day is over, Merrial
Now the green blade riseth, Noel Nouvelet
Now the joyful bells a-ringing, Nos Galan
Now the laborer's task is o'er, Pax
Now the labourer's task is, Requiescat
Now the, Pressburg (Nicht So Traurig)
Now the light has gone away, Mude Bin Ich
Now the silence, now the peace, Schalk ©
Now to the Lord a noble song, Newcastle (Matthias) ©
Now unto Him who is able (Benediction), O. Wood ©
Now unto Him who is able keep, David Morris ©
Now unto him who is able to keep, R.E. Mortishire
Now yield we, Darmstadt (Was Frag Ich Nach Der Welt)
O all ye works of God, Irish
O bless the God of Israel, Merle's Tune ©
O bless the Lord, my, St. Thomas (Williams)
O blessed Saviour, Son of God, Charles G. Goodrich
O blessed spring, where Word and sign, Fairhill ©
O blest Creator of the light, Bromley
O blest Creator of the light, Lucis Creator
O blest the house, what-e'er, Wo Gott Zum Haus
O Boundless Salvation, William Booth
O boundless Wisdom, God most, O Invidenda Martyrum
O breath of God, breathe on us now, Calm
O breath of God, breathe on, us now, Whitburn
O breath of God, come fill this place, Risen Christ ©
O breath of Life, come sweeping, Spiritus Vitae ©
O Breath of Life, come sweeping through, Blomqvist
O Breath of Life, come sweeping thru us, Coronado ©
O Bride of Christ, rejoice, Auf Meinen Lieben Gott
O bride of Christ, rejoice, Wo Soll Ich Fliehen Hin
O brightness of the immortal, Evening Hymn (Near)
O brightness of the immortal, St. Nicholas
O brother, be faithful!, Faithful
O brother man, Intercessor
O brother man, Tree of Peace ©
O Canada! Our home and, Canadian National Anthem
O Christ, in Thee my soul has found, J. McGranahan
O Christ now come and save us, save us,, Bro Aber
O Christ, our hope, our heart's, Ich Singe Dir
O Christ, our Lord, who with Thine own, Coena Domini
O Christ, our true and only light, Breslau
O Christ, our true and only light, Cromer
O Christ, our true and, O Jesu Christe, Wahres Licht
O Christ, the healer, we have come, Invercarry ©
O Christ the same, Londonderry Air
O Christ, what burdens bowed Thy head, Substitution
O Christ, Who, Christe, der du bist Tag und Licht
O Christ, who shared our mortal life, Lord of Life ©
O Christian, awake!, W.B. Bradbury
O, Christian people, trust in your Lord, M. Greitter
O Church, arise, and put your armour, Getty/Townsend ©
O Church of God, arise, Kingsland
O, come all universe, Cantiques Populaires
O come, all ye faithful, Adeste Fideles
O come and dwell with us, Hampton
O come and join the dance, Graham Kendrick ©
O come and mourn with me, St. Cross
O come, let us worship, Iain Andrews ©
O come little children, I pray ye, Temple Fortune
O come, O come, Emmanuel, Veni Emmanuel
O comfort my people, Comfort
O could I speak the matchless worth, Ariel
O Creator who creates me, Gud Skal Alting Mage
O darkest woe! Ye tears, forth flow!, O Traurigkeit
O day full of grace that now we see, Den Signede Dag
O Day of God, draw near, Bellwoods
O day of joy and wonder!, Gosterwood
O day of rest and gladness, Ellacombe
O day of rest and, Herzlich Thut Mich Erfreuen
O day of rest and gladness, Meirionnydd
O day of rest and gladness, Mendebras
O day of rest and, Woodbird (Es Flog Ein Kleins)
O dearest Jesus, why arent you, Herzliebster Jesu
O dearest Lord, Thy sacred head, Ketley ©
O dearest Lord, Thy sacred head, Nun Danket All
O, difficult is the life, N. bek Amir-Khan Knaizeff
O enlightened Spirit, lead us now, Ira D. Sankey
O every time I feel the Spirit, Spiritual
O eyes that are weary, Franz J. Haydn
O faith, O sweet gift, George Kingsley
O Father, all creating, Aurelia
O Father, let Thy love remain, Benediction
O Father, my Father, I call on Your Name, Anon
O Father, we would thank Thee, Offertorium
O Filial Deity, Eccles
O food of men wayfaring, In Allen Meinen Thaten
O Food of men wayfaring, O Esca Viatorium
O Food to pilgrims, O Welt, ich muss dich lassen
O Food to pilgrims given, Psalm 6
O for a closer walk with God, Belmont
O for a closer walk with God, Mimi Lam
O for a faith that will not shrink, Evan
O for a faith that will not shrink, Northfield
O for a heart that is whiter, William J. Kirkpatrick
O for a heart to praise my God, Abridge
O for a heart to praise my God, Richmond
O for a Heart to Praise My God, Zeng Cheng ©
O for a thousand tongues to sing, Arlington
O for a thousand tongues to sing, Azmon
O for a thousand tongues to sing, Hudson
O for a thousand tongues to sing, Lydia
O for a thousand tongues to sing, Lyngham
O for a thousand tongues to sing, O God of Love
O for a thousand tongues to sing, Richmond
O for a thousand tongues to sing, Selby
O for a thousand tongues to sing, Stracathro
O for a thousand tongues to sing, University
O give thanks to Him who made, Mount Zion
O give thanks to the Lord, Graham Kendrick ©
O give thanks to the Lord, J. Pond ©
O gladsome light, O grace of God, Brindley
O gladsome light, O grace of, Le Cantique de Simeon
O gladsome light, O grace of God, Nunc Dimittis
O glorious hope of perfect love!, Praise
O glorious King of Martyr hosts, Rex Gloriose
O God, be with us, for the, Die Nacht ist kommen
O God beyond all praising, Thaxted
O God, beyond all thought, Old Hall ©
O God, creation's secret, O Heiland, Reiss
O God, forsake me not!, O Gott, Du Frommer Gott
O, God, how I desire to walk in Your way, Unknown
O God, in a mysterious way, Dundee (Fauxbourdon)
O God, my, O Gott, Du Frommer Gott (Krieger)
O God, my faithful God, O Gott, Du Frommer Gott
O God, O Lord of heaven and earth, Wittenberg New ©
O God of all creation, Thornbury
O God of all grace, Harwich
O God of awesome majesty, Gonfalon Royal ©
O God of Bethel by whose hand, Dundee
O God of earth and altar, King`s Lynn
O God of every nation, Craigmillar ©
O God of God, in whom combine, Tarsus
O God of God, O Light of Light, O Grosser Gott
O God of hope, your prophets spoke, Chalfont Park ©
O God of life, whose power benign, Delhi
O God of Life, whose power benign, St. Aidan
O God of Light, Atkinson ©
O God of love, O King of peace, Eltham
O God of love, O King of peace, Nylunda ©
O God of love, to Thee we bow, St. Mary Magdalene ©
O God of love to Thee we bow, Unknown Composer
O God of mercy, God of might, Amor Dei
O God of mercy, God of might, Fitzwilliam
O God of mercy, hear us, Solemnis Haec Festivitas
O God of our forefathers,, Vater Unser (Old 112)
O God of truth, O Lord of might, Song 34
O God of truth, whose living Word, Marlow
O God of truth, whose living Word, Martyrs
O God of youth, whose Spirit in our hearts is, Lynne
O God, our faithful God, O Gott, Du Frommer Gott
O God, our Father , Bronwen (Plaisir D'Amour)
O God our help in ages past, St. Anne
O God, the Rock of Ages, Heber
O God, the rock of ages, Jubilate
O God the Son eternal, thy dread, St. Michael New
O God, Thou art the Father, Durrow
O God, thy power is wonderful, Melrose
O God, Thy, Deus Tuorum Militum (Grenoble)
O God, to those who here profess, Caithness
O God, to whom the faithful dead, St. Justin
O God, unseen yet ever near, St. Flavian
O God, we praise thee, and confess, Manchester
O God! We see Thee in the Lamb, Lowell Mason
O God, whom neither time nor space, London New
O God, whose Voice hath called us, Brighton
O God, You search me and You know me, Radiant ©
O Golgotha! Good Golgotha!,
O Gracious Light, pure brightness, Phos Hilaron
O grant Thy touch of fire, Lord, Lindsborg ©
O grant us light, that we may know, Alstone
O happy band of pilgrims, Knecht(Kocher)
O happy day, that fixed my choice, E.F. Rimbault
O happy day, that fixed my choice, Ron Jones ©
O Happy Home, Guetersioh
O head once full of, Traditional German melody
O hearken ye who would believe, Alfred Burt ©
O, heaven is in my heart, Graham Kendrick ©
O heavenly Jerusalem, Paderborn
O heavenly Jerusalem of, Christ is my life
O heavenly Word, eternal Light, O Heiland, Reiss
O Heavenly Word, Eternal Light, Uffingham
O holy dove of God descending, Lois ©
O Holy Ghost, Thy people bless, St. Timothy
O Holy Night!, Cantique De Noel
O Holy Spirit, Kyrie
O Holy Spirit breathe on me, N. Warren ©
O Holy Spirit, by whose breath, Komm, Gott Schopfer
O Holy Spirit, God all loveliness is, Drumcondra
O Holy Spirit, Lord of grace, Tallis` Ordinal
O how blest are the poor in Spirit, Beatitudes ©
O, how blest are they whose toils are, O Wie Selig
O how great His Salvation, William McDonald
O, how great is, Ach, Was Soll Ich Sunder Machen
O how He loves you and me, K. Kaiser ©
O how I love Jesus, F. Whitfield
O how well I remember, Herbert Buffum
O I want to be like Jesus, J.W. Peterson ©
O I will sing unto you with joy, Shona Pink-Martin ©
O Image of Perfection, Russian Composer
O Jesu, King most wonderful, King's Norton
O Jesus Christ, all praise to Thee, Gelobet Sesit Du
O Jesus Christ, from thee began, Plaistow
O Jesus Christ, grow Thou in me, R. Melish
O Jesus Christ, Thy, O Jesu Christ, dein Kripplein
O Jesus Christ, within me grow, Waveney
O Jesus, crowned with all renown, Kingsfold
O Jesus, crucified for man, Intercession
O Jesus crucified, for us you, Forbes Street ©
O Jesus I have promised, Beaumont ©
O Jesus I have promised, Day of Rest
O Jesus I have promised, Llanfyllin
O Jesus I have promised, Wolvercote
O Jesus, Jesus, dearest Lord!, Arr R.K. Carter
O Jesus Lord of Life, H. Lahee
O Jesus, my heart is delighted, Anna Thunem
O Jesus, my hope, Old German
O Jesus, Saviour, hear my call, Ira D. Sankey
O Jesus so sweet, O, O Jesulein suss (arr Bach)
O Jesus, Thou art standing, Llangloffan
O Jesus, Thou art standing, St. Catherine (Dale)
O Jesus, Thou art standing, St. Hilda
O Jesus, You're so at the centre, Blessed Jesus ©
O Kind Creator, bow thine ear, Cannons
O King enthroned on high, Amen Court ©
O King enthroned on high, Temple
O King most high of earth and sky, Parsifal
O King of kings, O Lord of hosts, Rex Regum
O King of mercy, from Thy throne on high, St. Cyril
O, Lamb of God, Nic. Decius
O Lamb of God most holy!, O Lamm Gottes
O land of rest, for thee I sigh, W. Miller
O laughing Light, O First-born of, Phos Hilaron ©
O let him whose sorrow, Clewer
O let the Son of God enfold you, J. Wimber ©
O let us rejoice in the Lord, Albert B. Simpson
O, Let us sing, Jesus is born, Philip Nicolai
O let your soul now be filled, Swedish Folk Melody
O Light of Light (Plainsong), Jesu Dulcis Memoria
O Light of light, by love inclined, Whitehall
O listen to our wondrous story, William Owen
O little town of Bethlehem, Christmas Carol
O Little town of Bethlehem, Forest Green
O Little town of Bethlehem, St. Louis
O living bread from heaven, Aurelia
O Lord, all the world belongs to you, P. Appleford ©
O Lord, and Master of us all, Blackbourne
O Lord, breathe Thy Spirit on me, Albert B. Simpson
O Lord God of providence, Rhagluniaeth
O Lord God, who holds all creation, Elwyn
O Lord, have mercy on me, Carl Tuttle ©
O Lord hear my prayer, Berthier ©
O Lord, how shall I, Wie soll ich dich empfangen
O Lord, I turn my mind to you, G. Leavers & P. Burt ©
O Lord Jesus, hand in, Himmel, Erde, Luft Und Meer
O Lord, listen to my prayer, Margaret Rizza ©
O Lord, look down from heaven, Ach Gott vom Himmel
O Lord Most High, eternal King, Gonfalon Royal
O Lord, most holy God, Wendy Churchill ©
O Lord my God, O Store Gud ©
O Lord, my heart is not proud, M. Rizza ©
O, Lord! O, Your blessing!, E. Husband
O Lord of every shining constellation, Heslington ©
O Lord of every shining constellation, Highwood
O Lord of every shining constellation, Northbrook ©
O Lord of every shining, Strength and Stay
O Lord of heaven and earth and sea, Almsgiving
O Lord of heaven, and earth, and, Es Ist Kein Tag
O Lord of life, Thy quickening voice, Dorking
O Lord of the kingdom, Woodacre ©
O Lord of the spring, Caernarfon
O Lord our God, arise, Sunderland
O Lord our God, how majestic is, Phil L. Johnston ©
O Lord, our God, Thy mighty hand, Republic
O Lord, our Lord how majestic is Your, M.W. Smith ©
O Lord, our Lord, throughout the, Tramps and Hawkers
O Lord, remember me, Asa Hull
O Lord, the clouds are gathering, Graham Kendrick ©
O Lord, Thy face I am seeking, Mimi Lam
O Lord, to Thee I cry, Scott
O Lord, to whom the spirits live, South Cerney
O Lord, to whom the spirits live, Winkworth
O Lord we are always in Your presence, Philip Jakob ©
O Lord, we praise Thee, bless Thee, Gott sei gelobet
O Lord, we want to praise you, Wavendon ©
O Lord, who gave the dawn its glow, Tydi a roddaist
O Lord, you are my light, David Fellingham ©
O Lord, you gave your servant John, Radiant City ©
O, Lord, Your grace is, J. Rakotonirainy
O Lord, Your tenderness, G. Kendrick ©
O Lord, You're beautiful, K. Green ©
O Lord, you've done great, Carolyn Govier ©
O Love Divine, how sweet Thou art!, Cornwall
O Love Divine, how sweet Thou art!, Georg P. Weimar
O Love divine, that stooped to share, St. Petrox
O Love divine, what have you, Leicester (Bedford)
O Love Divine! whose constant beam, Boston (Hamburg)
O love, how deep how broad, how high!, Coutances
O love how deep, how broad, how, Deus Tuorum Militum
O love how deep, how broad, how, Puer Nobis Nascitur
O love of God, how strong and true, Bow Brickhill ©
O Love of God, how strong and true, Dunedin ©
O love of God, how strong and true, Eisenach
O love of God, how strong and true, Martham
O love of God, how strong and true!, Melcombe
O love of God, how strong and true!, Ombersley
O love that casts out fear, Moseley
O Love that wilt not let me go, Bax
O Love that wilt not let me go, Consecration ©
O Love that wilt not let me go, St. Margaret
O Love, who formedst me to wear, Christchurch
O magnify, O magnify the Lord, Tunney ©
O Master, it is good to be, Tallis' Lamentation
O Master, let me walk with Thee, Kettering
O Master, let me walk with Thee, Maryton
O may all who come behind, Find us faithful ©
O merciful and holy, Norwich ©
O mighty Cross, love lifted high, Baroni/ Chisum ©
O Morning Star, how bright and, Wie Schon Leuchtet
O most merciful!, Schonster Herr Jesu
O Most Mighty! O Most Holy!, Steiner
O my Saviour lifted, Enon
O my soul, arise and bless your, Stuart Townend ©
O North, with all thy vales of, Auch Jetzt Macht
O North, with all thy vales of green!, Conquest ©
O North, with all thy vales of green, Harrogate
O now I see the cleansing wave, P.P. Knapp
O! O! O! how good is the Lord, Unknown
O our Father in heaven, McClard ©
O Paradise, O Paradise, Paradise (Barnby)
O perfect life of love, Fons Amoris
O perfect Love, Felix (Consolation)
O perfect Love, Perfect Love
O power of love, G. Tersteegen
O praise our great and gracious Lord, Old 81st
O praise the gracious power, Christpraise Ray ©
O praise ye the Lord!, Laudate Dominum (Gauntlette)
O praise ye the Lord!, Laudate Dominum
O precious sight, my Saviour stands, Vicky Beeching ©
O quickly come, great King of all, Rhyd-Y-Groes
O sacred Head, once wounded, Passion Chorale
O safe to the Rock that is higher, I.D. Sankey
O saving Victim,, Cockfield Green (St. Luke)
O saving Victim, opening wide the, Herr Jesu Christ
O saving Victim, opening wide, St. Vincent (Neukomm)
O Saviour, as my eyes behold, Peterson ©
O Saviour, I have nought to plead, Trust (Torrance)
O Saviour of our fallen race, Gonfalon Royal
O Saviour, precious, Watermouth (Angel`s Story)
O Saviour, rend the, O Heiland, Reiss Die Himmel Auf
O send Thy light forth and Thy truth, St. Nicholas
O send your light forth and your truth, St. Matthew
O Shepherd divine, I know Thou art mine, My Shepherd ©
O sing a song of Bethlehem, Kingsfold
O sing a song to God, Rosas ©
O sing to the Lord, Cantad Al Senor
O sing to the Lord, Psalm 67
O solemn hour, T. Willey
O sometimes gleams upon our sight, Woking ©
O sometimes the shadows are deep, W.G. Fischer
O Son of God, in Galilee, Lewis-Town
O Son of God, in Galilee, Twenty-Fourth
O Son of man, our hero strong and, Charterhouse
O sons and daughters, let us, O Filii et Filiae
O sorrow deep! Who would not weep, O Traurigkeit
O soul, are you weary and troubled, Lemmel ©
O Spirit of life, O Spirit of God, O Heiliger Geist
O Spirit of the living God, Gonfalon Royal ©
O Spirit of the living God, Melcombe
O Spirit of the living God, Mendon
O splendor of God's, Splendor Paternae Gloriae
O splendor of God's, Puer Nobis Nascitur
O Splendor of God's glory bright, Putnam ©
O splendour of God's glory bright, Deventer
O spread the tidings around, Comforter
O strength and stay upholding all, School House
O teach me what it meaneth, Rutherford
O tell me more of Christ, P.P. Bilhorn
O that I, O dass ich tausend Zungen hatte (Konig)
O, the best Friend to have, P.P. Bilhorn
O the bitter shame and sorrow, All of Thee
O the bitter shame and sorrow, St. Jude
O the bitter shame and sorrow, Theodore Monod
O the blessed contemplation, John W. Peterson ©
O the blood of Jesus, Traditional
O the deep, deep love of Jesus, Ebenezer
O the Glory of Your Presence, His Presence ©
O the joy of your forgiveness, Dave Bilbrough ©
O the King is coming (Chorus), William Gaither ©
O the life of the world is a joy and a, Ian Galloway ©
O, the love of my Lord is the, As gentle as silence ©
O the mercy of God, the glory of grace, G. Bullock ©
O the Spirit of Jesus is in this, William J. Gaither ©
O the unsearchable riches of Christ, J.R. Sweney
O the valleys shall ring, Dave Bilbrough ©
O there'll be joy when the work is, F.E. Belden
O there's no sorrow in heaven, C.E. Smith
O they tell me of a home far beyond the, J.K. Alwood
O think of the home over, Tullius C. O'Kane
O Thou before whose presence, Komm, Seele
O Thou eternal Christ of God, Ladywell
O Thou, in all Thy might so far, Crowle
O Thou in whose presence my soul delights, Beloved
O Thou, in whose presence my soul takes, Davis
O thou joyful, O thou wonderful, O Sanctissima
O Thou my soul, Bless God the Lord, James McGranahan
O thou my soul, forget no more, Bodmin
O Thou to whose all searching sight, Grace Church
O Thou who camest from above, Hereford
O Thou who camest from above, Wilton
O Thou who hast redeemed of old, Buddugoliaeth
O thou who this mysterious bread, Land of rest
O Thou, who through this holy week, Wetherby
O Thou whose hand hath brought us, Pearsall
O to be like Thee, blessed Redeemer, Rondinella
O to fathom this great knowledge, Esther
O Trinity, most blessed, O Heilige Dreifaltigkeit
O Trinity of blessed light, Bromley
O Trinity of blessed light, Hilariter
O 'twas a joyful sound to hear, Mount Sion
O 'twas wondrous love, Emma Booth-Tucker
O Unity of threefold light, Old 22nd
O valiant hearts, who to Your glory came, Birmingham
O valiant hearts, who, The Supreme Sacrifice
O Victory in Jesus, Eugene M. Bartlett
O what a gift! what a wonderful, Pat Uhl Howard ©
O what a happy time, Jack W. Campbell ©
O what a mystery I see, Graham Kendrick ©
O what a Savior that He died for Me!, J. McGranahan
O what a wonderful, wonderful day, J.W. Peterson ©
O what can little hands do, Child Service
O, when shall I see Jesus?, The Morning Trumpet
O when the saints, Traditional
O where are the reapers?, G.F. Root
O who shall roll away the stone, New England
O, wonderful church , Unknown
O, wonderful night!, Unknown
O wondrous type! O vision fair, Wareham
O Word of God above, St. Edmund
O Word of God Incarnate, Munich
O Word of God Incarnate, Nyland
O Worship the King, Hanover
O worship the King, Houghton
O worship the King, Lyons
O worship the Lord, Robert G. McCutchan
O Worship the Lord, Sanctissimus
O worship the Lord, Southampton
O worship the Lord, Was Lebet
O worship the Lord, Woodhouse Grove
O ye dry bones, Unknown Composer
O ye immortal throng, Crofts 136th
O Zion, acclaim your Redeemer!, Ga Sion
O Zion haste, Thy mission high fulfilling, Tidings
O Zion, open wide thy gates, Edmonton
O Zion, tune thy voice, Eastview ©
Obedient to Your command, Ordenanza
O'er death's sea, in yon, Chas J. Butler
O'er Jerusalem Thou weepest, Freu dich sehr
O'er the distant, O Jerusalem, du Schone
O'er the gloomy hills of darkness, Caersalem
Of all the Spirit's gifts to me, Ripponden
Of all the Spirit's gifts to, Threefold gifts ©
Of Jesus' love that sought me, L.N. Norris
Of One the Lord Has Made the Race, Los Cerritos
Of the, Corde Natus (Divinum Mysterium)
Of the glorious Body telling, Tantum Ergo (No 2)
Of the themes that men have known, Fischer
Oft before the Lord, Unknown
Oft in danger, oft in woe, University College
Ofttimes the day seems long, E.K. Rusthoi ©
Oh come, little children, Oh come, Schultz
Oh! Do not let the word depart, Ira D. Sankey
Oh freedom, Oh freedom, Oh, South Africa melody
Oh, have we grieved Thee, R. Kelso Carter
Oh, He's a wonderful Saviour, Peterson ©
Oh! He's coming back again, John T. Benson
Oh, How good is Christ the Lord, Oh Que Bueno
Oh, I see the narrow road, C. Israel Sandstrom
Oh, immeasurable mercy , Unknown
Oh Lift Your Eyes!, Alzad Vuestros Ojos ©
Oh, my God, give me heart , W.B. Bradbury
Oh, sleep now, holy baby, A la ru
Oh, to be nothing, Mimi Lam
Oh, what a wonderful Saviour, William J. Kirpatrick
Oh, what a wonderful, wonderful, Winfield Macomber
Oh, yes! I'm saved, and I know, Roberta M. Loes
Olives that have known no, Stephen C. Foster
On a hill far away, George Bennard, 1913
On all the earth Thy Spirit shower, Simeon
On Calvary’s brow my Savior died, John R. Sweney
On Christmas night all Christians sing, Sussex Carol
On earth has dawned, Erschienen ist der herrlich Tag
On Jordan's bank the, Auctoritate Saeculi
On Jordan's bank the, Winchester New
On Jordan's, Puer Nobis (adapt Praetorius)
On Jordan's stormy banks I stand, Promised Land
On Jordan's stormy banks I, T.C. O'Kane
On life's tempestuous sea I sail, Penmachno
On our way rejoicing, Hermas
On that bright and golden morning, I.D. Sankey
On the Cross for Me, Paul Hutchens ©
On the Cross I saw Christ suffer for me, Excell
On the cross of Calvary, Albert E. Brumley ©
On the day of resurrection, Emmaus ©
On the Galilean shore, Anon
On the happy, golden shore, W.J. Kirkpatrick
On the holy cross I see, Keith Duke ©
On the journey to Emmaus, Columcille
On the Resurrection morning, Resurrection Morning
On the shore beyond the sea, I. Baltzell
On this day earth shall ring, Personent hodie
On this day, the first of days, Gott sei Dank
On toward the goal!, Philip Phillips
On what has now been sown, Darwall's 148th
On wings of living light, Old 148th
Once a man, whom we know, D. Allen & S. Powell ©
Once a sinner far from Jesus, J. Howard Entwistle ©
Once again, dear Lord, we pray, Staples
Once far from God, J. McGranahan
Once He came in blessing, Gottes Sohn Ist Kommen
Once I had a fervent heart, Unknown
Once I was bound by sin's, Alfred Judson
Once in Bethlehem a Baby was born, P. Nilsen-Lund
Once in Royal David's City, Irby
Once in the blest baptismal, Wer Weiss, Wie Nahe
Once it was the blessing, Albert B. Simpson
Once my way was dark and dreary, B.D. Ackley
Once our blessed Christ of beauty, N.B. Herrell
Once to every man and nation, Adrian
Once to every man and nation, Ebenezer
Once to every man and nation, Yn Y Glyn
One blessing give me, Sirioldeb
One Bread, One Body, Foley ©
One day when heaven was filled with His, C.H. Marsh
One family, we're together, One Family ©
One human family God has, The seven joys of Mary
One is the body, Peacock ©
One more step along the world I go, Southcote ©
One morning was the Redeemer, L.M. Lindeman
One sat alone, beside the highway, H. Rodeheaver ©
One shall tell another, Graham Kendrick ©
One small Child in a land, D. Meece ©
One there is, above all others, All Saints
One there is above all others, Caritas
One there is, above all others, Dana
One there is, above all others, Gounod
One there is above all others, Hubert P. Main
One there is above all others, Russian Composer
One thing's needful; Lord, this, Eins Ist Not
Only begotten, Word of God, Rouen (Iste Confessor)
Only believe, Paul Rader
Only by grace can we enter, G. Gustafson ©
Only God's children, C. H. Malan
Only Jesus! Only Jesus!, Lance B. Latham ©
Only one life to offer, M. Dunlop ©
Only to be what He wants me to be, Norman J. Clayton ©
Onward Christian Soldiers, Haydn
Onward, Christian soldiers, St. Gertrude
Open, Lord, my inward ear, Effingham ©
Open, Lord, my inward ear, Leamington
Open mine eyes, O Lord, Clarence A. Johnson
Open my eyes, Vision ©
Open my eyes, that I may see, Scott
Open now thy gates of beauty, Unser Herrscher
Open our eyes, Lord, we want to see Jesus, R. Cull ©
Open the doors of praise, Drysau Mawl ©
Open the eyes of my heart, Paul Baloche ©
Open thou mine eyes, C.C. Kerr ©
Open wide, ye everlasting doors, J.W. Peterson ©
Open your eyes, Carl Tuttle ©
Open your heart and let Him in, Tim Spencer ©
Open your hearts, Israeli Folk Melody
Oppressed by men, The Lamb
Organ free recording sites, Various
Others saw the giants, Mabel J. Camp
Our blest Redeemer, ere He breathed, St. Cuthbert
Our blest Redeemer, ere he breathed, Wicklow
Our church now is self reliant, K.C. Wong
Our day of praise is done, Garden City
Our Father, by whose servants, Commemoration
Our Father, by whose servants, Stokesay Castle ©
Our Father, by whose servants, Wolvercote
Our Father, hear our longing prayer, Aberdeen
Our Father in heaven, Gillard/Smith ©
Our Father in Heaven, J. Marsh ©
Our Father, Thou in heav'n above, Vater Unseer
Our Father, Thy dear Name doth show, Bethlehem
Our Father, which are in heaven, Malotte
Our Father, who art in heaven, Caribbean Melody
Our Father, who art in heaven, Julian Wiener ©
Our Father who created the universe, Unknown
Our Father's home, Au Fort De Ma Detresse
Our God is a great big God, Jo & Nigel Hemming ©
Our God is an awesome God, R. Mullins ©
Our God is lifted up, Tim Smith ©
Our God is so great, Ruth H. Calkin ©
Our God loves us, for He gave, Aberystwyth
Our God! our God! Thou shinest here, Engedi
Our God! our God! Thou shinest here, Salisbury
Our God, to whom we turn, Steadfast
Our God, we know your providence, Billing
Our King and our Sovereign, Mi Rey Y Mi Amigo
Our life is hid with Christ in God, St. Lawrence
Our Lord is now rejected, J. McGranahan
Our Lord Jesus is born, From Band of Hope
Our mighty God works mighty wonders, Celebration
Our Paschal Lamb, that sets us free, Region Three ©
Our song shall be of, Wie Lieblich Ists Hienieden
Our true Lord God created all, Toa Sia
Our voices will be to sing praise, G.C. Stebbins
Out in the highways and byways of life, Schuler ©
Out of my bondage, sorrow, and night, G. Stebbins
Out of the depths I cry to, St. Martin (Sheppard)
Over all the earth, You reign on high, Brenton Brown ©
Over the chaos of the empty waters, Bickford ©
Over the chaos of the empty waters, West Park ©
Over the earth is a mat, Traditional Scottish Melody
Over the sunset mountains, John W. Peterson ©
Overwhelmed by love, Noel Richards & Wayne Drain ©
Panis Angelicus, C. Frank
Pass me not, O gentle Savior, W. H.Doane
Peace I give to you, Graham Kendrick ©
Peace I leave with you, W. Wirges ©
Peace in our time, O Lord, Taylor Hall ©
Peace is flowing like a river, Anonymous
Peace like a river, John Watson ©
Peace, perfect peace, Pax Tecum
Peace, perfect peace, in this dark world, Song 46
Peace, perfect peace, is the gift, K. Mayhew ©
Peace to you, Graham Kendrick ©
Peace with the Father, Song 46
People, look east. The time is near, Besancon
People need the Lord, Greg Nelson & Phill McHugh ©
Peter and John went to pray, Anon
Pilgrims for Jesus, Eugene Wright ©
Pleasant are Thy courts above, Maidstone
Plenty of room in the family, W.J. Gaither ©
Portal of the world's salvation, Collaudemus
Pour out Thy Spirit from on high, Ely
Pour out Thy Spirit from on high, Lachlan ©
Pour out Thy Spirit from, O Jesu Christ, mein's
Powerful in making us wise to, Conservation ©
Praise and thanksgiving, Bunessan
Praise and thanksgiving let, Lobet Und Preiset
Praise and unceasing praise!, Anon
Praise be to Christ, in whom we see, O Grosser Gott
Praise, glory, power are to You, Jesu, A. Rossini
Praise, glory, power, honour, Union Harmonist
Praise God, X. S. von Wartensee
Praise God for John, evangelist, Noel
Praise God for the body, Anne Ortlund ©
Praise God for the word of life, Llanrwst
Praise God from whom all blessings, Fairhill (Owens) ©
Praise God from whom all blessings flow, Usani
Praise God, O universe, P. Nilsen-Lund
Praise God the Saviour, Lobet Den Herren Alle
Praise Him on the trumpet, psaltery, John Kennett ©
Praise Him, Praise Him, Joyful Song
Praise Him, praise Him, all ye little, Bonner
Praise Him, praise Him, praise Him in the, Unknown
Praise is rising, eyes are, B. Brown & P. Baloche ©
Praise Jehovah, Punta Indio ©
Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven, Andrews
Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven, Lauda Anima
Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven, Zion
Praise our God, all ye His servants, Kent (Peterson) ©
Praise our God, the great Creator, Marching ©
Praise our great and gracious Lord, Maoz Zur
Praise the Almighty,, Lobe Den Herre, O Meine Seele
Praise the, Hall,Coombes,Bergman, Hunt & Cromwell ©
Praise the God who changes places, Boe ©
Praise the Lord, Alabad A Jehova
Praise the Lord, all praise and, Loven Herren
Praise the Lord, all ye, Chinese Traditional Melody
Praise the Lord, each tribe and nation, Kalmar
Praise the Lord, His glories show, Llanfair
Praise the Lord, let heaven adore Him, Austria
Praise the Lord, let us praise the Lord, Psalm 150
Praise the Lord of heaven, Laus Tibi Christe
Praise the Lord, praise God in his, David Hadden ©
Praise the Lord, praise, Lee Abbey Music Workshop ©
Praise, the Lord, Praise, Laudate Pueri (Carpenter) ©
Praise the Lord, rise up, Alles Ist An Gottes Segan
Praise the Lord through every nation, Sleepers wake
Praise the Lord through every nation, Wachet Auf
Praise the Lord who reigns above, Flanders ©
Praise the Lord who reigns above, Russell Place
Praise the Lord with joyful song, Loven Gud
Praise the Lord with the sound of trumpet, Sleeth ©
Praise the Lord, ye heavens adore Him, Austria
Praise the Lord! ye heavens, Daniel's Tune ©
Praise the Lord, ye heavens adore Him, Faben
Praise the Lord, ye heavens adore Him, Laus Deo
Praise the Lord, ye heavens adore Him, Ledo ©
Praise the Lord! ye heavens, adore him, Praise
Praise the Name of Jesus, R. Hicks ©
Praise the One who breaks the darkness, Nettleton
Praise the Savior, ye who know Him, German Melody
Praise the Spirit in creation, Finnian ©
Praise the Spirit in creation, Julion ©
Praise to God, almighty maker, Stenka Razin
Praise to God, immortal praise, Dix
Praise to God, immortal praise, Nuremberg
Praise to our God, who with love never, Bede
Praise to the Holiest in the, Chorus Angelorum
Praise to the Holiest in the height, Gerontius
Praise to the Holiest in the height, Newman
Praise to the living God, Leoni
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, Lobe Den Herren
Praise to you, O Christ, our, Bernadette Farrell ©
Praise we now the saints and martyrs, Picardy
Praise we now the word of grace, Boyce
Praise we the Lord this, St. George Gauntlett
Praise with joy the world's Creator, Lauda Anima
Praise ye the Father, for His loving, Flemming
Praise ye the Father! Let every heart, Chas Gounod
Praise ye the Lord, Justification
Praise ye the Lord, P.P. Bliss
Praise ye the Lord, 'Tis Good to, Accrington
Praise ye the Lord! 'tis good to, Stopper Lane
Praise you, Lord, N. Rose ©
Praise You, praise You, Elizabeth Goodine ©
Pray for a world where every child, Haven ©
Prayer is the soul's sincere, Clyde McLennan
Prayer is the soul's sincere desire, Shaddick ©
Prayer is the soul's sincere, W.A. Schulthes
Prayer to a heart of lowly love, Tilak
Precious Jesus, J.P. Holbrook
Precious Lord, take my hand, T. A. Dorsey ©
Precious memories, unseen angels, J.B. Wright ©
Precious Moments We Share, Russian Composer
Precious, precious blood of Jesus, James Mountain
Precious promise God hath given, Philip P. Bliss
Precious Soul, Cease from Sadness, Russian Composer
Prepare the Royal Highway, Bereden Vag For Herran
Prepare the way, O Zion, Bereden vag for Herran
Prepare the way of the Lord, Mary Smail ©
Present with the two or three, St. Phillip
Preserve me, Lord, in time of need, Antwerp
Prince of Peace, Counselor, merciful, I Extol You ©
Privilege, privilege, Braint
Proclaim, proclaim the story, Te Deum
Pull back the veil on the dawn of, The Secret ©
Pure and holy I would be, M. Hudson & B. Farnsworth ©
Purer in heart, O God, James H. Fillmore
Purify my heart, let me be as gold, B. Doerkson ©
Push, little seed, push, push, Susan Sayers ©
Put forth, O God, Thy Spirit's, Chelsea Square ©
Put on the garment of praise, D. Ingles ©
Put your hand in the Hand, Gene MacLellan ©
Quiet through the streets with silver sound, Dunstan
Quiet through the streets with silver sound, Stalham
Quietness, peace, Unknown
Raise a Song to World, Leach ©
Raise the psalm: let earth adoring, Austria
Raise the standard high, Standard
Reach out and touch, Charles F. Brown ©
Reach out and touch the Lord, Bill Harmon ©
Ready to suffer grief or pain, C.D. Tillman
Reconciled, I'm reconciled, Mike Kerry ©
Redeemed, how I love to proclaim it, Ada ©
Redeemed, how I love to proclaim it, Redeemed
Refresh my heart, Lord, G. Bullock ©
Reger - Organ Works, M. Reger
Reign in me, Sovereign Lord, C. Bowater ©
Reigning in all splendor, Dave Bilbrough ©
Rejoice and be glad, Rejoice and be glad
Rejoice for a brother deceased, David
Rejoice in the Lord, J. McGranahan
Rejoice in the Lord always and again, Unknown
Rejoice, O land, in God thy might, Wareham
Rejoice, Rejoice!, Graham Kendrick ©
Rejoice Rejoice Believer, Hubert P. Main
Rejoice, rejoice, believers, Llangloffan
Rejoice, rejoice,, Vigil (Haf Trones Lampa Fardig)
Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, Chris Bowater ©
Rejoice the Lord is King, Darwall
Rejoice, the Lord is King, Gopsal
Rejoice, the Lord is King!, Jubilate
Rejoice, the Lord is King, Resurrection
Rejoice, the Lord is risen!, Moira Austin ©
Rejoice, the Lord of life ascends, Parker
Rejoice! the year, Aeterna Christi Munera (Rouen)
Rejoice, ye pure in heart, Marion
Remember all the people, Far Off Lands
Remember all the people, Holmbridge
Remember our country, gracious, Gweddi Wladgarol
Remembrance, Finlandia
Renew me, O eternal Light, Herr Jesu Christ, Meins
Renew my spirit, Lord, Hyfryd Lais
Renew Thy Church, her ministries restore, J.T. White
Rescue the perishing, Rescue
Rest of the weary, Fortunatus
Rest of the weary, joy of the sad, Theodora (Legge)
Restore, O Lord, the honour of Your, G. Kendrick ©
Revive Thy work, O Lord!, Bentley D. Ackley ©
Revive Thy Work O Lord, James McGranahan
Revive Thy work, O Lord, W.H. Doane
Revive us, O Lord, S. Camp & Carman ©
Ride on! ride on in majesty!, St. Drostane
Ride on! ride on in, The King's Majesty
Ride on! ride on in majesty!, Winchester New
Riding out across the desert, The Camel Shuffle ©
Right there in the dust he sat, Ralph Carmichael ©
Ring the bells of heaven!, G.F. Root
Rise and shine and give God his glory, Traditional
Rise, my soul, to watch and pray, Straf Mich Nicht
Rise, shine, you people!, Wojtkiewiecz ©
Rise to greet the sun, Le P`ing (Chinese)
Rise up, O men of God! (adapt.), Festal Song
Rise up, O men of God!, Carlisle
River, wash over me, Dougie Brown ©
Rock of Ages, Ajalon/Redhead/Petra
Rock of Ages, Toplady
Rolled Away, Arr by R.R. Brown
Round me falls the night, Seelenbrautigam
Round orange, round orange, you serve as a, Lourdes
Round the Lord in glory seated, Moultrie
Round the Lord in glory seated, Rustington
Round the Lord in glory seated, Sanctus (Richards)
Running over, running over, W.G. Hunter
Sacred the body God has created, Ruddle ©
Sad and weary, lone and dreary, Ira D. Sankey
Safe home, safe home, A. Sullivan
Safe in the arms of Jesus, W.H. Doane
Safe in the shadow of the Lord, Creator God ©
Safely though another week, Sabbath
Salvation belongs to our God, Howard/Turner ©
Salvation unto us has come, Es Ist Das Heil
Sanctus - 1982 The Hymnal, Powell-S130 ©
Sanctus - 1982 The Hymnal - S130, F.P.Schubert
Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus, Unknown
Saved by the blood of the Crucified One, D.B. Towner
Savior, again to Thy dear Name we raise, Ellers
Savior in thy love abiding, Proch
Savior, like a shepherd lead us, Bradbury
Savior, like a shepherd lead us, Lewes
Savior, quicken many nations, Wurzburg
Savior, Thy dying love, Something for Thee (Lowry)
Saviour, and can it be, Devotion
Saviour, blessed Saviour, Edina
Saviour, blessed Saviour, Norfolk Park
Saviour, blessed Saviour, Nous Allons
Saviour, breathe an evening blessing, Evening Prayer
Saviour, breathe an evening blessing, Vesper Hymn
Saviour, I must sing, Kate Simmonds & Mark Edwards ©
Saviour, lead me, lest I stray, F.M. Davis
Saviour, like a shepherd, Sicilian Mariners
Saviour, more than life to me, William H. Doane
Saviour of the nations, come, Nun Komm
Saviour of the world, Greg Leavers ©
Saviour, sprinkle many nations, Hope
Saviour, to the Father's side, Waldemar ©
Saviour, when in dust to Thee, Aberystwyth
Saviour, when in dust to thee, Spanish Chant
Saviour, who didst, Jesus Ist Das Schonste Licht
Saw you never, in the twilight, Chartres
Saw you never, in the twilight, The wise men
Say a word about Jesus, W.H. Doane
Search me, O God, Maori
See, amid the winter's snow, Humility (Goss)
See, Christ was wounded for our sake, Yellow Bittern ©
See, Father, thy beloved Son, Hymnus Eucharisticus
See Him lying on a bed of straw, Calypso Carol ©
See him on the cross, Ruth Hooke ©
See how great a flame, St. George's Windsor
See Israel's gentle Shepherd stand, Dublin
See the Conqueror mount in, Arthur S. Sullivan
See the Conqueror mounts in triumph, In Babilone
See the Conqueror mounts in triumph, Rex Gloriae
See the destined day arise!, Halle
See the Lamb of God, Edwin Brown ©
See! There is a joy in heaven, B.D. Ackley
See us, Lord, about the, Drake's Broughton
See, what a morning, glorious, S. Townend & K. Getty ©
Seek, O seek the Lord, while He is near, Venantius ©
Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, K Lafferty ©
Seek ye the Lord, all ye people, Joan Parsons ©
Seeking the lost, yes, kindly entreating, W.A. Ogden
Send a revival, O Christ, my Lord, Matthews
Send forth your Spirit, Lord, Margaret Rizza ©
Send me out from here, John Pantry ©
Sent forth by God's blessing, The Ash Grove
Servant of God, remember, Nun Lasst Uns Geh'n
Serve the Lord with gladness, Lee
Set my spirit free that I might worship You, Anon.
Shackled by a heavy burden, W. J. Gaither ©
Shades of darkness are now dispersed, Shansi
Shall I, for fear of feeble man, Birstal
Shall we gather at the river, Hansom Place
Shalom, my friends, shalom, Shalom Chaverim
She only touched the hem of His garment, G.F. Root
She sits like a bird, Thainaky ©
Shepherd divine, our wants relieve, Arnold's
Shepherd Divine, our wants relieve, St. Etheldreda
Shepherd of Eager Youth, Hinman ©
Shepherd of love, John W. Peterson ©
Shepherd of souls, refresh and, St. Anges (Dykes)
Shepherd of tender youth, Italian Hymn
Shepherd of tender youth, Kirby Bedon
Shepherds came, their, Quem Pastores Laudavere
Shepherds, come to Bethlehem, Venid Pastorcitos
Shine, Jesus, Shine, Shine Jesus Shine ©
Shine on me, shine on me, Richard K. Carlson ©
Shine Thou upon us, Lord, Hawarden
Shine Thou upon us, Lord, Supplication
Shout for joy!, Lansdowne ©
Shout for joy and sing your, David Fellingham ©
Shout the glad tidings, Avison
Show me how to stand for justice, Dim Ond Isesu
Show me the way, O Lord, Cords of love
Show me the way of the cross once again, Matt Redman ©
Show me Your ways, Chris Bowater ©
Show your power, O Lord, Graham Kendrick ©
Shut in with God, Unknown Composer
Silenced! frenzied, unclean spirit, Authority ©
Silent Night, Holy Night, Stille Nacht
Silent, surrendered, calm and still, Margaret Rizza ©
Simply trusting every day, I.D. Sankey
Since Christ my soul from sin set, James M. Black
Since I started for the Kingdom, W.J. Gaither ©
Since long ago at Bethany we parted, Londonderry Air
Since the world was young, God's Table ©
Sinful, sighing to be blest, Tunbridge
Sing a new song, sing a new song, Cosmic Praise ©
Sing a new song to Jehovah, Austria
Sing a new song to the Lord, Onslow Square ©
Sing a new song to the Lord (Refrain), Psalm 98 ©
Sing a song of celebration, David Ruis ©
Sing a song of Maytime, W.G. Hancock
Sing a song, sing a joyful, Mark & Helen Johnson ©
Sing Alleluia! Amen, T.K. Dittmer ©
Sing Alleluia forth in duteous praise, Martins
Sing alleluia to the Lord, Linda Stassen ©
Sing, believers! Give thanks, Hal H. Hopson ©
Sing Hallelujah, Praise the Lord, Bechler
Sing it in the valleys, M. Anderson ©
Sing it out with a shout, Robert Lowry
Sing lullaby, Lullaby baby, The Infant King
Sing, men and angels, sing, Maxon ©
Sing, my soul, His wondrous love, St. Bees
Sing, my tongue, the glorious battle, Ardudwy
Sing, my tongue, the glorious battle, Pange Lingua
Sing my tongue, the, St. Thomas (Webbe)
Sing now with joy unto the Lord, Adon Olam
Sing, O sing, the dear old story, Chas H. Gabriel
Sing, O sing, this blessed morn, England's Lane
Sing of Mary, pure and lowly, Pleading Saviour
Sing of Mary, pure and lowly, Raquel ©
Sing of the Lord's goodness, E. Sands ©
Sing praise and thanksgiving, Kremser
Sing praise to God, Mit Freuden Zart
Sing praise to God who reigns, Lobt Gott Den Herren
Sing praise unto the Name of God, Genevan 36
Sing the wondrous love of Jesus, Heaven
Sing them over again to me, C. Craig ©
Sing them over again to me, Words of Life
Sing to God a song of glory, Francesca Leftley ©
Sing to God new songs of worship, Ode to Joy
Sing to the great Jehovah's praise, Northrop
Sing to the Lord, Hengoed ©
Sing to the Lord, all you people, Gosse's Bluff ©
Sing to the Lord of the, Wie Liebich Ist Der Maien
Sing unto the Lord a new song, Fender ©
Sing unto the Lord a new song, Patillo ©
Sing we a song of high revolt, Broadmead
Sing we now of Christmas, French Carol
Sing we of the blessed Mother, Rustington
Sing we the King, who is coming to reign, Glory Song
Sing we the King who is coming to, Regnator Orbis
Sing we triumphant hymns of praise, Tugwood
Singing songs of expectation, Ebenezer (Ton-y-Botel)
Sinner how thy heart is troubled, S.J. Vail
Sinners Jesus will receive, James McGranahan
Sinners Jesus will receive, Wells, Wellspring
Sion, praise thy Saviour, singing, Weman
Sitting at the feet of Jesus, Comfort (Hull)
Sitting at the feet of Jesus, J.W. Davis
Skies painted blue, Qiao An Na
Sleepers, wake! A voice, Wachet Auf (Harm-Bach)
So freely flows the endless love, Dave Bilbrough ©
So long I had searched, William J. Gaither ©
So precious is Jesus, my Saviour, Charles H. Gabriel
So send I you - by grace made strong, Toronto ©
Soft as the voice of an angel, Whispering Hope
Soften my heart, Lord, Graham Kendrick ©
Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling, Thompson
Softly now the light of day, Seymour
Soldier, go! Thy vow is spoken, Vigil (Thalben-Ball)
Soldier, soldier, fighting, R. Hudson Pope
Soldiers of Christ, arise, and put, Silver Street
Some children see Him lily white, A.S. Burt ©
Some day the silver cord will break, G.C. Stebbins
Some day you'll hear God's, J.W. Peterson ©
Some glad morning, I'll fly away ©
Some glorious morning sorrow will, Carl A. Blackmore ©
Some people say that, Burns, Rouse & Mann ©
Some thank the Lord, S. & B. Sykes ©
Somebody's knocking, African-American Spiritual
Somehow I know that Christ is mine, Alfred H. Ackley ©
Someone has left the right path away, Unknown
Something Beautiful, B. Gaither ©
Sometimes a light surprises, Bentley
Sometimes a light surprises, Blomstertid
Sometimes a light surprises, Light
Sometimes a light surprises, Petition
Sometimes Alleluia, C. Girard ©
Sometimes it seems we're standing on, Stevenson ©
Sometimes, the shadows gather, Frank C Huston ©
Son of God, eternal Saviour, Lugano
Son of God, eternal Saviour, Pond Street ©
Son of God, eternal Saviour, Supplication
Son of God, if Your free grace, Gersau ©
Son of the Lord most high, Lawes Psalm 47
Son of Thy Sire's eternal love, Bocking
Song of Isaiah (Plainsong), Alec Wyton ©
Songs of praise the angels sang, Northampton
Songs of praise the angels sang, Riley
Songs of thankfulness and praise, Salzburg
Songs of thankfulness and praise, St. Edmund
Soon, and very soon, Andrae Crouch ©
Soon may the last glad song arise, Armes
Sooner or later the skies will be, W.E. Nelson ©
Soul of Jesus, make me, Anima Christi (English)
Soul of my Saviour, sanctify, Anima Christi (Maher)
Sound aloud the trumpet!, Martha's Song ©
Sound the battle cry, W.F. Sherwin
Sow in the morn thy seed, Downham
Sowing in the morning, George A. Minor, 1880
Speak forth Thy Word, O Father, Ich Freu Mich
Speak in the stillness, God we pray, Vision (Mayor) ©
Speak just a word for Jesus, D.B. Towner
Speak, Lord, in the stillness, Quietude
Speak, O Lord, as we come to You, Getty/Townend ©
Speak to my heart, Lord Jesus, Holcomb ©
Speak to My Soul Lord Jesus, Lycurgus.L. Pickett
Speed Thy servants, Dismissal
Spirit blest, who art adored, Evelyn
Spirit blest, who art adored, Scheffler
Spirit-child Jesus, John D. Horman ©
Spirit Divine, attend our prayers, Ballerma
Spirit divine, attend our prayers, Emmaus
Spirit Divine, attend our prayers, Graefenberg
Spirit Divine,, Nun Danket all und bringet Ehr
Spirit, falling like a dove, English Orchard ©
Spirit of faith, come down, Bealoth
Spirit of faith, come down, Ich Halte Treulich Still
Spirit of God, come dwell within, Leaving of Lismore
Spirit of God, descend upon my heart, Morecambe
Spirit of God Divine, Colin Preston ©
Spirit of God, our light amid the, Spirit of Hope ©
Spirit of God, show me Jesus, Chris Bowater ©
Spirit of God, that moved of old, Soldau
Spirit of God, unleashed on earth, Lledrod
Spirit of God, unseen as the wind, Boat Song
Spirit of God within me, Living Flame ©
Spirit of holiness, Blow the wind southerly
Spirit of Love, Seminario
Spirit of mercy, truth and love, Cornish ©
Spirit of mercy, truth and love, Warrington
Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on me, Iverson ©
Spirit of the living God, fall, Paul Armstrong ©
Spirit of truth, essential God, Surrey
Spirit of wisdom, turn our eyes, Pembroke
Spirit, Spirit of Gentleness, J.K. Manley ©
Spirit who broods, Spirit who sings, Kennick ©
Spirit Who revives us, Rabanus Maurus
Splendor and honor, Shades Mountain ©
Spread, O spread, Thou mighty Word, Dent Dale
Spread, O spread, thou mighty word, Gott Sei Dank
Spread, O spread, thou mighty, Hochster Priester
Spread, O spread, thou mighty Word, Luebeck/Lubeck
Spread the reign of God the Lord, Gott Sei Dank
Spring up, spring up, spring up, Mimi Lam
Stand, soldier of the cross, Augustine
Stand, soldier of the Cross, Kerry
Stand up and bless the Lord, Altus ©
Stand up and bless the Lord, Andy Silver ©
Stand up and bless the Lord, Carlisle
Stand up and bless the Lord, St. Michael (Old 134th)
Stand up and bless the Lord, St. Thomas (Williams)
Stand up and bless the Lord, Watchman
Stand up for Jesus, Christian, Stand!,
Stand up, stand up for Jesus, Geibel
Stand up, stand up for Jesus, Morning Light (Webb)
Standing at the portal, Fylde
Standing by a purpose true, P.P. Bliss
Standing on the faithfulness of God's, Mimi Lam
Standing on the promises, Promises
Standing on the promises, Turlock ©
Star whose light shines, Gute Baume Bringen
Stars of the morning, so gloriously, Trisagion
Stay here where nails are driven, Shrub End ©
Stay with me, Watch and Pray ©
Stay with us, till night has come, W. L. Pelz ©
Steal away, steal away, Spiritual
Step by Step, Albert B. Simpson
Still, still with Thee, when, Consolation (Felix)
Stir Your Church, O God, Madill ©
Strength will rise as we wait, B. Brown & K. Riley ©
Strengthen for service, Lord the, Ach Gott Und Herr
Strengthen for Service, Lord, the Hands, Burg
Strengthen for service, Lord, the hands, Curbar Edge ©
Strengthen for service, Lord, the hands, Deganwy
Strengthen for service, Lord, the hands, Malabar ©
Stricken, smitten,, O Mein Jesu, Ich Muss Sterben
Strong, righteous Man of Galilee, Melita
Strong Son of God, immortal Love, Palisades ©
Strong Son of God, immortal Love, Song 5
Stupendous height of heavenly love, Dura
Such love, pure as the whitest snow, G. Kendrick ©
Summer suns are glowing, Ruth
Sun gleams bright, hearts are light, W.G. James ©
Sun of my soul, Thou Saviour dear, Abends
Sun of my soul, thou Saviour dear, Birling
Sun of my soul, thou Saviour dear, Herr Gott Vater
Sun of my soul, thou Saviour dear, Hursley
Sunset to sunrise changes now, Kedron
Surely, it is God who saves me, Ecce Deus ©
Surely the presence of the Lord, L. Wolfe ©
Sweet are the promises, kind is the word, W.A. Ogden
Sweet hour of prayer!, Sweet Hour
Sweet is the hope, Scott Lawrence ©
Sweet is the promise, Sweet Promise
Sweet is the song I am singing today, S.A. Ganus
Sweet is the sunlight after rain, Woolmer's
Sweet is the work, my God, my King, Deep Harmony
Sweet is the work, my God, my King, Eignbrook
Sweet is the work, my God, my King, Moliant
Sweet place: sweet place alone!, Christchurch
Sweet promise is given to all who, F.E. Belden
Sweet sacrament divine, Divine Mysteries
Sweet Saviour, bless us ere we go, Lodsworth
Sweet the moments, rich in blessing, Iphigenia
Sweet the moments, rich in blessings, Batty
Sweetly, Lord, have we heard Thee, Asa B Everett
Sweetly the holy hymn, Southport
Swing wide the gates, Chris Bowater ©
Take, eat, this is my Body, Paul Simmons ©
Take me, Lord, use my life, Francesca Leftley ©
Take my hands, Lord, Margaret Rizza ©
Take my life, and let it be, Charlton ©
Take my life, and let it be, Chinese
Take my life, and let it be, Consecration
Take my life and let it be, Green Berets ©
Take my life, and let it be, Hendon
Take my life, and let it be, Hollingside
Take my life, and let it be, Ives
Take my life and let it be, Nottingham
Take my life and let it be, Patmos
Take my life and let it be, Yarbrough
Take my life, lead me, Lord, Langley ©
Take My Life, O Father, Russian Composer
Take the Name of Jesus with you, Precious Name
Take the world, but give me Jesus, J.R. Sweney
Take the world, but give me Jesus, Stilla Stunder
Take this moment, sign and, American Folk Melody
Take this moment, sign and space, J.L. Bell ©
Take this water and please bless it, Lord, Celebrate ©
Take Thou my hand, Ira D. Sankey
Take Thou our minds, dear Lord, Hall (Laufer)
Take time to be holy, Holiness/Longstaff
Take up thy cross and follow Me, Falls Creek
Take up your cross, the Saviour, Meins Lebens Licht
Teach me, Lord, how pray,
Teach me, my God and King, Sandys
Teach me, My Lord, St. Agnes (Langran)
Teach me, O Lord, I pray, Diademata
Teach me Thy way, O Lord, Path Divine (Camacha)
Teach me to dance to the, G. Kendrick & S. Thompson ©
Teach me to live, Elizabeth M. Dyke ©
Teach me to pray, Lord, A.S. Reitz ©
Teach me to trust when there is cause to, Dinjan ©
Tell it to every kindred and nation, H. de Fluiter
Tell it to Jesus, Dayton
Tell me the old, old story, Evangel
Tell me the stories of Jesus, Stories of Jesus
Tell me the story of Jesus, John R. Sweney
Tell me who made all of creation, M & H Johnson ©
Tell my people I love them, Leonard Bartlotti ©
Tell out, my soul, the greatness of the, Birmingham
Tell out, my soul, the greatness of, Woodlands
Temple of God's Holy Spirit, Groeswen
Tempted and tried, W.B. Stevens ©
Ten thousand times ten thousand, Alford
Tenderly the Shepherd, P.P. Bliss
Test our hearts, W.B.Bradbury
Testifying in Baptism, Youngstown
Thank you for giving me the morning, Thank You ©
Thank You for saving me, Martin Smith ©
Thank You for the cross, Graham Kendrick ©
Thank you for the summer morning, Susan Sayers ©
Thank you, God, for sending Jesus, Anon
Thank you, God, for water, soil, and air, Amstein ©
Thank You, Jesus, for Your love to me, Alison Revell ©
Thank You Jesus, thank You Jesus, Anon.
Thank you, Lord, G. Leavers & P. Burt ©
Thank You Lord Creator, Ratany
Thank You Lord Creator, Unknown Composer
Thank You Lord for saving my soul, B. Sykes ©
Thank You, Lord for this fine day, D.D. Andrew ©
Thank you, Lord, for your presence, Roland Fudge ©
Thank You, Lord, thank You Lord, O. Skillings ©
Thank you, O God for the time, Quedlinburg
Thank you, thank you, Jesus, Diolch, diolch, Iesu
Thank You, thank You, Lord, Nielsen Park ©
Thanks be to God, Robert Stoodley ©
Thanks be to God whose love has gathered, Charis ©
Thanks for friends who keep on loving, Heanish ©
Thanks for the Lord's Prayer, Luned
Thanks to God for my Redeemer, Tack O Gud
Thanks to God whose Word as spoken, Wylde Green ©
Thanks to God whose word was spoken, Kingley Vale ©
Thanks to God whose Word was spoken, St. Helen
Thanks to Thee, the Almighty God, Diolch i ti
Thanksgiving, Neuadd-lwyd
That Day At Calvary, Don Newman ©
That Easter Day with joy, Puer Nobis (Praetorius)
The advent of our God, Franconia
The ancient law departs, St. Michael
The angel Gabriel from heaven, Basque traditional
The angel's voices are really, J. McGranahan
The Bible stands like a rock undaunted, H. Lillenas
The blessed moment, Mimi Lam
The blind man sat by the road, The Blind Man
The blood that Jesus shed for me, Andrae Crouch ©
The Bridegroom soon will, Ach Gott vom Himmelreiche
The bright wind is blowing, John Maynard ©
The call of God resounding, Robert Harkness
The candles are lit and the table is, Swanport Road ©
The chief Cornerstone Thou art, Lord, French Air
The chimes of time ring out the, It is no secret ©
The Christ who died but rose again, St. Magnus
The Church of God a kingdom is, St. Bavon
The Church triumphant in thy love, Eatington
The Church's one foundation, Aurelia
The circuit-riding' preacher, American Melody
The cross, it standeth fast, J. McGranahan
The cross of Christ, Mimi Lam
The cross that He gave may be, Ballington Booth
The cross upon which Jesus died, Stanphill ©
The day is past and over, Hominum Amator
The day is past and over, St. Anatolius (Brown)
The day is past and over, St. Anatolius (Dykes)
The day is surely drawing near, Es Ist Gewisslich
The day of resurrection!, All Hallows
The day of resurrection!, Ellacombe
The day of resurrection!, Greenland
The day of Victory is here, Gloria Al Salvador ©
The day that Christ was born, W.G. James ©
The day thou gavest, Commandments
The day Thou gavest, Lord, is ended, Radford
The day Thou gavest, Lord, is ended, St. Clement
The death of Jesus, Gottlob, es geht nunmehr zu Ende
The desolate Messiah dies, Whinney Hill ©
The Divine One waits upon us, Rhos-Lan
The Door of Salvation now Stands Open, Asa Hull
The Doxology, Old 100th
The duteous day now closes, Innsbruck
The earth adorned in verdant robe, Ahlen
The earth is the Lord's, Graham Kendrick ©
The earth, O Lord, is one great field, Manchester
The ends of all the earth shall hear, Vison
The eternal gifts of Christ the King, Gonfalon Royal
The eternal gifts of Christ the King, Guidetti
The evening comes, J.C.H. Rinck
The fast, as taught by holy lore, Jesu Corona
The fields are all white, Colvend
The fight is on, the trumpet, Leila N. Morris
The first good joy that Mary, M. Shaw & P. Dearmer
The First Noel the angel did say, The First Noel
The flaming banners of our, Vexilla Regis Prodeunt
The fleeting day is nearly gone, Du Meiner Seelen
The future veiled before us lies, J.W. Peterson ©
The Galilean, St. Leonard's (Hiles)
The gifts Christ freely gives, Denby
The glory of these forty, Erhalt uns, Herr (Spires)
The God and Father of every gift cares, Paradwys
The God of Abraham praise, Covenant
The God of Abraham praise, Leoni
The God who sings, Chanson ©
The golden morning is fast approaching, S.J. Graham
The golden sun lights up the sky, Danby
The gospel bells are ringing, S. Wesley Martin
The Gospel shows, Herr Jesu Christ, Dich Zu Uns Wend
The Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, Russian Composer
The grave is empty, St. Albans
The great Creator of the, Tallis' Ordinal
The great forerunner of the, The Truth From Above
The great God of heaven, A Virgin Unspotted
The great love of God, Thailand
The great Physician now is here, J.H. Stockton
The greatest thing in all my life, M. Pendergrass ©
The happy Christmas comes once more, Det Kimer Nu
The Head that once was crowned with, St. Magnus
The heavens above my head, Louvain
The heavens declare the glory of God, Andy Silver ©
The heavens declare Thy glory, Lord, New Sabbath
The heavens shall declare the glory of, G. Bullock ©
The heav'ns declare Thy glory, Lord, Alfreton
The highest joy that can be known, Highest Joy
The Holly and the Ivy, Traditional
The Holy Fire, Henri A.C. Malan
The Holy Ghost is here, Boylston
The holy hills of heaven call me, Dottie Rambo ©
The Holy Spirit is really come, G. Ramiarison
The home where changes never, Wait, and Murmur Not
The homeland, O the homeland, Homeland
The hymn for conquering Martyrs raise, Wer Da Wonet
The journey of life may be easy,, Follow my Leader ©
The joy of the Lord is my strength, A.G. Vale ©
The judgment has set, the books have, F.E. Belden
The Kind Invitation, Calvin
The King is among us, His Spirit is, G. Kendrick ©
The King of Love my Shepherd is, Dominus Regit Me
The King of love my Shepherd is, Hardwicke
The King of Love my Shepherd is, St. Columba
The King shall come when, Consolation (Kentucky)
The King shall come when morning dawns, Crediton
The King shall come when morning dawns, St. Stephens
The kingdom of God is justice and joy, Tetherdown ©
The Lamb, the Lamb, Winter ©
The Lamb's high banquet we await, Rex Gloriose
The law of Christ alone can, Love is the fulfilling
The light of Christ has come, Donald Fishel ©
The light of the morning is breaking, Crugybar
The Lord and King of, Wohlauf, Thut Nicht Verzagen
The Lord ascendeth, Ach Herr, du allerhochster Gott
The Lord ascendeth up on high, Psalm 68
The Lord bless thee and keep thee, Mason
The Lord bless you and keep you, Aaronic Blessing ©
The Lord bless you and keep you, Peter C. Lukin
The Lord has given, Anonymous
The Lord has led forth, Chris Bowater ©
The Lord in wisdom made the earth, O Jesu
The Lord in Zion reigneth, H.P. Danks
The Lord is a great and mighty King, Diane Davis ©
The Lord is come! on Syrian soil, Jordan
The Lord is in His holy Temple, Quam Dilecta
The Lord Is In His Holy, William J. Kirkpatrick
The Lord is King!, Ivyhatch
The Lord is King, he is mighty in, Graham Kendrick ©
The Lord is King! lift up thy, Church Triumphant
The Lord is King! Lift up your voice, All is well
The Lord is King! lift up your voice, Niagara
The Lord is my Light and, El Senor Es Mi Luz ©
The Lord is my light; then why should, J.W. Bischoff
The Lord is my Shepherd, Brian Boniwell ©
The Lord is my shepherd (Montgomery), T. Koschat
The Lord is my shepherd (Psalm 23), Chinese Melody
The Lord is my Shepherd, R.E. Hudson
The Lord is my Shepherd, Yr Arglwydd yw fy Mugail
The Lord is my strength, Roland Fudge ©
The Lord is rich and merciful, Aurora
The Lord is ris'n indeed, now is His, Narenza
The Lord knows by name, E. E. Elsasser
The Lord, my God, be praised, Nun Danket Alle Gott
The Lord my shepherd is, Lowell Mason
The Lord of Heaven confess, St. John
The Lord reigns!, Almighty ©
The Lord reigns, Angela Browning ©
The Lord will come and not be slow, Balfour
The Lord will come and not be slow, Coleshill
The Lord will come and not be slow, York
The Lord will remember, Mair
The Lord your God in the midst of you, G Leavers ©
The Lord's my Shepherd, Brother James` Air
The Lord's my Shepherd, Crimond
The Lord's my Shepherd, Orlington
The Lord's my Shepherd, Wiltshire
The Lord's my shepherd, I'll, S. Townend ©
The Lord's our Rock, in Him we hide, F. Belden
The Lord's our Rock, in Him we, Ira D. Sankey
The Lord's Prayer, Lees ©
The love of Christ, Unknown
The love of Christ who died for me, Phil Burt ©
The love of God comes close, Melanie ©
The love of God is broader than, Sullivan ©
The love of God is greater far, Frederick Lehman
The market place is empty, W.J. Gaither ©
The Master hath come, and He calls us, Ash Grove
The mercy of God is an ocean, Russell K. Carter
The merits of the Saints, Das Herrlich Hohe Fest
The mountains shall depart, John E. Su
The name of Jesus is so sweet, E.S. Lorenz
The Name of the Lord is strong, Unknown
The night is come, The Blessed Rest
The night will soon be ending, Llangloffan
The North-wind is tossing the leaves, W.G. James ©
The one who lives in God, Abrigo de Dios ©
The Only Son from Heaven, Herr Christ (Gud Faders)
The path that I have trod, R.R. Forman
The people that in darkness, Lobt Gott, Ihr Christen
The people who in darkness walked, Dundee
The people who in darkness walked, Perry
The Perfect Law of God, Mear
The praises of that Saint we sing, St. Ambrose
The price is paid, Graham Kendrick ©
The river doesn't stop, P. Nilsen-Lund
The roseate hues of early dawn, Old 107th
The royal banners forward go, Andernach
The royal banners forward go, Parker
The royal banners forward go, Vexilla Regis Nova ©
The Sabbath day was by, Dexter Street
The saints of God! their conflict past, Beati
The saints of God! their conflict, Jervaulx Abbey
The sands of time are sinking, Rutherford
The Saviour is waiting to enter your, Carmichael ©
The service of Jesus true pleasure, Frank C. Huston
The shepherds had an angel, Christina
The silent moon has risen, Der Mond Ist Aufgegangen
The sinless one to Jordan, Solemnis Haec Festivitas
The sky shall unfold, Dottie Rambo ©
The snow lay on the ground, Venite Adoremus
The Son of Consolation!, Rhyddid
The Son of God goes forth to war, All Saints New
The Son of God goes forth to war, Fight of Faith
The Son of God goes forth to war, Stettin (Nun Seht)
The Son of God proclaim, Vineyard Haven ©
The Song of Moses, B.E. Ford ©
The sounds in God's world all agree, Listening ©
The spacious firmament on high, Creation
The spacious firmament on high, Firmament ©
The spacious firmament on high, London (Addison)
The Spirit О Sinner, P.P. Bliss
The Spirit lives to set us free, Unknown
The Spirit of the Lord, the sovereign, Chris Bowater ©
The splendour of the King, Chris Tomlin ©
The star proclaims the King is, Wo Gott Zum Haus
The Star Spangled Banner, National Anthem
The steadfast love of the Lord, E McNeill ©
The steps of a good man, Unknown
The strife is o'er,, Victory (Alleluia's)
The strife is o'er, the battle done, Victory
The strife is o'er,, Vulpius (Gelobt Sei Gott)
The sun is sinking fast, Irons
The sun is sinking fast, Speer (Sag Was Hilft)
The things that I love, Dottie Rambo ©
The thirsty deer longs for the, Caribbean Melody
The tree of life with every good, B. Becker ©
The trumpets sound, the angels sing, G. Kendrick ©
The vast heavens above are, Arfryn
The victory is now achieved, S. Randrianandraina
The victory is now achieved,, E.J. Hopkins
The Virgin Mary had a baby boy, West Indian
The voice of God goes out to all, St. Lucia (Brumby) ©
The way of the Cross means sacrifice, Ada R. Gibbs
The way that He loves, W. Elmo Mercer ©
The whole wide world for Jesus, J.H. Maunder
The whole wide world for Jesus!, Wolvercote
The whole world was lost in the darkness, P.P. Bliss
The will of God is always best, Was Mein Gott Will
The winter's sleep was, King's Langley
The wise man built his house, Anon
The wise may bring their learning, Bentley
The wise may bring their learning, Elder Mountain
The Wise May Bring Their Learning, Ellon
The wonder of it all, G.B. Shea ©
The Word of God is alive, Parks ©
The Word of God, proceeding forth, O Salutaris
The Word whom earth and sea and sky, Song 34
The World for Christ, B.B. McKinney
The world is full of smelly, Christopher Tambling ©
The world was in, R. Maxwell, W.Wirges, S. Sykes ©
The year is swiftly waning, Devonshire
Thee, O Jesus, I'll not, Meinen Jesum (Ulich)
Thee we adore, O hidden Saviour, Thee, Pax Dei
Thee will I love, my God and King, Psalm 138
Thee will I love, my Strength, my, St. Chrysostom
Thee will I love, my strength,, Ich Will Dich Lieben
Their names are names of kings, Frogmore
Then I met the Master, M Lister ©
Then I saw a new heaven and earth, Norman Warren ©
There are hundreds of sparrows, J. Larson ©
There are lonely hearts to cherish, Ira D. Sankey
There are loved ones in the glory, C.H. Gabriel
There are many things in life, Del Delamont ©
There are people hurting in the world, John Larsson ©
There are promises, a sweet feast, Trefforest
There are things as we travel, W.J. Gaither ©
There are truly many children, Glory
There by the sea, R. Carmichael ©
There comes to my heart one sweet, P.P. Bilhorn
There have been names that I have loved to, L. Long
There is a balm in Gilead, Spiritual
There is a blessed home, Beulah (Hemy)
There is a blessed home, Seventh Mode Melody
There is a book, who runs may read, Relief
There is a book, who runs may read, Southwell
There is a book, who runs may read, St. Flavian
There is a chosen place, R. Rahoerson
There is a fountain filled with blood,
There is a fountain filled with blood, Belmont
There is a Fountain opened for, Merrill Dunlop ©
There is a gate that stands ajar, S.J. Vail
There is a God, Sandy Yu ©
There is a green hill far away, Green Hill
There is a green hill far away, Horsley
There is a green hill far away, Meditation
There is a happy land, Happy Land
There is a higher throne, Lennox/Getty ©
There is a land of pure delight, Beulah (Garrett)
There is a land of pure delight, Mendip
There is a longing in our hearts, Anne Quigley ©
There is a Name I love to, Traditional (Whitfield)
There is a Name I love to hear, W.H. Rudd ©
There is a new heaven, Ruth C. Duck ©
There is a place of quiet rest, C.B. McAfee
There is a Redeemer, Jesus, God's, Melody Green ©
There is a road that goes to, Road To Heaven
There is a Savior, Savior ©
There is a time for, St. Peter's Norwalk ©
There is a voice , Land of Rest
There is coming a day, J. Hill ©
There is joy in serving Jesus, Bentley D. Ackley ©
There is life for a look at the, E. G. Taylor
There is never a day so dreary, E.O. Sellers
There is no condemnation, Joan Parsons ©
There is no condemnation, Unknown
There is no love like the love, T.E. Perkins
There is no moment in my life, Creator God ©
There is no moment of my life, Kenwyn (Hopkins)
There is no name so sweet on earth, W.B. Bradbury
There is none holy as the Lord, G. Garrett ©
There is none like You, L. LeBlanc ©
There is one thing, O Lord, Mimi Lam
There is singing up in heaven, J.R. Sweeny
There is strength in the name of, Name of the Lord ©
There is sunshine in my soul today, Sunshine
There shall be showers of blessing, James McGranahan
There waits for me a glad, James A. Crutchfield ©
There was One who was willing to die, G.C. Tullar
There were ninety and nine, I.D. Sankey
There will never be a sweeter story, J.W. Peterson ©
There’s a dear and precious, Charlie D. Tilman
Therefore if anyone is in Christ, Michael P. Donley ©
Therefore the redeemed of the Lord, R. Lake ©
Therefore we lift our hearts in praise, Colin Green ©
There'll be joy in the morning, Natalie Sleeth ©
There'll be no dark valley when, I. D. Sankey
There's a call comes ringing, McCabe
There's a church in the valley by, W. S. Pitts
There's a church within us,, Kent E. Schneider ©
There's a Friend for little, In Memoriam
There's a Friend for little children, Ingrave
There's a garden where Jesus is, J. Fillmore
There's a gladness in my heart, He set me free ©
There's a great day coming, Will L. Thompson
There's a land beyond the river, D. deMarbelle
There's a land that is fairer than, J.P. Webster
There's a light shining forth, Anon
There's a light upon the mountain, Mt Holyoke
There's a line that is drawn, A.J. Hodge
There's a message true and glad, S.W. Beazley
There's a peace in my heart, Anne S. Murphy
There's a place where the streets, Paul Oakley ©
There's a promised land made for, W.J. Gaither ©
There's a quiet understanding, Tedd Smith ©
There's a royal banner given for, J. McGranahan
There's a song in the air!, Christmas Song
There's a sound on the wind, Graham Kendrick ©
There's a spirit in the air, Lauds ©
There's a star in, African-American Spiritual
There's a Stranger at the Door, Edwin O. Excell
There's a sweet and blessed, J.W. Henderson
There's a sweet sweet Spirit in this, D. Akers ©
There's a voice in the wilderness, Ascension ©
There's a way back to God, E.H. Swinstead
There's a wideness in, Animae Hominum
There's a wideness in God's, Armstrong
There's a wideness in God's mercy, Beecher
There's a wideness in God's, Corvedale ©
There's a wideness in God's, Cross of Jesus
There's a wideness in God's, G. Baker ©
There's a wideness in God's mercy, Revive Us
There's a wideness in God's mercy, St. Mabyn
There's a wideness in God's mercy, Wellesley
There's a wideness in God's, Zum Frieden
There's no greater Name than Jesus, M. Baughen ©
There's no other name like Jesus, F.E. Belden
There's not a friend like the lowly, G.C. Hugg
There's Someone who loves, J. Lange & H. Graham ©
There's within my heart a melody, Sweetest Name
There've been times when, William J. Gaither ©
These are the days of Elijah, R. Mark ©
These are the facts as we have received them, Yvonne ©
These are the holy Ten, In Gottes Namen Fahren Wir
These, despised in the world, Paul A.I.D. Bost
These things did Thomas count as real, Realiter ©
These things shall be: a loftier, Merthyr Tydfil
They asked, "Who's my neighbor", Jan Wesson ©
They cast their nets in Galilee, Georgetown ©
They come from the east and west, Spicer
They crucified my Lord, African-American Spiritual
They rolled a stone before the door, Springbrook ©
They see, Friend, Jesus, Ven, Amigo
They shall be oaks of righteousness, Granby Oak ©
They that wait upon the Lord, Andy Silver ©
They that wait upon the Lord, S. Hamblen ©
They took the crucified Jesus to the, Jamie Redin ©
Thine arm, O Lord, in days of old, St. Matthew
Thine be the Glory, Judas Maccabeus
Thine for ever! God of love, Horsham
Thine for ever! God of love, Newington
Thine the amen, Thine the praise, Thine ©
Think about His love, Harrah ©
Think of a world without..., Genesis ©
Thirsty men don't need to sigh again, Horton
This Child secretly comes, Graham Kendrick ©
This child we dedicate to Thee, Federal Street
This day at Thy creating word, Rushford
This day God gives me strength, Addington ©
This day God gives me strength, Many Masions ©
This earth belongs to God, Trumpet Voluntary
This is a time to remember, Dudley ©
This is holy ground, Beatty ©
This is My body broken for you, J. Owens ©
This is My body that is broken for you, J. Hayford ©
This is My commandment, that you love one, Unknown
This is my desire, R. Morgan ©
This is my Father's world, Mercer Street ©
This is my Father's world, Terra Beata/Patris
This is my will, my one command, Suantrai
This is our nation (Australia), G. Bullock ©
This is the air I breathe, Marie Barnett ©
This is the day of light, Dulwich College
This is the day of light, Falcon (Silver) Street
This is the day of light, Holy Rood
This is the day of new beginnings, Beginnings ©
This is the day of rest, Old Dysart ©
This is the day that the Lord has made, L. Garrett ©
This is the day the Lord has made, Broomsgrove
This is the day the Lord hath made, Arlington
This is the day the Lord hath made, London New
This is the Feast of victory for, Festival Canticle ©
This is the feast of victory for, Richard W. Hillert ©
This is the hour of banquet, Canticum Refectionis ©
This is the hour of banquet and of song, Morestead ©
This is the joyful day, I.D. Sankey
This is the Spirit's entry now, Damascus Road ©
This is the threefold truth, Acclamations ©
This is what our Savior said, G. Leavers & P. Burt ©
This joyful Eastertide, Vruechten (Easter-Tide)
This little light of mine, Traditional
This one thing I know, Unknown Composer
This sweet Noel, M. Weisse
This sweet Noel, P. Nilsen-Lund
This, this is the God we adore, Celeste
This world is not my home, J.R. Baxter Jr ©
This world you have made is a, Susan Sayers ©
Tho shadows deepen and my heart, Ira F. Stanphill ©
Tho the angry surges roll, D.B. Towner
Tho' the way we journey maybe, Lewis E. Jones
Those eternal bowers man hath never trod, St. Albans
Those who are careful, I.D. Sankey
Thou art before me, Lord, Highland Cathedral
Thou art coming, O my Savior, Beverley
Thou art gone up on high, Old 25th
Thou art my God and I will praise thee, Tony Hopkins ©
Thou art my life, Lowenstern
Thou art my paradise, O Jesu, Ph. Razafindraraoty
Thou art really alive, G.C. Stebbins
Thou art the Everlasting Word, Palmyra
Thou art the Everlasting Word, Supremacy
Thou art the fairest, Mimi Lam
Thou art the way: by Thee alone, Metzler
Thou art the Way, to Thee alone, St. James
Thou art worthy, P.M. Mills ©
Thou art worthy, Great Jehovah, Eagan ©
Thou didst leave Thy throne, I.D. Sankey
Thou didst leave Thy throne, Margaret
Thou God of truth and love, St. Godric
Thou gracious God, whose mercy lends, Wendell
Thou great Creator of the heavens, Morfudd
Thou great Redeemer, dying Lamb, Henbsury
Thou hallowed chosen morn of, Dies Ist Der Tag
Thou hallowed chosen morn of praise, Eisenach
Thou hast said Thou art the vine, Robert Roberts
Thou hidden Love of God, St. Chrysostom
Thou hidden Love of God, whose height, New 113th
Thou hidden source of calm repose, Stella
Thou, Jesus, Thou my breast inspire, Old 113th
Thou Judge of quick and dead, DinBych
Thou, Lord, hast power to heal, Dolgelly
Thou, Lord, who created the worlds, Llwynwern
Thou, my everlasting portion, Close to Thee
Thou, O God, the Holy One, Peniel
Thou, O Lord art a shield, D. Thomas & C. Williams ©
Thou say'st: Take up thy cross, Submission
Thou to whom the sick and dying, Evensong
Thou who art worthy of all my, Godre'r Coed
Thou, Who at the first Eucharist did pray, Song 1
Thou, who at Thy first, Sacramentum Unitatis
Thou who sentest thine Apostles, Bryntirion
Thou who wakes the birds, Laur
Thou Who wast rich beyond all, Bergers (Fragrance)
Thou whose almighty Word, Malvern
Thou, whose almighty word, Moscow
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, Unknown
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, Vivian Kretz
Though Christ a thousand times, Margaret M. Simpson
Though it seems that your prayers, W.J. Gaither ©
Though the fig tree does not blossom, T. Hopkins ©
Though the fruit tree doesn't, Geraldine Latty ©
Though the skies be grey above me, Springtime ©
Though we, O Lord, no fields have, Golden Sheaves
Though Your sins be as scarlet, William H. Doane
Three in One, and One in three, Capetown
Threefold Amen, Danish
Throned upon the awful Tree, Nicht so Traurig
Through all the changing scenes, Irish
Through all the changing scenes, Wiltshire
Through it all, Andrae Crouch ©
Through, Ich dank' Dir, Lieber Herre
Through our fragmentary prayers, Wordless ©
Through our God we shall do valiantly, D. Garratt ©
Through the day thy love has spared us, Dretzel
Through the day Thy love, Komm, o komm, du Geist
Through the faith, Chinese folk-hymn
Through the heart of ev'ry city, Truesdell ©
Through the love of God our Saviour, Southgate
Through the night of doubt and sorrow, All For Jesus
Through the night of doubt and sorrow, Ebenezer
Through the night of doubt and sorrow, St. Asaph
Through the Red Sea, Wurtemburg (3 Alleluias)
Throw out the Life-Line across the dark, E.S. Ufford
Thy ceaseless, unexhausted love, Tudor
Thy faithfulness, Lord, each moment we, Montgomery
Thy hand, O God, has guided, Thornbury
Thy Holy Spirit, Lord, alone, William J. Kirkpatrick
Thy holy wings, dear Saviour, Swedish Melody
Thy Kingdom come, Hosmer
Thy kingdom come - on bended knee, Blackburn
Thy Life was given for me, Baca
Thy loving kindness is better than life, Unknown
Thy Name is sweet as oinment, Henry J.E. Holmes
Thy name we love, Lord Jesus, Johann M. Haydn
Thy Saints are crowned with glory great, Southill
Thy strong word did cleave, Ebenezer (Ton-y-Botel)
Thy way, not mine, O Lord, Psalm 32
Thy way, not mine, O Lord, Unknown
Thy Word is a lamp to my feet, E.O. Sellers
Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, M.W. Smith ©
Thy Word is like a garden, Lord, Bethlehem
Thy Word is like a garden, Lord, St. Bernard
Tidings of Salvation Bringing, Russian Composer
Till He come, Wells, Wellspring
Timeless love! We sing the story, Norman Warren ©
Tis a true and faithful saying, J. McGranahan
Tis almost time for the Lord to, G.W. Sederquist
Tis love that makes us happy, F.E. Beldon
Tis midnight, and on, Eastertime (Sandys)
Tis midnight, and on Olive's brow, Olives Brow
Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, W. Kirkpatrick
Tis so sweet to walk with Jesus, Albert B. Simpson
Tis the Blessed Hour of Prayer, Meditation ©
Tis the blessed hour of prayer, W.H. Doane
Tis the Church triumphant singing, Unknown
Tis the grandest theme thru the ages, W.A. Ogden
Tis the old time religion, Spiritual
Tis the promise of God, P.P. Bliss
To a virgin meek and mild, Lo Desembre Congelat
To be a soldier, to fight for peace, Miles Christi ©
To be in your presence, Noel Richards ©
To be like Jesus, D & M Tunney ©
To be like Jesus, Traditional
To Christ, whose hands will bless, Murray ©
To God be the Glory, My Tribute ©
To God be the glory, W. H. Doane
To God the anthem raising, Helft mir Gott`s Gute
To God the Holy Spirit let us pray, Nun Bitten Wir
To God, the only Wise, St. Augustine
To God with gladness sing, Camano ©
To God's bright heights, Unknown
To him who is able to keep us, Andy Silver ©
To Him who sits on the throne, Graafsma ©
To Jesus every day I find, C. Austin Miles
To Jordan came the Christ, our, Christ, Unser Herr
To Jordan came the Christ, our Lord, Elvet Banks ©
To Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love, Epsom
To my humble supplication, De Profundis
To rise with the hosts, Hadley
To see the King of heaven, K. Getty & S. Townend ©
To the millions , Elisha A. Hoffman
To the Name of our salvation, Grafton
To the Name of our salvation, Oriel
To the regions beyond, Margaret M. Simpson
To the river I am going, Brian Doerksen ©
To the work! to the work!, W.H. Doane
To Thee, dear Lord, O Christ of God, Mimi Lam
To Thee, O Comforter Divine, St. Bartholomew's
To Thee, O God, our hearts we raise, Bishopgarth
To Thee, O Lord our hearts we raise, Golden Sheaves
To Thee, O Lord, our hearts we raise, Norse Air
To thee, O Lord, our hearts we raise, St. Gall
To Thee our God we fly, Gratitude
To Thee we ascribe glory, Kirk Dearman ©
To Us a Child of Hope Is Born, Lowell Mason
To us a Child of royal birth, Killibegs ©
Today, I awake and God is before, Slithers of Gold ©
Today Your mercy calls us, Anthes
Touch the earth lightly, Tenderness ©
Trembling soul, beset by fears, J. McGranahan
Trials dark on every hand, Charles A. Tindley
Trials here are sometimes many, Elmo Rodgers ©
Trinidad and Tobago Liturgy, Wooding
Trotting, trotting through Jerusalem, Eric J. Reid ©
Troubled sinner, Talmar
Troublesome times are here, R.E. Winsett
True hearted, whole hearted, faithful, Truehearted
Trust in the Lord with all your, Richard K. Carlson ©
Trusting in the Lord Thy God, Onward Go
Trusting in the Saviour, C. Austin Miles
Trying to walk in the steps of the, W. Kirkpatrick
Turn back, O man, forswear thy, Old 124th
Turn your eyes upon Jesus (Refrain), Lemmel ©
Twas in the moon of winter time, Une Jeune Pucelle
Twas on that night when doomed to know, Danby
Two fishermen who lived, Suzanne Toolan ©
Two hands praying, Y Darlun
Two little eyes to look to God, C.C. Kerr
Two stalwart trees both, De eersten zijn de laatsten ©
Unanswered yet?, Charles D. Tillman
Unclean lips, unclean thoughts, Mimi Lam
Under His wings, Hingham
Under the burdens of guilt and care, Chas Bonnar
Unless the Lord builds the house, Jonathan Nowell ©
Unto the silent hills I raise, Buttermere ©
Unto Thee, O Lord, Charles F. Monroe ©
Unto us a boy is born, Puer Nobis
Up Calvary's mountain, Redeemer
Up the Calvary Road, Russian Composer
Up through endless ranks of angels, Ascended Triumph ©
Up to your table, Lord, you call us, Jonathan Nowell ©
Upon the cross, O Welt, Ich Muss Dich Lassen
Uprouse ye, Christian people, St. Georges Day
Venite (S35), J. N. White ©
Very Bread, good Shepherd, tend us, Unitas Fratrum
Victim Divine, thy grace we, Coleraine (Vicenza)
Victim divine, Thy grace we claim, Euphony
Victory I have in Jesus Christ, S. Powell ©
Victory is on our lips, Diane Fung ©
Virgin born, we bow before Thee, Psa 86
Virgin born, we bow, Urquell Aller Seligkeiten
Voices raised to You we offer, Song of Praise ©
Wait for the Lord, Disgwyl yr Ior ©
Wake, awake, for night is, Wachet Auf (arr. Bach)
Wake, awake, for night is flying, Wachet Auf
Wake the song of joy and gladness, W.F. Sherwin
Walk in the Light! so shalt thou know, Campmeeting
Walk in the light: so shalt thou know, Tiltey Abbey
Walk with me, O my Lord, Estelle White ©
Walking in sunlight all of my journey, G.H. Cook
Walking in the comfort of the Holy Ghost, Mrs Myland
Was it for me, for me alone, J.M. Whyte
Was it for me that Jesus died, W.S. Weeden
Wash me clean in that cool river, Maggi Dawn ©
Watch, pray and expect, Unknown
Watch, ye saints, W. Kirkpatrick
Watchman, tell us of the night, Aberystwyth
Watchman, tell us of the night, Watchman
Water, blood, and Spirit crying, Filter ©
We all believe in God who, Wir Glauben All (Wagner)
We all believe in one, Wir glauben all (Latin Chant)
We all believe in one, Wir Glauben All (Metrical)
We are a chosen people, David Hadden ©
We are a moment, You are, L. DeShazon & G. Sadler ©
We are a people of power, T. King ©
We are all world Christians, Hawthorne ©
We are bound to each other in love, Eli Chavira ©
We are called to be God's people, Austria
We are called to be God's people, Festival
We are climbing, American Negro Spiritual
We are gathering together, Anon
We are God's people, Symphony ©
We are going forth, Albert B. Simpson
We are heirs of the Father, We are family ©
We are here to praise You, Graham Kendrick ©
We are his children, G. Kendrick ©
We are living, we are dwelling, Blaenhafren
We are living, we are dwelling, The Alarm
We are marching, Graham Kendrick ©
We are marching in the light of God, Siyahamba
We are moving on, Ian Traynar ©
We are never, never weary, William J. Kirkpatrick
We are now meeting, Thomas Bilby
We are one in the bond of love, Skillings ©
We are one in the Spirit, we are one, St. Brendan`s ©
We are so blessed, W & G Gaither & G. Nelson ©
We are standing on Holy Ground, G. Davis ©
We are trav'lers on a journey, Beach Spring
We are Your little Ones, Jesu, C.C.D, 230
We are Your people, Whitfield ©
We ascribe to You, Capel Tygwydd
We believe in God the Father, Graham Kendrick ©
We bless Thee for Thy peace, Belmont
We bow down and confess you are, Viola Grafstrom ©
We break this bread, C. Rolinson ©
We bring the sacrifice of praise, Kirk Dearman ©
We cannot care for you, Jennifer ©
We cannot measure, Ye Banks and Braes
We come before thee now, Diolch Am Y Cynhaeaf
We come from the mountains, S. T. Kimbrough ©
We come to You with no pretence, Shanti ©
We come unto our father's God, Irvine Waterside
We come unto our father's God, The Golden Chain
We come unto our father's God, To God on High
We cry, Hosanna, Lord, Mimi Farra ©
We declare Your majesty, M. DuPlessis ©
We do not hope to ease, Vikki Cook (Arr P.L. Wright) ©
We do not presume to come to this table, Paul Field ©
We eat the plants that grow from, Country Gardens
We gather here in Jesus' Name, B.J. Leech ©
We gather here in Jesus' name, Divernon ©
We gather together to ask the Lord's, Kremser
We give immortal praise, Christchurch
We give immortal praise to God the, Crofts 136th
We give Thee but Thine own, Doncaster
We give Thee but Thine own, Energy
We give Thee but Thine own, Schumann
We give Thee but Thine own, St. Andrew
We give Thee but Thine own, Windermere (Somervell)
We give Thee but thine own, Yattendon 46
We have a Gospel to proclaim, Fulda
We have a King who rides a donkey, Traditional
We have come into His house, Bruce Ballinger ©
We have come to join in worship, Holy Manna
We have heard the joyful sound, Jesus Saves
We have heard the joyful sound, Limpsfield
We have not known Thee as we ought, Pater Omnium
We have not known thee as we ought, St. Catherine
We have nothing to give, Matt Redman ©
We have this hope, SDA General Conference ©
We hear the words of love, Horatius Bonar
We know not the hour, F. E. Belden
We know that Christ is raised, Engelberg
We lay our broken world, Sorrow ©
We lift voices, we lift our hands, Offering ©
We limit not the truth of God, Petersham
We love, Mimi Lam
We love the place, O God, Quam Dilecta
We love Thy Kingdom, Lord, St. Giles
We magnify our Father God, Montrose ©
We may tarry a while, J.W. Van deVenter
We place upon your table, Lord, Distress
We plough the fields, and scatter, Wir Pflugen
We praise God in the morning, Captain A. Price ©
We praise our Father in heaven, Elfair ©
We praise the Lord's name, Newark
We praise Thee, O God, J.J. Husband
We praise Thee, O God, our Redeemer, Kremser
We praise thee, O Lord, eternal Master, Lilian
We praise thee with our minds, O Lord, Clonmel
We praise thy name, Derbyn Ein Diolch Ni
We praise, we worship Thee, O God, Church Triumphant
We praise You, God, confessing you as Lord!, Song 1
We praise you, Lord, for Jesus, Crucis Victoria
We praise you, Lord, for Jesus Christ, Howard
We praise You, O Jehovah, E.P. Parker
We praise You, O Lord, Peter Jones ©
We pray for peace, Hounsfield ©
We pray thee, heavenly Father, Caerlleon
We pray, Thee, heav'nly Father, Dies Dominica
We pray until the hour, Calabria ©
We read of a place , A.P. Bland
We really want to thank you, Lord, Ed Baggett ©
We rest on Thee, our Shield, James Mountain
We rose today with anthems sweet, Norwood
We saw Thee not when Thou didst come, Credo
We see the eyes of Mary shine, France Hill ©
We see the Lord, Anon.
We shall overcome, Martin
We shall stand before the King, Edwin O. Excell
We shall stand with our feet on the, Graham Kendrick ©
We shall walk through, African-American Spiritual
We sing of God, the mighty source, Cornwall
We sing of God, the mighty source, Magdalen College
We sing of your glory, Rio de la Plata
We Sing The Boundless Praise, Boundless Praise ©
We sing the glorious conquest, Munich
We sing the praise of Him who died, Breslau
We sing the praise of, Calvisius (Ach Bleib Bei Uns)
We sing the praise of Him Who died, Warrington
We sing the praise of Him who died, Windham
We speak of the realms of, Contrast (Green Fields)
We thank Thee, Lord, for using us, Farrant
We thank you, God for eyes to see, Swiss folk melody
We thank you, Lord of Heaven, Shining Day
We thank you, O Father, for Your, J. Rakotonirainy
We the Lord's people, Decatur Place ©
We three kings of Orient are, Kings of Orient
We turn to God when we are, The cost of discipleship ©
We turn to you, O God of ev'ry nation, Harding ©
We wait for a great and glorious day, Skoog ©
We walk by faith, and not by sight, Shanti ©
We walk by faith, and not by sight, St. Botolph ©
We want to see Jesus lifted up, D. Horley ©
We were held in bondage,, William J. Kirkpatrick
We will extol you, ever-blessed, Old 124th
We will glorify the King of kings, T. Paris ©
We will lay our burden down, Laying Down ©
We will overcome thro' the blood, Carol Cymbala ©
We will sing of our Redeemer, Gordon Brattle ©
We will walk braver, Unknown
We worship and adore You, Anon
We worship only You, Spanish Melody
We would see Jesus, F.E. Belden
We, Your little ones, come to You, Gustava Kielland
Weary of earth, and laden with, Langran (St. Anne)
Weary of earth and laden with my sin, Valor
Weary pilgrim on life's, Felix Mendelssohn
Weeping will not save you, R. Lowry
Welcome, happy morning, Fortunatus
Welcome, happy morning!, Hermas
We'll build on the Rock, the, F.E. Belden
We'll walk the land with hearts on, G. Kendrick ©
We're gathered here because we all, G. Johnson ©
We're going home, no more to roam, P.P. Bliss
Were you there?, Negro Spiritual
We've a story to tell to the nations, Message
We've come this far by faith, Albert Goodson ©
We've no abiding city here, Andre
What a fellowship, what a joy divine, Showalter
What a Friend we have in Jesus, Blaenwern
What a Friend we have in Jesus, Calon Lan
What a Friend we have in Jesus, Converse/Erie
What a mighty God we serve, Anon.
What a mighty God we serve, Zulu Working Song
What a wonderful change, Gabriel
What a wonderful message in God's, M. Dunlop ©
What a Wonderful Savior, E.A. Hoffman
What a wonderful, wonderful Saviour, F.A. Graves
What are these arrayed in white, Benevento
What are these that glow from afar, Ymdaith Mwngc
What can I give Him?, Castle ©
What can wash away my sin?, Robert Lowry
What child is this who, laid to, Greensleeves
What does the Lord require, Sharpthorne ©
What gift can we bring, Anniversary Song ©
What God ordains is always good, Was Gott Tut
What grace, O Lord, and beauty shone, Clinton
What happiness, God is calling the, R. Jackson
What is the crying at, St. Mark's Berkeley
What is this bread?, Preparation ©
What is this place where we are, Komt Nu Met Zang
What joy there is in coming, Sanctuary
What joy, to think of that vast, Hermann (Nicolaus)
What Joy 'twill be, Russian Composer
What kind of love is that, B. & S. Haworth ©
What king would wade through murky, Carol Doran ©
What length, breadth,, Christian Harmony, 1805
What means this eager anxious, Theodore E. Perkins
What Must I Do?, Harry D. Clarke
What shall I do my God to love, Stella
What shall I do my God to love, my loving, Jerusalem
What Shall I Give Thee, Master, Homer W. Grimes
What shall we offer our good Lord, Offering ©
What shall we pray for those who, Kingston (Bell) ©
What star is this, with beams, Ein Kind Gebor'n
What star is this, with beams so bright, Puer Nobis
What thanks and praise to Thee, Deus Tuorum Militum
What truth: Jesus is alive, Kr. Wendelborg
What was it, blessed God, Unknown
What wondrous love is this, Wondrous Love
Whatever will happen Jesu, Georges Andriamanantena
When aimless violence takes those we love, Greenbelt ©
When all my labors and trials are, The Glory Song
When all the world was, Was Frag Ich Nach Der Welt
When all Thy mercies, O my God, Durham
When all your mercies, O my God, Belmont
When all your mercies, O my God, Contemplation
When all your mercies, O my God, Harington
When amid life's busy, Whispering Hope
When At the Wedding Feast, Russian Composer
When Christ our Lord, Monte Cassino
When Christ was born in Bethlehem, Holy Innocents ©
When Christ was lifted up, Winchcombe ©
When Christmas morn is breaking, Juldagsmorgon
When Christ's appearing, Erhalt Uns (Rhythmic)
When Christ's, Vom Himmel Kam Der Engel Schar
When each term in time, Martin
When Easter to the dark world came, At Eastertide
When God Almighty came to be one of us, Urquhart ©
When God made the garden of creation, Paul Booth ©
When God of old came down from heaven, Stroudwater
When grief is raw and music goes, Ryan ©
When He comes back, Malcom Stewart ©
When He cometh, G.F. Root
When He shall come, resplendent, Pearce
When He was baptized in Jordan, Charlestown
When he was baptized in Jordan, Glenfield ©
When, His salvation bringing, Tours
When His time was over, the palms, Wakefield Street ©
When I am in the natural man, John D. Roberts
When I beheld Jesus Christ, Min Aynet Fiqir New
When I can read my title clear, Joseph C. Lowery
When I come to the end of myself, Unknown
When I cross that golden strand, Irene Atkinson ©
When I fear my faith will fail, Russian Composer
When I feel my faith will fail, Robert Harkness
When I feel the touch of Your hand, Jones/Matthew ©
When I had not learned of Jesus, Yoosun Lee
When I look into your holiness, W & C Perrin ©
When I needed a neighbour, Sydney Carter ©
When I saw the cleansing fountain, I will praise Him
When I see my Saviour, hanging on, R. Harkness
When I survey the wondrous cross, Hamburg
When I survey the wondrous cross, Nettleton
When I survey the wondrous cross, O Waly Waly
When I survey the wondrous cross, Rockingham
When I think about the cross, M & H Johnson ©
When I was but a little child, Charles M. Fillmore
When I was lost, You came to me, K & M Simmonds ©
When I'm feeling down and sad, Joy Webb ©
When I'm low in spirit I cry, Dottie Rambo ©
When in hard times, N. bek Amir-Khan Knaizeff
When in our music God is, Celebration '85 ©
When Israel was in Egypt's land, Go down Moses
When Jesu was staying with us, S.D. Major
When Jesus comes to reward His servants, W.H. Doane
When Jesus died to save us, Tucker
When Jesus I knew not, Russian Composer
When Jesus left his Father's throne, Kingsfold
When Jesus lived among us He came, Thaxted
When life for us is full of, Wayfaring Stranger
When listening prophets dare to speak, Rockhurst ©
When morning breaks, Caryl
When morning gilds the skies, Adelaide (Lohe)
When morning gilds the skies, Laudes Domini
When morning gilds the skies, O Seigneur
When mothers of Salem, Salem
When my blest Lord will come again, James McGranahan
When my life-work is ended, J.R. Sweney
When, O God, our faith is tested, Fortunatus New ©
When o'er my sins I sorrow, Wenn Meine Sund
When our caring loves wears, Charterhouse (Cooper)
When our heads are bowed with woe, Redhead 47
When our heads are bowed with woe, St. Prisca
When peace like a river, Russian Composer
When peace, like a river, attendeth, Ville du Havre
When sorrows and storms, Commandant H. Booth
When Stephen, full of power and grace, Salvation
When Stephen, full of power and, Wellington Square ©
When the bonds of love, God of Healing ©
When the Church of Jesus, Cuddesdon
When the Church of Jesus, Sutton Trinity ©
When the King Comes in His Glory,
When the Lord in glory comes, Glorious Coming ©
When the Lord of love was here, Salvator
When the morning stars together, Weisse Flaggen
When the music fades, M. Redman ©
When the road is rough and steep, Norman J. Clayton ©
When the Savior calls, arr. V. O. Stamps
When the sky turned black and Jesus, Good Friday ©
When the Spirit of the Lord, Unknown
When the storms of life are raging, James McGranahan
When the storms of life are raging, Stand by me
When the toils of life are over, C.B. Widmeyer
When the trumpet of the Lord, Roll Call
When the weary, seeking rest, Intercession
When this passing world is done, Pressburg
When trials and troubles, Lawrence F. Taylor ©
When trouble strikes and fear takes, Died for love
When upon life's billows you, Edwin O. Excell
When we are living, we are in the, Somos del Senor
When we are tempted, Psalm 22
When we are tested and wrestle, Carlton R. Young ©
When we walk with the Lord, Trust and Obey
When wilt Thou save the people?, Commonwealth
When wilt Thou save the people?, Kendal
When years are shortened, Emyn Gosber
When You prayed beneath the trees, Kelvingrove
When You woke that Thursday morning, Joyous Light ©
Where are thy old mercies, Beddgelert
Where cross the crowded ways of, Germany (Gardiner)
Where cross the crowded ways of, St. Bartholomew
Where do Christmas songs begin?, Mountain Heights
Where He leads me I must follow, Like a Lamb ©
Where He may lead me I will go, J.M. Black
Where high the heavenly temple stands, Kent
Where Holy Spirit Lives in Hearts, Jno. Sweney
Where justice rolls down, Robert D. Stromberg ©
Where shall my wondering soul, Crucifixion (Lambeth)
Where Shepherds lately knelt and kept, Manger Song ©
Where the Lord walks, Nahum ©
Where the Spirit is there's freedom, Guds Ande ©
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, S.R. Adams ©
Where there is charity and love, Jeremy ©
Where two or three are gathered, John W. Peterson ©
Where Will You Spend Eternity?, J. H. Tenny
Wherefore, O Father, Christe Fons Jugis
Wherefore, O Father, Lobet den Herren
Wherefore, O Father, Oblation
Wheresoe'er I roam, Var Jag Gar
Wherever I am, Anon
Wherever I may travel, Ira F. Stanphill ©
Wherever I may wander, New England
While by the sheep we watched, Jungst
While fighting for my Savior here, Mary M. Garland
While morning still is breaking, Lob Gott Getrost
While passing through this world, Coleman
While Shepherds watched, Christmas
While Shepherds watched, Winchester Old
While shepherds watched their flocks, Hampton ©
While we are waiting, come, Waiting ©
While we pray and while we plead, C.C. Case
Whisper a prayer in the morning, Anonymous
Whiter than snow, Fischer
Whither Pilgrims Are You Going?, T.W. Hoyle
Who are these like stars appearing, All Saints
Who are you who walk in sorrow, Jefferson
Who at my door is standing, Asa B. Everett
Who can cheer the heart like Jesus, Harris ©
Who can sound the depths of sorrow, Graham Kendrick ©
Who fathoms the eternal thought?, Green Hill
Who in the Lord confide, Ishmael
Who is He in yonder stall, B.R. Hanby
Who is He in yonder stall (Double Verse), B.R. Hanby
Who is like unto thee, Judy H. Montemayor ©
Who is on the Lord's side, Armageddon
Who is the baby an hour or two old, Aye Carol ©
Who is the King of glory, Israeli Melody
Who is there like you, Paul Oakley ©
Who is this so weak and helpless, Llansanna
Who made the mountain, Lange, Heath, Burke ©
Who made the stars overhead, Pwy wnaeth y ser
Who paints the skies into glorious day?, S. Townend ©
Who put the colours in the rainbow, Paul Booth ©
Who, who are these besides, Tullius C. O'Kane
Who would ever have believed it?, Ae Fond Kiss
Who would think that what was, Scarlet Ribbons ©
Who would true valour see, Monks Gate
Whom have I, Lord, in heaven but, R. George Halls
Whosoever, Anywhere, Open Door
Whosoever heareth, P.P. Bliss
Whosoever will to the Lord, arr. by Frank Trenchard
Why did they nail Him to, John M. Moore ©
Why do you wait?, G.F. Root
Why has God forsaken me?, Shimpi ©
Why, impious Herod, shouldst thou, St. Venantius
Why should cross and trial grieve me?, Bonn
Why should I be anxious, Sunne
Why Should I Charge My Soul, D.B. Towner
Why should I feel discouraged?, C.H. Gabriel
Why should I worry, doubt and fear?,
Wide is the road, Daniel Read
Wide, wide as the ocean, C. Miles
Widor - Toccata (Op 42, No1, V), C. Widor
Wild and lone the prophet's voice, La Grange ©
Wildly Life's Billows Are, Russian Composer
Will you come and follow me, Kelvingrove
Will your anchor hold, W.J. Kirkpatrick
Wilt Thou forgive that sin, Donne
Wilt Thou forgive that sin, So Giebst Du Nun
Wind of the north, O now blow!, Orchid Bulb
Wind upon the waters, M. Haugen ©
Wind, wind blow on me, J & B Clowe ©
Wings of a Dove, Bob Ferguson ©
Wise God, Old 19th Cent
Wise men, seeking Jesus, Worship
With a prayer, You fed the hungry, S. Townend ©
With all my heart I thank You, Lord, Paul Field ©
With all my heart, I want to love You, Lord, Mason ©
With broken heart and, Babylon's Streams
With friends on earth we meet in, J.H. Tenney
With gladness we worship, rejoice as we, Datchet
With God as our Friend, Ahnfelt
With harps and with viols, P.P. Bliss
With high delight let us unite, Mit Freuden Zart
With holy joy my, Mein Seel, O Herr, Muss Loben Dich
With joy we meditate the grace, St. Stephen
With my hands lifted up, T. Muller
With my heart I worship you, Norman Warren ©
With my lips I will bless You, D. Campbell ©
With our lips let us sing, People of God ©
With sunrise the morning, Salm Foreol
With the Lord begin your task, Fang Dein Werk
With the sweet word of peace, Verbum Pacis
With this bread we will remember, G. Baker ©
Within His secret place, Mimi Lam
Within the Veil, be this, Unknown
Within the veil I now would come, Dryden ©
Without Him I could do nothing, Mylon R. LeFevre ©
Woman in the night, Haiz ©
Wonder of wonders, life is beginning, Langley Grove ©
Wonder of wonders, life is beginning, Matt Allen ©
Wonderful birth, to a manger He, Alfred H. Ackley ©
Wonderful Counsellor, Jesus, Bill Yarger ©
Wonderful Counsellor, the mighty God, Paul Armstrong ©
Wonderful grace of Jesus, H. Lillenas
Wonderful grace, that gives what I, J. Pantry ©
Wonderful grand new song of the Lamb, Unknown
Wonderful story of love, Driver
Wonderful, wonderful Jesus, Benjamin A. Baur
Wonderful Words of Jesus,
Wondrous love! who may extol it?, Garthowen
Work for the night is coming, L. Mason
Worship God with the morning, Geraldine Latty ©
Worship in truth God of the universe, Yue-han Long
Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness!, Janice ©
Worthy art thou, O Lord, Dave Richards ©
Worthy is Christ, Digno Es Jesus
Worthy is the Lamb, Anon
Worthy Is The Lamb, Stephen Leddy ©
Worthy is the Lamb seated, David Hadden ©
Worthy is the Lamb that was slain, Don Wyrtzen ©
Worthy is the Lamb to receive power and, D. Garratt ©
Worthy, O worthy are You, Lord, Mark S. Kinzer ©
Worthy of worship, worthy of praise, Judson ©
Worthy the Lamb that was slain, Don Moen ©
Worthy, worthy is the Lamb, Worthy
Worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lamb, Rick Ridings ©
Worthy, You are worthy, Don Moen ©
Would I have answered when you called, Watson ©
Would you be free from the burden of sin, L.E. Jones
Would you know what most I prize, Wollt Ihr Wissen
Would you live for Jesus, C.S. Nusbaum
Would you walk by on the other, Pamela M. Verrall ©
Wounded for me, W. G. Ovens
Wrecked outright on Jesus', St. Petersburg
Ye choirs of new Jerusalem, Montesano
Ye Christian heralds, go, proclaim, Missionary Chant
Ye clouds and darkness, hosts, Gaude, Regina Gloriae
Ye faithful souls who Jesus know, Festus
Ye gates, lift up your heads, St. George`s Edinburgh
Ye holy angels bright, Darwall
Ye servants of God, your Master proclaim, Hanover
Ye servants of God, your Master proclaim, Lyons
Ye servants of God, your Master proclaim, Paderborn
Ye that do your Master's will, Truro (Miller)
Ye watchers and ye holy ones, Lasst Uns Erfreuen
Ye who claim the faith, Den Des Vaters Sinn Geboren
Years I spent in vanity and pride, Calvary
Years of time have come and gone, Gordon Jensen ©
Yes, God is good in earth and sky, Daniel
Yes, God is good - in earth and sky, Williams
Yes, power belongs to you, O Lord, Colin Preston ©
Yesterday, today, forever, Jesus is the same, Nyack
Yesterday, today, forever, Jesus is the, J. H. Burke
Yesu, Yesu, fill us with Your love, Chereponi
Yield not to temptation, Palmer
You are beautiful beyond description, M. Altrogge ©
You are crowned with many crowns, J. Sellers ©
You are God (Te Deum Laudamus), R.W. Hillert ©
You are Lord of creation, We Bow Down ©
You are love, You are life, Hallowed be Thy name ©
You are my God, You are my King, Macon Delavan ©
You are my hiding place, M. Ledner ©
You are my strength, Jernigan ©
You are salt for the earth, O people, M. Haugen ©
You are the centre, you are my life, Margaret Rizza ©
You are the Christ, O Lord, Wyngate Canon ©
You are the King of glory, M. Ford ©
You are the mighty King, Eddie Espinosa ©
You are the vine, Daniels/Rigby ©
You are worthy, John D. Lawtum ©
You are worthy, You are worthy, P.M. Mills ©
You can't stop rain from falling, J. Larson ©
You chose the Cross with every, Martyn Layzell ©
You did not wait for me, M. Altrogge ©
You did this mighty deed, Oh! Christ, Pantyfedwen ©
You gave us, Lord, by word and deed, Rivaulx
You give rest to the weary, Nathan Fellingham ©
You have longed for sweet peace, E.A. Hoffman
You Know the Way, Russian Composer
You laid aside your majesty, Noel Richards ©
You, living Christ, our eyes behold, Palace Green ©
You, Lord, are in this place, Keith Duke ©
You may have the joybells, W.J. Kirkpatrick
You raise me up, R. Lovland & B. Graham ©
You said You'd come and share, Marsha Stevens ©
You satisfy the hungry heart, R.E. Kreutz ©
You shall go out with joy, S. Dauermann ©
You showed us mercy, Ian Worsfold ©
You the world, Christ the hope, Mora Proctor ©
You were there in the beginning, Nathan Fellingham ©
You who dwell in the, Eagles' wings (Joncas) ©
You will see your Lord a-coming, arr. W. Hooper
Your arm, O Lord, in days of old, St. Matthew
Your cause be mine, great Lord, Richmond Beach ©
Your coming, Lord to earth in Bethlehem, Grace ©
Your kingdom, O God, Glorious Treasure ©
Your little ones now come to You, J.A.P. Schulz
Your love is amazing, Brenton Brown & Brian Doerksen ©
Your love is to me, Richard Taylor ©
Your love, O God, has called us here, Wareham
Your Love, O God, is broad, Guds Karlek ©
Your love's greater, Mike Anderson ©
Your only Son, no sin to hide, Lamb of God ©
Your servant is blessed, O Jesus, M. Russell
Your Supper, O God, Reynolds ©
Your Word, O Lord, is gentle dew, Af Himlens
Your words to me are life and health, Capel
You're calling us, G. Kendrick ©
You're my brother, R. & T. Taff ©
You're the Word of God the, Townsend/Getty ©
Yours, Lord, is the greatness, Helen Thomas ©
Zacchaeus was a very little man, Unknown
Zion, rise, Zion rise, Fahre Fort
Zip Bam Boo, Various ©